Everything GREAT About Frozen!

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Frozen 2 is in theaters! So here's Frozen! Picked a great movie for right after all the COPPA requirements came out. Even though it's an animated movie, this video is not made 'for' kids. But don't be confused, all my content is appropriate for kids unless otherwise stated by me, we just all agree that kids shouldn't be targeted by ads. Anyway, here's everything right with Frozen!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 21:16


kristy bian
kristy bian - 2 dager siden
Frozen actually sucks you know.
Louis de Sainte Croix
Louis de Sainte Croix - 3 dager siden
What's phasing?
Blue 26
Blue 26 - 6 dager siden
You forgot to win the fact that the shopkeeper is gay and when he shows his family, it’s his husband and kids
Jameson McLeod
Jameson McLeod - 6 dager siden
Belle and Jasmine know what they did
Trebuchet - 8 dager siden
One of the heartwrenching moments in the film is when Elsa's parents were trying to comfort her as her powers were growing. When the king steps forward to embrace her, Elsa literally backs away, and at that moment the queen's hand goes to up to her mouth in dismay as she realizes how isolated and afraid to be touched physically or emotionally Elsa has become.
Monster under Your bed
Monster under Your bed - 9 dager siden
I have yet to see or hear a valid argument on why "frozen is a bad movie"
neshapink17 - 10 dager siden
You're not alone in this. I actually really liked this one too. Into the Unknown was my jam too (especially Panic! At the Disco's version). The next right thing was great too. I needed that song.
neshapink17 - 10 dager siden
Oh my God. That is Calculon
Jake Farrer
Jake Farrer - 11 dager siden
Sófis !
Sófis ! - 18 dager siden
I almost cried twice while watching this video lol. Frozen is a masterpiece
Taylor Mullins
Taylor Mullins - 20 dager siden
This movie was a masterpiece, y’all a re just neckbeard hipsters
Any Week Of The Day
Any Week Of The Day - 23 dager siden
Ha, cus they rocks
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - 26 dager siden
My brother in law hates Frozen because it overshadowed Big Hero 6, which came out at the same time.
Yehuda Levi
Yehuda Levi - Måned siden
I'm very confused. When I first watched the movie it was obviouse to me that it was Elsa's act of true love (the hug) that saved Anna, years later I watched a theory video on frozen where they arrived at that conclusion like it was an amazing hidden secret, and now you think that it was Anna's act of true love. She literaly freezes completely after saving Elsa!

I'm just nitpicking though, I love your videos
Jana Ranković
Jana Ranković - Måned siden
I figured out maybe Hans and Anna wanted to marry each other because they were drunk at the party... Plus Hans even said in the beginning of Love Is An Open Door: ,,Maybe it's the party talking..." bro idk 😂
Trebuchet - Måned siden
Disney conference room:
"We need a new princess movie."
"That's kind of repetitive, isn't it?"
"Yes, but they make us train loads of cash."
"OK, but we need a new gimmick."
"We could try a Chinese folktale?"
"We did that a few years ago."
"I've got it!"
"Well, spit it out, man!"
"We'll make a film with *two* princesses!"
"That's genius!"
Shardae Martell
Shardae Martell - Måned siden
Who is Fred?
Morris Santana
Morris Santana - Måned siden
As a musical this is one of the best.
Fish Raposo
Fish Raposo - Måned siden
I kinda love how the "do you wanna build a snowman" comes back in the sequel. Its pretty much elsa's arc going full circle.
Mary Toma
Mary Toma - Måned siden
everything is great
Hana - Måned siden
also read somewhere that josh gad improvised most of his lines, which is great
Sahana Rajesh
Sahana Rajesh - Måned siden
sam cult
sam cult - Måned siden
you should've added the part where they got the science right of hans' sword breaking when ana turned into a frozen version of herself
UmbratheDark - Måned siden
As someone with anxiety and depression... I don't relate to Elsa at all. Just because a character shows signs of having psychological differences doesn't mean everyone with said differences will relate to them.
Doren Winburn
Doren Winburn - Måned siden
I cant force myself to like this anymore because my little sister made me watch over and over and over again now i just can't like it or enjoy my time watching it :/
The Gamer Trio
The Gamer Trio - Måned siden
Really good
Sadnerd543 - Måned siden
There's a huge problem with the tazan is their missing brother theory and it's that tazan takes place near near the world wars there are planes and radios and British spies yet frozen takes place a good few but years before any real electrical revelation before the colonization of Africa
André / Pyroghoul
André / Pyroghoul - Måned siden
anxie - Måned siden
Nick Leblanc
Nick Leblanc - Måned siden
9:00 Olaf's severed bottom half reacts to his little chuckle :) Such a cute character
Love and peace
Love and peace - Måned siden
anyone fromcinema sins
jude anne's *the candor channel*
15:55 kids 2-4 will watch again and learn
jude anne's *the candor channel*
Lovely revisionist fairytale. Than you for defending movies.
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill - 2 måneder siden
HI, As a person that enjoys animation and a few hours of watching a story be is wonderful break from reality. THANK again for your thoughts and opinion about this movie. I have added this to my collection, and no I have not seen FROZEN TWO yet but I will soon.
bow epic
bow epic - 2 måneder siden
7:43 that would actually make sense
Cassie Mitchell
Cassie Mitchell - 2 måneder siden
Elsa was not KEPT from love, she withdrew from it. There is a HUGE difference. Her father moves to comfort her and she immediately rejects him, rapidly pulling away out of fear. Her parents weren't bad people and I'm so sick of people painting them like the bad guys in this movie. Elsa does the EXACT SAME THING to Anna. Anna repeatedly tries to spend time with Elsa, show Elsa LOVE but Elsa constantly pulls away from it out of fear.
Elsa isolated herself, her parents didn't isolate her.
Saphir Felup
Saphir Felup - 2 måneder siden
It's unbelievably weird to hear their English voices. Like, yes, I agree, their voices are incredible, but I'm so used to Olaf being voiced by Hape Kerkeling that every other voice just sounds... kind of weird, you know (to be fair, though, Kerkeling's voice also works incredibly well with Olaf's character, imho).
Dacky Lad
Dacky Lad - 2 måneder siden
Everything great about frozen
I'll answer that

Dacky Lad
Dacky Lad - 2 måneder siden
I absolutely love frozen but when I was younger I couldn't tell anyone because it's "weird" to like a princess film and I already didn't have any friends
Rajkumar Singh
Rajkumar Singh - 2 måneder siden
Dino Dare
Dino Dare - 2 måneder siden
And, you've just debunked Mattpat's Frozen theory. Well done!
Glitching Link
Glitching Link - 2 måneder siden
Only 139 wins?
Oh well
Alicia Lockwood
Alicia Lockwood - 2 måneder siden
Tarzan is not their brother.
isa •3•
isa •3• - 2 måneder siden
ppl after frozen: iduna and agnarr didn't die! they're tarzans parents!
frozen 2: no💜
Lara v. G.
Lara v. G. - 2 måneder siden
This channel is so annoying
Bowtie Productions
Bowtie Productions - Måned siden
@Lara v. G. I don't think it's trying to compete with cinemasins at all. It's an alternative for people who don't want the negativity. I got tired of how negative cinemasins is, and wins is a welcome alternative because there's enough goddamn negativity in this world and I don't need anymore when I'm watching videos about movies I like. To say this channel is so annoying just because it's an alternative to something else is just... stupid. It's your opinion, but you didn't explain your opinion, acted as if it was fact, and your only reasons for such an opinion is "it's the same style as sins but positive so it's competition thus it's annoying nnnnnyeyeyeyerr"
Lara v. G.
Lara v. G. - Måned siden
@Bowtie Productions nah I just don't like the fact that they made this channel to compete against cinemasins. Trying the prove them wrong or whatever. Just my opinion tho
Bowtie Productions
Bowtie Productions - Måned siden
@Lara v. G. I'm curious, what about the channel do you find so annoying? And what was the point in commenting such? Do you do this to every channel you stumble upon that you don't enjoy?
Lara v. G.
Lara v. G. - Måned siden
@Bowtie Productions well I had to watch a video to figure out it's annoying right? How would I have known otherwise
Bowtie Productions
Bowtie Productions - Måned siden
And so you're here... why? Just to say this? Do you have similar ire for cinemasins? I find cinemasins obnoxious and overly negative, I get that that's the point, but I don't go on cinemasins' videos just to say how much I dislike it, I just watch these instead. Who hurt you?
Jessica Källberg
Jessica Källberg - 2 måneder siden
Fun fact about the Rapunzel and Eugene cameo: Coincidentally, Anna's and Rapunzel's Swedish voice actresses are sisters in real life.
Rosethorn - 2 måneder siden
I’m sorry, my dirty mind is still stuck on the line “why have a ballroom with no balls?”
A LUNATIC - 2 måneder siden
I don't get why so many people don't understand the troll's solution for the frozen head. The troll is literally removing the ice magic from her head. The correct way to heal depends on the frozen bodypart. The heart freezes: You have to melt it (by true love) but with the head, you lose consciousness, and there 8s literal ice magic on her head, in her memories, which the trolls "surgically" remove.
I think it's a beautiful picture
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Do everything great about John Carter
J. S.
J. S. - 2 måneder siden
I hate the part you pointed out at the end of "Let It Go" where Elsa magically jumps 15 feet from the edge of the balcony to the door of the ice castle. I also don't like that she takes way more steps than there is space for when she is walking/running to the cliff where she builds the ice staircase.
Shade Kenobi
Shade Kenobi - 2 måneder siden
The reason Elsa didn’t stop Hans from from attacking her is she didn’t care if she was dead. She could hear the sword but didn’t care. Her family was gone and she thought she deserved to die.
Lindsey Squire
Lindsey Squire - 2 måneder siden
When I hear Let It Go, I think about a story Elsa's head animator told in the Making of Frozen II docuseries on Disney+. A fifteen year old girl wrote a letter to Disney saying that she was in an extremely dark, possibly suicidal place in her life, when her sister and friends took her to see Frozen. She heard Let It Go, and it changed her life. She realized, "That's how I feel". She said she wears a necklace with the words 'Let It Go', and it keeps her in a good place. Think of that next time you want to say Frozen is overrated. It may be, but it still changed lives.
Aliyah Pulido
Aliyah Pulido - 2 måneder siden
4:17 A-HAH! I see you there in the bottom left corner, Rapunzel and Eugene!
Aliyah Pulido
Aliyah Pulido - 2 måneder siden
2:59 I'm SO, SO, sorry to burst anyone's expectations here! Frozen 2 confirmed that Anna and Elsa do NOT have a brother and that he is NOT Tarzan. Their parents really did die on the ship, they didn't wash up on a jungle island and have a son. I'm sorry.
Aliyah Pulido
Aliyah Pulido - 2 måneder siden
1:40 I NEVER realized this until I replayed it a few times cuz I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me: The memories in Anna's head are NOT still images! They're just moving *veeerrrrryyyy* slowly! You can see her opening her eyes on the sled, and you can see Elsa's hands and feet moving when they skate.
blackstar838 - 2 måneder siden
I just wanted to say one thing if you want to let go of your past then you need to let out all of it thats why shes singing let it go in the first place
21st century sloth
21st century sloth - 2 måneder siden
A missed win, or maybe a sin: Hans could not have made the hand cover things in a few days, so they must have been there before.
And how would they get there?
Elsas parents made them!
She was supposed to be a manipulated war machine......

I got this from another video, I know, I’m just pointing it out.
Destined Bunny
Destined Bunny - 2 måneder siden
Yea, so what happened o the ice in the castle?
Jaron Eller
Jaron Eller - 2 måneder siden
3:13 is such a great joke and i am thrilled to understand it
TheCatDragged _Me In
TheCatDragged _Me In - 2 måneder siden
Funny story. My friend and I went to see this in theaters, when Anna was lead into the castle to get her kiss, my friend and I had to use the restroom badly. We both said "It's fine we know she's going to kiss him" we were both VERY suprised to hear that it didnt go that way lol.
a random villager
a random villager - 2 måneder siden
Wait a second, so based on marshmallows voice they are Male but when they put on the teara witch is a generally associated with females and the fact that they calm down or feel more comfortable is marshmallow trans
Iona Rutherford
Iona Rutherford - 3 måneder siden
One of my best friends hates this movie. I think it's a good movie, but oh well.
Queen Ratigan the First
Queen Ratigan the First - 3 måneder siden
Everything about this movie is great.
hamza abbas
hamza abbas - 3 måneder siden
2:58 *laughs knowingly having seen frozen 2*
Leta :3
Leta :3 - 3 måneder siden
Alan Tudyk may be a good voice actor but her will always be Wash to me!
Leta :3
Leta :3 - 3 måneder siden
Alan Tudyk may be a good voice actor but her will always be Wash to me!
Sam Menhinick
Sam Menhinick - 3 måneder siden
Please do the DaVinci Code!
Madison Burke
Madison Burke - 3 måneder siden
Can we appreciate that the song at 13:47 is the Northuldra song
buntcubbles - 3 måneder siden
I know what you'e talking about but nothing on Chris Buck's IMDB page explains it. ?
Appleton - 3 måneder siden
Okay,the frozen intro is the best ever.the ice harvesters scene and frozen heart deserves an award.
ShakiraTheDevil - 3 måneder siden
My favorite somg is the starting song
Chandge my mind
Tülay Yildirim
Tülay Yildirim - 3 måneder siden
Bowtie Productions
Bowtie Productions - Måned siden
Ding dong, your opinion is wrong. And worse, you're acting as if your opinion is fact. You can not enjoy the movie, but saying it's objectively terrible is objectively wrong. Art is subjective.
When Wolves Howl
When Wolves Howl - 3 måneder siden
I think Belle didn't come to the coronation because France and Germany were probably having a feud of some sorts (they do have a rocky history) and jasmine didn't come because Europe and asia weren't really that knowledgeable of each other, they knew each other existed, but not really.
Not Accessible
Not Accessible - 3 måneder siden
You made so many valuable and fascinating points that I loved. Things I never would have thought of I now can recognize and admire. Thank you for that.
Liz Seal
Liz Seal - 3 måneder siden
I beg of you, do tangled!!!
MinaMinas CTFTLKHTTYDFan99 - 3 måneder siden
Is Frozen overrated?
Is it bad?
Hichem Naffouti
Hichem Naffouti - 3 måneder siden
Marvel & DC: United Fan
Marvel & DC: United Fan - 3 måneder siden
‘They never “TALK” about it again”
Well, singing is a form a talking so......
pickle boy
pickle boy - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else like the Frozen-Tarzan theory WAAAY more than the "canon" explanation
Dirt Bean
Dirt Bean - 3 måneder siden
Sue Van Dokkenburg
Sue Van Dokkenburg - 3 måneder siden
"Greater love has no man than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." John 15:13. "There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear." 1 John 4:18. Not trying to preach or turn this into a Christian movie (no pun intended on Hans Christian Anderson), it's just... cool. Pun intended there.
Beren Gustav
Beren Gustav - 3 måneder siden
3:48:Poop!!! That hasn't aged well.
that kid amoria
that kid amoria - 3 måneder siden
character growth is seeing how good this movie actually is after hating it for its popularity
Maggie McGonnell
Maggie McGonnell - 3 måneder siden
ALso, We have to look towards the WESTERN SKY to find her since she's clearly walking out into a sunrise. Cleaver girl Elphie, I mean Elsa ;)
Lynndale Foss
Lynndale Foss - 4 måneder siden
So Elsa's power set includes...
Freezing water, freezing objects, creating ice and snow from nothing, instantly creating anything she can imagine out of ice, poison ice blasts that slowly kill you, giving life to snow and/or ice, erasing fabric from existence, creating fabric from... ice I guess, melting snow and ice, telekinetic manipulation of frozen water, creating an eternal winter, creating an eternal mini winter snow cloud that can follow a subject around wherever they go, and reviving dead flora.
Daniella - 4 måneder siden
“too bad you’re not a foreigner” WHAT DHSAHDBSJDN
ale -
ale - - 4 måneder siden
They accidentally made the guy from the shop gay. They animated a husband, not a wife, in the bathhouse
Just us the twins
Just us the twins - 4 måneder siden
I love ❤️ frozen
Mr. Video
Mr. Video - 4 måneder siden
The ice turns yellow when she gets pissed. Sounds about right.
anne m
anne m - 4 måneder siden
Best movie 🤍
Sir. Purple
Sir. Purple - 4 måneder siden
huh, coz' theyre rocks
Bean Dragon
Bean Dragon - 4 måneder siden
I didn't actually like frozen ...

...well I used to
Mark B
Mark B - 4 måneder siden
Frozen being forgotten? I really don't see that coming, at least not for myself. It's such a beautiful, positive and heartwarming movie that it's become a Christmas time tradition for me ever since I saw it for the first time. And that's saying something given I was already 18 years old when it first came out and only first saw it a few years later.
Also, Olaf might just be the most perfect funny sidekick character I've ever seen in an animation film - and as you pointed out, that type of role can be very tricky to be made to come across as lovable instead of annoying.
April Starr
April Starr - 4 måneder siden
No No they didn't the time lines between Frozen and Tarzan are about 50 years apart and the ships and people look different. Also mom would have had to been way pregnant to birth a child on the boat. ALSO WHERE ARE THE GUARDS WHO WOULD HAVE GONE WITH THEM? When royalty go anywhere they have to have a certain set of people such as; Royal guards, at least one hand maiden for the queen, a man servant for the king, a crier(A person who an announces they have come), a cook (they are royalty they can't cook its beneath them), assorted royal navel ship crew( because it's beneath royalty to rig and sail a ship themselves), and but not least , a maid (This is different from hand maiden). I get there was a storm but the chance that all those people got knocked off ship and left only them is really low. The chance they were the only ones to survive and him with only a suit and not royal attire is far less. Tarzan's father had a business suit not a royal suit or royal wear, strange for a man who was royalty. Nope Tarzan's dad was a merchant and business man that would be the only explanation why only they would be on the ship with a rather young baby. A merchant would learn to sail when Tarzan was a baby it was common for them to learn to sail in order to gain a good reputation and a storage at port this is especially for ones who just start out. They need to get people to buy from and gain sellers so they would need to travel to get contacts,. So nope Tarzan can't be Anna and Elsa's brother
Alecks Hernandez
Alecks Hernandez - 4 måneder siden
I really wish english teachers use these kinds of films for film analysis works for students instead of the older ones. These are much more fun to watch and would make the schoolwork a lot more fun.
Students won't have to analyze the movie from the synopsis like I did hahaha
JackOfSpades - 4 måneder siden
Probably stating a controversial opinion here, but does anyone else kinda hate Anna? Idk, I just kind of find her annoying, especially in Frozen 2
Broadway Bookworm
Broadway Bookworm - 4 måneder siden
Belle's probably having a crisis with the growing tensions in France and Jasmine lives very far away so neither of them could probably make it,
·. ̧ ̧.·ᒪᗩᘎᖇᗩ ➁➅o➀·. ̧ ̧.·
He: 7:22
Me: ooohhhhh, yeah that makes sense 😐🥴
Karma - 4 måneder siden
Do they have to replace olafs nose every week or.... is it magical too...
The Wolf pack
The Wolf pack - 4 måneder siden
When Anna first gets the ice in her heart, you can hear beware the frozen heart.
R. H.
R. H. - 4 måneder siden
Please Please Please do Tangled, superior to Frozen in so many ways imo