Everything GREAT About Frozen 2!

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Frozen II! The most 2ndest Frozen movie ever. Reception to this movie…surprised me, and was wrong. ;) Sooooo here's everything right with Frozen 2!
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Film og animasjon
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samantha williams
samantha williams - 11 timer siden
21:42 freaks me out whenever someone randomly says my name in media, markiplier does it the most
not you
not you - Dag siden
I've gathered that many of the hardcore Frozen fans dislike the movie because the sisters are separated at the end...? But not permanently. Families don't stay with one another forever, I thought it was a nice lesson for Anna to learn. It clearly establishes that Elsa can visit anytime anyways.
Peter Third Music
Peter Third Music - Dag siden
He said "brandan urie"
Amy Gooding
Amy Gooding - Dag siden
I’ve watched this review multiple times because I love this channel but also because it helped me understand more about the movie. The creators realized that the kids who watched Frozen back in 2013 are older and have changed. This movie was similar to the first and at the same time showed us a new layer of the story. Overall, into the unknown is my favorite song :)
Taylor Mitchell
Taylor Mitchell - Dag siden
At the time I was also surprised at how little praise Frozen 2 got, considering the high expectations for it in light of the first movie, but looking back I really shouldn’t have been. Sadly, movies with more abstract messages about mental health tend to be written off by critics as boring. A Whisker Away, for example, got absolutely eviscerated by critics before its release despite being a heartwarming story about a young girl with suicidal tendencies.
I feel like people were looking for the one thing Frozen 2 was trying to tell them, as the first movie made it pretty clear what the messaging was in terms of it being about isolation, relationships, love, family, etc.. So while the people who the message was directed at immediately understood what Show Yourself was trying to say, those who didn’t identify with the message assumed the movie had no value whatsoever.
Forgoing theme, it was just a genuinely good adventure that expanded well on the first movie and had a satisfying conclusion? I honestly don’t know what people expected from the movie besides that. But maybe that’s just me, a person who thinks the best way to look at any movie is completely free of comparisons to other pieces of entertainment and solely judging it as a stand-alone work.
Lol Hi
Lol Hi - Dag siden
I cant stop having goosebumps when Elsa sings "I am found"
ananasdance - 3 dager siden
„Does somebody has a sloth in the recording booth?“ 😂❤️
itsTWOnades adri
itsTWOnades adri - 4 dager siden
Frozen two is my favorite even though when I was 1-6 I watched it maybe 100 times
Erica Thompson
Erica Thompson - 5 dager siden
Truth time: Frozen 2 is better than Frozen and Into the Unknown is the best song out of all of them. HOWEVER Frozen has consistently better/more memorable songs overall (basically that whole Frozen soundtrack slaps and I only like 2 two songs in Frozen 2) and Frozen has an easier to digest plot than F2. Even with those two things my original truth still stands, Frozen 2 is superior.
Funny Chips
Funny Chips - 6 dager siden
Self acceptance is such such an important thing to embrace . Not only for children , for adults too.
Sure there is no Hans PLOT TWIST villain but
We are our own villains , we must overcome , like Gale , Fire , Nokk and when we overcome them, they will be our greatest strength / allies .
I LOVE FROZEN 2 MORE THAN ANY Disney movie and I'm a 26 year old woman lol
Elliot Morgan
Elliot Morgan - 6 dager siden
so you like musicals now?
Luīze Biteniece
Luīze Biteniece - 6 dager siden
I love Frozen 2.
DARIUS-PETRU SALE - 7 timer siden
Me too. Much better than the first
LexofGotham - 6 dager siden
Something about the "I am found" line/scene in Show Yourself kicks me right in the feels every time.
NepNep - 6 dager siden
So, it took me a while to watch Frozen 2, mostly just because other things got in the way, then your video got recommended and I finally watched it (thanks Youtube algorithm) and I love it. I remember watching the first Frozen just to see what all the fuss was about just to find myself re-watching it a week later, and I suspect I will watch this movie again soon as well. Just like you I am a "non-female, non-tween, non-daughter" but this movie made me feel stuff. That might just be because the "the next right thing" song hit very close to home, but all around I really do like this movie. The characters are a breath of fresh air, the lack of a villain is such a non-problem to me since there is such a defined goal and plenty of obstacles, I'm not usually a fan of musicals but I enjoyed every song. I don’t know what to say that you haven’t already other than you are definitively not making the video for just yourself. Not only did you remind me that the movie existed, but you point out so many details and nuances that I didn’t notice myself. So when I inevitability watch it again, I will have even more reason to love it. You continue to be one of my favorite youtubers, you continue to make me love movies even more and you continue to make my days brighter.
Krista's Korner
Krista's Korner - 6 dager siden
people have not watched the movie its actually good the best disney sequel by far .
Aidan Truax
Aidan Truax - 7 dager siden
I’ve told everyone I’ve talked to. I LOVE Frozen2. Like genuinely top 10 favorite movies. I watched it in theater, and it was outstanding. Better than the first IMO.
Jordan Wolf
Jordan Wolf - 7 dager siden
I was also really surprised at how many people didn’t like this movie. I knew that people would nitpick Frozen because it was so great. I went to see this movie with my sister for a small get together for her and her fiends for her birthday a few months after it came out. Me and my family are huge Disney fans and when I went into this movie I was a bit more astatic that they even came out with a second movie. I instantly fell in love with it because it blends the last movie and growing up and new challenges all together into this perfect movie for everyone to watch.
Also little story: the night before I was listening to a Disney radio station or podcast I’m not sure but I heard “Into the Unknown” come on and I start dancing to it because I loved it so much. Then when I tried to remember what the song was called so I could find it on YouTube I completely forgot about it. Then the next day I go into the theater and after several minutes of me falling in love with the movie the song comes on. The first thing I thought was, “dang it I spoiled one of the songs from the movie without even realizing it” 😬
Superdrachen 16
Superdrachen 16 - 7 dager siden
15:15 Wait Alan Tudyk was in this Movie too?! Dammit
Sean Gabriel Estrera
Sean Gabriel Estrera - 8 dager siden
LOL even Elsa cringes on herself on Let it go!!!
Meagan Bailey
Meagan Bailey - 8 dager siden
I DEFINITELY love this movie more than the first one, it's one of my top five Disney movies
Trebuchet - 9 dager siden
It was a real superhero landing. At the bottom of Ahtahollen Elsa fell for four seconds, meaning that drop was approximately 256 feet, or the height of a 25-story building.
Caleb Sportsman
Caleb Sportsman - 9 dager siden
I never heard anyone say they disliked this one
Krista's Korner
Krista's Korner - 6 dager siden
have you watched the reviews so much hate ( The reviews I saw on youtube ) also the comments on the video where agreeing so so many people hate it for no reason , they hated the first frozen and they hate disney sequels so they just hate the movie ( still my favorite disney movie)
Caleb Sportsman
Caleb Sportsman - 9 dager siden
"Makeshift raft for one that could probably fit two"
So we're debating titanic again, are we?
Ayati :The Rock star
Ayati :The Rock star - 10 dager siden
Can you do a everything great about Cars 2?
Djooodie Amazeballs
Djooodie Amazeballs - 10 dager siden
Jude saying “I like him” is definitely a win.
So I Exist
So I Exist - 11 dager siden
Ngl, these cinemawins video’s feel so creepy and uncomfortable after watching so much cinemasins...
Yani - 12 dager siden
I honestly loved this movie! I'm glad you did too 😊
Jake Farrer
Jake Farrer - 12 dager siden
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy - 12 dager siden
I’m sorry there’s a second one? Good lord..
Lucia Martina Lizardo
Lucia Martina Lizardo - 13 dager siden
Who thinks Elsa should finally get someone to be shipped with if there is a Frozen 3 and is not Jack Frost?
Ellie Simon
Ellie Simon - 13 dager siden
Unpopular opinion probably: I like FRozen 2 more than Frozen 1. To me, Frozen 2 had better songs than Frozen 1, and that's really only why I liked Frozen 1. Feel free to have a different opinion, but I liked it more.
Maddie Vitali
Maddie Vitali - 14 dager siden
I love this movie. There are SO many lessons for children AND adults in it. I was so excited to see what they would do in this second movie, i was very much on the Give Elsa a Girlfriend bandwagon, but I literally sobbed during Show Yourself in the theater. It was the best thing they could have done for that character and for their audience. Also, can we talk about how amazing Disney is for creating the song Next Right Thing?! It teaches about grief, and not in a very censored "oh I'm sad" way. They showed Anna's real grief, her depression and sorrow. But they didn't stop there, they provided and demonstrated a skill to get through grief and sorrow. What fucking movie, I'm forever in awe.
Axolotls Animated
Axolotls Animated - 14 dager siden
Lemme just say that the Reindeer and Kristoff ballad won both me and my mom. We both find it incredibly hilarious, and somewhat meta.
Abigail Burns
Abigail Burns - 14 dager siden
As an ace, I would absolutely love it if Elsa was one of us, as we seriously don't get just about any media representation. Either way, even if she wasn't, I am A-Okay with HoneymElsa, as that has some serious relationship potential.
Also, as amazing as Into the Unknown is, Show Yourself is by far one of my favorite Disney songs. It is just a fresh breath of air, telling younger audiences that its okay if you don't know who you are at the moment, and that its okay not to fit in. As a teenager in this crazy world of 2020, finding my place and finding my pace has gotten pretty hard. And that's why I love Disney. Makes me feel younger mentally, relieves me of all this stress of growing up. That's also why I love Some Things Never Change, and why Into the Unknown is only third on my list. Wasn't into Kristoff's song for some obvious reasons, but that was cute.
Honestly, this whole movie was all about growing up for me. I fell in love with Frozen as a young child, and just seeing these characters grow along with myself was fascinating, and this movie is probably my favourite movie to be released in 2020, though, hopefully that changes soon with the new Croods movie coming out in November. Frozen II was amazing, a master piece in and of itself. Disney is really reaching for the stars.
Now about that Gay Disney Prince that a lot of us want.....
(Thanks for posting!)
Chance Price
Chance Price - 15 dager siden
Why I can’t I like this video more than once. I think I’ve come back and watched it 20 times nkw
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 16 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
Rainbow Gacha
Rainbow Gacha - 17 dager siden
I like to swim in the ocean and seeing her get tumbled makes even me scared it looks cool
Trebuchet - 17 dager siden
As someone who lost both my mother and my best friend of thirty years within just a couple of years, Anna's last song really had an impact on me. While I agree Into The Unknown was a better song (better even than Let It Go), Do The Right Thing is my favorite song from either film.
The Munky
The Munky - 17 dager siden
"The memories make sense because she is pulling water from the air that was there during the event!" WHAT PART OF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE WHAT SO EVER, AIR CARRIES MEMORIES IN THE FORM OF MOISTURE ? WHAT?!
Scythe the Reaper
Scythe the Reaper - 18 dager siden
I love seeing someone just list all the positives of a movie!
ojashwi adhikari
ojashwi adhikari - 18 dager siden
Did someone had a sloth in the recording booth 🤣🤣🤣🤣
DOOM SLAYER - 19 dager siden
Could not stop laughing at the skyrim reference fortress of solitude
CORVUS - 19 dager siden
There were a few parts that reminded me of the book The Lost Years of Merlin, and Anna’s song in the cave a version of the one myth of ameterasu
Sahira Lopez
Sahira Lopez - 20 dager siden
I like how ‘Epic’ just gets a win because...yes
Solar Flare The Pegasus
Solar Flare The Pegasus - 20 dager siden
So I when I first watched this movie I was one those people who didn't like it. Then I watched the documentary about making it and this video. I then rewatched it and I adore it. Elsa is definitely my favorite princess and the songs are beautiful. Also in the documentary when they did a preview before the release people were confused and show yourself was actually a big struggle for them. So I get people not getting some of it.
Safe Space Bear
Safe Space Bear - 21 dag siden
I loved Frozen 2 and think it's much better than the first movie (tho I loved it too)
Gabrielle Goodwin
Gabrielle Goodwin - 21 dag siden
The only valid criticism I hear for this movie is that Kristoff didn't really have a story. But like you said, this movie isn't about them. Anna sure, but their romance? No.
And that sums up everything actually wrong with Frozen 2. I'll see myself out.
iced toffee - mycelium resistance!
we got like 2 minutes of honeymelsa but we all ship it so whatever
Ash M
Ash M - 21 dag siden
If you haven't seen Into the Unknown: the Making of Frozen 2 on Disney Plus, watch it! Apparently Show Yourself was a big problem and didn't come together until literally months before the movie premiered. Also, I think Christoff's story is a bit more subtle, he keeps trying to say what he thinks "the right thing" is when proposing, like it needs to be super romantic and perfect. But what he learns is that he doesn't need to try, he just needs to speak sincerely from his heart. And he finds his role in Anna's life, he doesn't need to be her hero, he needs to be her support. Maybe that's just my reading on a shallow and under developed subplot.
jana Arndt
jana Arndt - 21 dag siden
greates memorys of this movie my dad and my siter laughing allong with me and thats all a movie should do
jana Arndt
jana Arndt - 21 dag siden
andyoure never to old for these kinds of movies
jana Arndt
jana Arndt - 21 dag siden
i like it i love it more than the 1st one im sorry but yeah dont like several things about the 1st one... but i started of not watching this movie bcs i arleady didnt enjoy the 1st one but after several months my dad asked if we could watch it with his wife welp so i sadid FINE and i couldnt stop being in awww at this movie .. i mean the world building the graphics the music even alll the songs i cried for anna even thow i knew her sister whould survive because anna was feeling it.. i love the empowering message in this movie and the bonding of anna and elsa .. i laughed so hard at the cheesy reindeer song i absolutely love this movie and i tell everyone i knoew to watch it bcs it deseves some praise
Noha Adawy
Noha Adawy - 22 dager siden
Aadi Joshi
Aadi Joshi - 22 dager siden
This is a beautiful film
Al Die
Al Die - 22 dager siden
id stan if elsa was ace representation
Sarah Hulme-Webb
Sarah Hulme-Webb - 22 dager siden
What about a win point for Samantha? :D
jessieBird96 - 23 dager siden
I honestly don't understand the mentality to punish people who weren't responsible or even aware of the betrayals that took place in the past. The movie makes a point of telling us that not even the soldiers or the king's own son knew what he was planning, so why would the innocent people of Arendelle need to be punished for the actions of one prejudiced and maniacal monarch?
Paul Graham
Paul Graham - 23 dager siden
Frome about 13:20 - When you've already lost so much, sometimes losing everything is a welcome thing.
Don't ask how I know this...
StarOfTime - 24 dager siden
Okay dude. If I don't see mention of Olaf in a dress and crown the children of arendelle made of the ice symbols Elsa made I will be disappointed. Like really disappointed.
Kysiah Hapitan :3
Kysiah Hapitan :3 - 24 dager siden
The animation is really amazing, but the plot, eh. I prefer the first Frozen, when it comes to the plot. Don't hate me :
Emily - 24 dager siden
the scarf is in the charade scene
theyellow Truth
theyellow Truth - 24 dager siden
I was not a fan of the ending because it felt like they undid the ending of the first one
Roi Itzkovich
Roi Itzkovich - 22 dager siden
May I ask how?
Margot Alkema
Margot Alkema - 25 dager siden
I like this movie.
PHSBass Bryce
PHSBass Bryce - 26 dager siden
I finally got around to watching it. Truly one of my favorite Disney movies, if not my favorite. Best line, “Stop following me into fire....Then don’t walk into fire.” Wow.
Wild cat
Wild cat - 26 dager siden
I saw frozen 2 in theaters and when olaf died i couldn't stop crying
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - 27 dager siden
I don't understand the hate for this film. I enjoyed the story and felt that most everything made narrative sense, except for the blocking concerning Elsa's return to Arendale. The distance she covered and how fast she covered it was unbelievable, and then once she saves Arendale, the approach she makes towards Anna on the water means that she covered about 50 to 60 miles in a minute or two just to ride into the area that Anna was in. Other than those quibbles that kinda took me out of the movie at the very end, it was great.
Naia Pulotu
Naia Pulotu - 27 dager siden
The Hamilton reference 😭
DangerNoodle - 27 dager siden
I agree that this movie is better than Frozen 1. I just love this one.
Joseph Gresick
Joseph Gresick - 27 dager siden
Frozen 2 is tied for my favourite film ever, with Avengers Endgame. Both make me cry, just for opposite reasons.
sparrowflyaway - 28 dager siden
I found Kristoff’s song kinda cringe, but yes, I loved this movie more than the original too. And yes, I do ship Honeymelsa, the connection between them seems so smooth and natural and just adorable ☺️
kashmrr deano
kashmrr deano - 28 dager siden
Yay, you mentioned Dipper.
my display picture doesnt share food!!!
I just hope that if ever there's gonna be a Frozen 3, please dont throw away all of this character buildup with Elsa and then just stick her up with a partner. Please, I already love the "love yourself" personality of hers
Spamachu Chan
Spamachu Chan - Måned siden
My name is Samantha; my nickname is Sami, and I almost want to start pronouncing it as the native Scandinavian people
Rayna M
Rayna M - Måned siden
There were parts of this movie I liked, and there were parts I didn’t. Kristoff was consistently one of my favorite parts, while I found Olaf to be more annoying this time around. I really liked how this movie made the end of Frozen 1 feel more like a halfway point than an ending, which is something a lot of sequels don’t actually pull off. I do think there were a few too many songs this time; on the one hand Into the Unknown, Lost In The Woods, Show Yourself, and The Next Right Thing were all fantastic, on the other hand did Olaf really need another song? Anna being a lot more cautious in contrast to her fearlessness in Frozen 1 made sense since she has everything to lose this time around. Did they really need to bring up Hans THREE times, when he’s completely irrelevant to the plot? Seriously, he comes up during charades, again when Anna insists she’s going with Elsa, and AGAIN at Atohallan. Given the crew had no actual plan when they decided to make Frozen 2 (the little documentary series on Disney+ confirms this, you should give it a watch) it’s not surprising that the story and pacing are a bit off, but they still pulled off something impressive.
SkaterSurfer Snowboarder
SkaterSurfer Snowboarder - Måned siden
i liked the movie but didnt get the end honestly
did she die? Was it like the last movie she had a frozen heart unlocked by love? Whats the deal with her mom did she secretly have powers too? i didnt really understand the plot tbh.
Won Seok Song
Won Seok Song - Måned siden
Lord Keltain
Lord Keltain - Måned siden
Ok about the “these aren’t human proportions”
....... they’re.... they’re cartoons? I will never understand this statement cause they’re not meant to look like real humans?
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez - Måned siden
I was watching this with my family and they said oh sh-that spirit is her mother
(I’m talking about the spirt that kept singing
bubba link
bubba link - Måned siden
to me, frozen to was one of my favorite movies
titch - Måned siden
This movie, and Elsa’s character, means so much to me. I hate that Frozen has become so hated after how commercialised it was from the first movie, because the sequel touched on just so many subjects. Anna’s fear of abandonment and becoming a burden. Elsa’s anxiety, self doubt, and journey of self acceptance and control makes her one of the only characters I’ve ever been able to see myself in. Show Yourself has never not made me cry. I’ll defend Elsa till I’m blue in the face.
Nicholas Bloom
Nicholas Bloom - Måned siden
kristoff on where he stands with anna fans think his arc amounted to nothing but it didn't he's used to being with trolls not people he needed to really find himself and lost in the woods reflects that
Firewolves16 - Måned siden
I like this movie. I loved the plot and everything. And Olaf's slight maturity seemed genuine
Vida Vida
Vida Vida - Måned siden
Yeah, I too loved Frozen 2 more than Frozen
Very deep story 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
mosiah levi
mosiah levi - Måned siden
i dont think its entirely reasonable for ALL of arendelle to lose their homes just bc their old king was a dick?
mosiah levi
mosiah levi - Måned siden
a great dude once said 'an eye for an eye and the world goes blind'. obvs there should be repercussions but the murder of an entire city aint it
SpiceQueen - Måned siden
I loved this movie so damn much
Laura Carpenter
Laura Carpenter - Måned siden
21:53 - Out of curiosity...is Jude talking about the Mulan thumbnail?? The "dinosaur" being Mushu??
Laura Carpenter
Laura Carpenter - Måned siden
“I can’t imagine what girls in the audience feel about this”
YEEEESSS?? Little girls may be aware they don't have ice powers but the thing that stuck out to me with that scene was that Elsa literally dove in at odds that were so fiercely against her. And it didn't matter how many times it took, she wasn't going to back down from what she needed to do. The image of standing before a stormy violent sea and having to go THROUGH it is relateable in a figurative sense. We all have our Dark Seas to face and Elsa's example is a fantastic lesson on how to deal with it.
Lilith - Måned siden
Cinema wins: repeatedly wins beautiful voices
Also cinema wins: doesn't win Aurora's incredible vocals
Me: >:((
Jk ik most people don't realise that she voiced the 5th spirit but more attention should be brought to it! She did amazing, her vocals are so ethereal and haunting and it fits perfectly
Can we have a family win? It’s a triple win where Jude, Julia, and a cinemasins guy loves a character and he adds 3 wins
dracofirex - Måned siden
I liked this one better than the first one! There, I said it!
sbasi27 - Måned siden
To be fair the target audience loved the movie, don't care what no offence most men had to say, it wasn't meant for you let the target audience have their moment without male opinion butting in. The critics claimed it was an ok movie but not as good as the first (while most of the audience actually did like this one better), the same critics didn't like the first one to begin with and only changed their opinions when the 'target audience' the little girls reunited with Elsa and took the box office by storm. The movies are great let the target audience have it. As from he video loved everything you said about the movie it is a brilliant movie with an important message about metal health. Only disagreement; Let it go is better because anyone and everyone c an sing it and make it their own while Into the unknown is difficult and only Idina's song.
Rebecca Michael
Rebecca Michael - Måned siden
I swear, every time I hear "Into the Unknown," I think it's a good song.

But Brendon Urie did it better.
Isabel Santos
Isabel Santos - Måned siden
Oh no, he said Branden smh
Lucy De wet
Lucy De wet - Måned siden
Late to this but overall the movie kept me engaged enough that I didn't pick up my phone so I was entertained for the most part. My problems with the film are:
They kept harking back to the first movie showing snapshots from it which after awhile I just turned to my dad saying "okay Disney move on" the Olaf recap and the snow memory people were cool but the rest just felt like Disney going "hey remember when we made this?!" and I was just feeling "yes you don't need to constantly remind me why I'm watching its sequel"
And then with the music sometimes it felt out of place. The songs were all enjoyable but felt like the movie was saying "hey let's pause and have a song" they just felt disconnected like the build up to them wasn't all there.
Tldr: overall it's okay, weird choices here and there, would probably watch again if it's on.
10,000 Subs With no vids
10,000 Subs With no vids - Måned siden
I’m a teen boy but I’m ngl I did add a few of these songs to a Spotify playlist
Shanavas A
Shanavas A - Måned siden
phase 1: this is a video that is all about wins in the movie frozen 2
phase 2: its some motivation

ALSO there is something I think is a mystery. When Olaf sung with them(Northuldra people more likely the people who song that na na na na song) some people in the background where looking up. Whats up there ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????(computer boomed)
Eve Really Likes Pufferfish
If you watch elsas hair throughout the movie it comes undone as she finds herself. At the end when she finds herself it’s totally lose but at the beginning when she’s confused it’s in a tight braid
CrazyDaisy Terra
CrazyDaisy Terra - Måned siden
I liked this movie a lot better than the first. Mostly the songs
WingZzie - Måned siden
Is Jude your child? My name is Jude so it's kinda getting my attention.
Mahmuda Pervin
Mahmuda Pervin - Måned siden
I love frozen 2 very much . I watch this movie so many times in youtube . And I like Elsa and Anna .
Mothman In Disguise
Mothman In Disguise - Måned siden