Everything GREAT About Equilibrium!

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Equilibrium! Underrated? Overrated? Rated? Who could say 2 decades later? Me...I could. You like Christian Bale? Here's everything right with Equilibrium!
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 21:05


KaL Tourino
KaL Tourino - 3 dager siden
I may be one of the few; but I really loved this movie so much that I thought it was WAY better than the Matrix!
Zara M
Zara M - 6 dager siden
Oh man I love this movie so much you have no idea! I love how the cast is taking it seriously, I live that it’s cheesy at times but it still works! I love how it’s so entertaining and just so much fun! And Christian Bale is always a win!!
Arturas Milasius
Arturas Milasius - 14 dager siden
you miss ! all get extra sin for ! terminator ! but too !you cant even do it
Arturas Milasius
Arturas Milasius - 14 dager siden
vote for trump
Kim B
Kim B - 20 dager siden
I love this movie so much! Gunfu! Come on now. The puppy! Ok there is much more to love. I love how you mention Neuromancer and Catch 22 In your analysis. William Gibson and Joesph Heller for the win. I adore your smart commentaries.
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis - Måned siden
One of my all time favs. Even went as a Cleric for Halloween 2 years in a row in Highschool lol (08-09). Everyone thought it was from the Matrix...alas. One of my favourite moments is at the end when he turns off his emotions in order to defeat Father and his goons. I always felt that Preston realized that in order for everyone else to get the chance to feel and experience life, he had to give up that joy he discovered and emotionless was the only way to complete his mission.
Shane Rasmussen
Shane Rasmussen - Måned siden
I discovered this film in a video rental store the same week they announced Bale was going to be Batman. I only knew Bale from American Psycho so I rented this movie to see if I would be able to believe him as Batman. Loved it.
Arturas Milasius
Arturas Milasius - Måned siden
so sin1 ! probaliity? ne VS AI?
Stormbrews The Monk
Stormbrews The Monk - Måned siden
How did no one notice that when Preston kills Ned, he quotes Yates "Tread softly, as you tread upon my dreams" and Father references this when he says "Be careful Preston, you're treading on my dreams" as the fight begins. Great subtle reference.
LEGENDARYx COW - Måned siden
You should do the Thomas Jane punisher or punisher:Warzone. Both of those movies get so much hate.
Cristian Itsirc
Cristian Itsirc - Måned siden
The title should have said: Everything IS GREAT about equilibrium!
Huffle Mom
Huffle Mom - 2 måneder siden
I will always love this movie. My husband wrote about how this movie echoes the Hero's Journey.
Jana Nelson
Jana Nelson - 2 måneder siden
If they ever remake this movie they would have to make it into a documentary of *Life in the year 2020* ...LOL!!
LudaChez - 2 måneder siden
This movie is fantastic. Its original and made so well. It's more appreciated now but it came out at the wrong time. I saw it years after it came out and immediately bought it.
"No, not without incident" and the flat line is a legendary moment in action and filmmaking for me.
Venomtankmod3 - 2 måneder siden
I got into this movie because of the gunkata
orbulescu sebastian
orbulescu sebastian - 2 måneder siden
imo , Christian Bale is by far one of the best actors ive ever seen . Great actor , i think you can put a win to that too
Jay Obrien
Jay Obrien - 3 måneder siden
NVR saw this. That's going to change
Bulletz4life - 3 måneder siden
I used to come home from school in 7th or 8th grade and throw the dvd of this movie on almost every other day. This movie was always great to me. Idk how it did so poorly
Chris Duncan
Chris Duncan - 3 måneder siden
Yes please do an EGA about the metal gear series. I love your many random video game references.
yoxl - 3 måneder siden
it's 2020, oh no...
Direct X
Direct X - 3 måneder siden
Loved this movie! May have to pick it up again. I just referenced it in my philosophy course for an assignment about the mind.
Xellith - 3 måneder siden
I hate when the black dude gets his face sliced off and he drops his sword. And then falls to his knees.. swinging his sword in his hand..
Im Bi Btw.
Im Bi Btw. - 3 måneder siden
This movie is definition of cool
diego beusekamp
diego beusekamp - 3 måneder siden
Please please pretty please do 1 about the book of eli
Rosalind Matteson
Rosalind Matteson - 3 måneder siden
I watched this movie first time because of Sean Bean. Then I really enjoyed it for itself.
Winston Winstonson77
Winston Winstonson77 - 3 måneder siden
Dark City was so underrated.
Nicola Britton
Nicola Britton - 4 måneder siden
Another one I love! I can see cinemawins will be my rabbit hole from now on - in the best way!!!
The World
The World - 4 måneder siden
9:09 I always saw that as symbolism for purgatory/human condition; in the middle, pointing to heaven and hell. Self awareness.
Yuki Ssun
Yuki Ssun - 4 måneder siden
Sorry for my ignorance, but what's the "MGS" references he talks about? What's "MGS"?
Totesfleisch - 4 måneder siden
I went from a negative point in my life and watching only CinemaSins, to a very positive one, watching CinemaWins, its the little things you dont notice.
TheFirehands150 - 4 måneder siden
This is my favorite bad movie of all time
Paul Putter
Paul Putter - 4 måneder siden
Listening to Beethoven 9th is perfect for this movie. The subtle crescendo has brought me to tears as well when I heard the symphony played live first. That peace the music does punch you in the feels.
Kenji Yagi
Kenji Yagi - 4 måneder siden
They are letting you stream right now for free on Spoofee
Has ads though.
NEON KUE - 4 måneder siden
Wow, how did I miss this gem film all these years? Thank you endless random Netflix searches.
That first gunfight scene in the dark gave me a good idea how amazing this movie will be.
Mathew Staader
Mathew Staader - 4 måneder siden
Thank you for this. Seriously one of my favourite movies. Clearly the cheese factor is high, but it manages to be a fun action movie and tell it’s story well, without being bloated by unnecessary CGI
Arcrombie - 4 måneder siden
We need more dystopia action films with gun kata and samurai swords.
Seth Mizrachi
Seth Mizrachi - 4 måneder siden
So I saw this first, forgot about it, then saw the movie because it's leaving Netflix soon, during the movie realized you did a wins video, and here I am.
Aliksandr Daisuke
Aliksandr Daisuke - 4 måneder siden
I never noticed Taye's face on the floor until you pointed it out, thanks!
Александар Станковић
But, if we would disable the feelings, what would keep us going? Why would we give a shit about anything? We would just roll over and die. The black dude certainly shows lots of feelings. Why would he give a shit about his career?
kiwishizzle - 5 måneder siden
Is it fucked up that I think gun kata is one of the most good looking depictions of martial arts on film so far?
Aram Howard
Aram Howard - 5 måneder siden
Wow, watching this makes me really want to see an EGA: Hardcore Henry
Billy Sea
Billy Sea - 5 måneder siden
Brandt, Preston's new partner, has to be a sense offender. He smiles a lot and shows anger when exposing Preston as a sense offender. And during their sparing match after he takes off his mask, you can see that his ears are pierced. Why would you pierce your ears if you have no emotions? Piercings are typically meant for fashion, which causes a pleasurable emotion. Great movie, but too difficult to pull off for people who notice every little thing.
Billy Sea
Billy Sea - 5 måneder siden
Also at 12:19 you did mention that he switched a gun with Brandt and it was meant to cover Preston killing of the patrol group. but if you remember, Preston 2 cleric guns to kill them. Not just one. That would mean he would have had to switch both guns at some point, which wasn't the case. He only swapped the one gun. So bullets would still have matched at least 1 of Preston's guns.
Gabriel Clark
Gabriel Clark - 5 måneder siden
...Weren't dogs breed for millennia to obey humans, so that we could direct their superior senses towards the purposes of searching and investigation? Doesn't seem logical to kill them.
Grace Bishoff
Grace Bishoff - 5 måneder siden
EGA Mr.Right !!!!! Also your name is Lee?
Maximo Casimiro
Maximo Casimiro - 5 måneder siden
Watched this in my 9th grade English class after reading The Giver... in 9th grade... saw a guys face slide of his head
OblivionKisame - 5 måneder siden
I loved this movie when it came out and I still love it.
Andrew Dobbin
Andrew Dobbin - 5 måneder siden
Prozac is an upper while Valium is a downer. So the combination would simply cancel each other out leaving the taker feeling normal without the extreme emotional, swings not feeling nothing. Assuming they didn't die from drug interaction.
Tobias Chemnitz
Tobias Chemnitz - 5 måneder siden
The DVD version we had, had a flaw in it. The movie was shown in black and white.
Joseph Soule
Joseph Soule - 5 måneder siden
So I still don't really like this movie but your enthusiasm for it made me rewatch it. So I guess that's a win? I do very much agree that the whole thing has a video game vibe to it and I also think you definitely should do everything great about the MGS series. Maybe not game by game because that would take a while. Just throwing it out there in a comment on a more than year old video so you definitely won't see it.
Jean-Dominic Lapointe
Jean-Dominic Lapointe - 6 måneder siden
Little details I only noticed recently:
Once Preston is hooked to the lie detector and Brant reveals himself, when Brant leaves the room, he passes in front of a guard who lowers his gun. On point muzzle awareness that we don’t often see in action movie
Talic TDF
Talic TDF - 6 måneder siden
Both Equilibrium and the Matrix are kinda over the top type movies but that doesn't make them bad, the similarities are mostly visual though.. at least for me they're very different as a whole.
dfgdfg - 6 måneder siden
Love your positivity
Mysticsam86 - 6 måneder siden
at 16:11 he is not destroying any computers only monitors . The computers are intact, untouched.
Michael Dreibelbis
Michael Dreibelbis - 6 måneder siden
Clips from the movie were used for the KMFDM Megalomaniac video... which led me to track this down...
Yeah, yeah... it’s a Gary Stu flick... but wait... not quite...
And it is a warning as to what happens when too much power is put in the hands of one person... or one group...
User 1
User 1 - 6 måneder siden
I give you a win for mentioning a Metal Gear Solid character.
shantanu ghag
shantanu ghag - 6 måneder siden
Equilibrium is a beautiful movie.
timberwolfbrother - 6 måneder siden
Okay, but shooting the monitors means nothing. TV and movies keep shooting computer monitors like that's the computer and not just the display.
Jerry Kalouris
Jerry Kalouris - 6 måneder siden
16:50 you see the Equilibrium symbol in Bale's muzzle flare
Vicodyn - 6 måneder siden
18:29 Yes.
agenttexx - 6 måneder siden
My GF watched this with me when we were first dating. She liked it so much, she wanted to watch it again the next night. I ended up buying her a copy.
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf - 6 måneder siden
Equilibrium and Matrix(The first one) are the same goodnes
Except the other 2
Equilibrium is better then those 2
Tal' Set
Tal' Set - 6 måneder siden
Thank you for doing this movie i love it
Andrew Dillon
Andrew Dillon - 6 måneder siden
xtian bales best movie,,,no acting required,,,just axion,,,lol
Andrew Dillon
Andrew Dillon - 6 måneder siden
i fuck you not,,,when he extended the little fuck-yous on his handgun,,,,THEN FUCKED THEM UP,,,good scene
Justafollower weabo
Justafollower weabo - 6 måneder siden
Hmmmm in the first years of the 21st century you say
S1m0ne - 6 måneder siden
What is the painting on the wall behind Preston when he kills Dupont? This seems like a thing that Kurt Wimmer would choose deliberately, but I'm not familiar enough with art to recognize it.
Tristan Steinhelfer
Tristan Steinhelfer - 6 måneder siden
Would you do an everything great about the matrix trilogy?
DynaCentral - 6 måneder siden
this film is incredible. i rewatch it over and over again. fantastic
Jake Mad
Jake Mad - 6 måneder siden
This has been my favorite movie for the last 18 years. Still is....
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
Hellbound Wildkard
Hellbound Wildkard - 6 måneder siden
So nice that the holographic mask of the bad guy becomes the Butler for a Young Batman in Gotham. I enjoy connections like that.
Connor Harrison
Connor Harrison - 6 måneder siden
Oh if only the music of rebellion was TOOL instead of mozard
John Molesta
John Molesta - 6 måneder siden
Dunno if the gun switch could count as a plot hole, because it doesn't convince them - Brandt getting arrested clearly was a ruse, all was done to play along with Preston, to lead them to the resistance. So in the end it doesn't really matter, it doesn't have to make sense (as Preston could not foresee all the later events anyway when he did it), as there are levels of deception at work here that override the truth.
CNep99 - 6 måneder siden
I think it probably suffered in terms of reviews at the time due to being too similar to Matrix, but viewing it now it's pretty decent on its own. And in comparison to the Matrix, it, visually anyways, is so much more practical.

Anyways, the main thing I had a problem with about this film plot-wise is how they're supposed to be totally emotionless...but there is still a lot of emotion, the necessary ones anyways. Pride, ambition, loyalty and all that. BUT this video did point out the part where Brandt indicates it is a bit of spectrum, so maybe it really is actually just pretty well written.
Jedi Revan
Jedi Revan - 6 måneder siden
Awesome movie. In the Jedi Code it starts by saying "There is no emotion, there is peace". This doesn't mean that it is best to not feel emotions, it is through our emotions that we feel the force, that we feel what it is that makes us alive. If you deny your emotions for too long then they get bottled up inside and tear us apart, instead the line is saying to control your emotional responses and to not act out of anger hate and other emotions that cloud our ability to make good decisions.
Brainflayer - 6 måneder siden
The movie is amazing, but am I the only one that sees the irony of the final fight? They're using katanas, a weapon that is noted for needing an artist's skill to use, as a standard issue weapon in a society where artistic expression of any kind is criminalised
Joshh Figueroa
Joshh Figueroa - 6 måneder siden
The world right now
ragnarok19880716 - 6 måneder siden
Yes-do the mgs games!!!!
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson - 6 måneder siden
Without a doubt, the most underrated film in cinema history...PERIOD!🏆🏆🏆🏆
jap pperon
jap pperon - 6 måneder siden
ever thought about doing a special on the oddity"The wizard of space and time" both the 1979short and the 1988 movie about the short staring the short.
IzInAZ - 6 måneder siden
Some of the best sci fi deals with the human condition and this movie is a perfect example of that. I hope the remake of Logans Run is covers it as well
Tonne Black
Tonne Black - 6 måneder siden
I would give points for the equilibrium drug injector being shaped like a gun that he holds to his own throat.
Andre Gordon
Andre Gordon - 6 måneder siden
I unironically love this movie. This was the first movie that showed me how much energy Christian Bale invests in his roles. He goes all in every time, and I love it. One of the best working today
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez - 6 måneder siden
I always recommend this movie.
PaladinFury - 6 måneder siden
MGS EGA, still waiting!
James Burke
James Burke - 6 måneder siden
It was this film that convinced me to give Christian Bale a chance in Batman Begins. Prior to this, I was more like "Patrick Bateman is Batman? Yeah, Right"
GutsherrAkrobat - 6 måneder siden
really bad misuse of Marry Sue/Gerry Stue
Darwin Thompson
Darwin Thompson - 6 måneder siden
Sean bean always dies in the end
jojohaj1087 - 6 måneder siden
One of my all time favorites!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Yammo Yammamoto
Yammo Yammamoto - 6 måneder siden
The Matrix
Starship Troopers
Butterfly Effect
Fifth Element
(honorable mention Memento)

It feels like these films should have their own category.... If for no other reason, to help me find more of the same. :)
Azraiel213 - 6 måneder siden
Style isn't the same as cheese, Equilibrium has style and substance to back up its batshit crazy premise.
Chauncey Pope
Chauncey Pope - 6 måneder siden
Gun-Fu=20,000,000,000 points
Z_Stitch4297 - 7 måneder siden
i remember watching this in school and i loved it. i only had to emotionally check out for the dogs being 'taken care of' scene
hardwire - 7 måneder siden
how dare you cover up the epicness that is the gun kata!
Phil Wood
Phil Wood - 7 måneder siden
I really enjoyed Taye's face-off with Preston.
Skyler Conn
Skyler Conn - 7 måneder siden
Im pretty sure this movie was filmed before the matrix came out
Gary Maxion
Gary Maxion - 7 måneder siden
My brother walks up to me and says, "Bruh, come watch this movie. It's badass." I wasn't enthused, but I sat down and by the end of it, my jaw was wide open and I was shocked at how good Equilibrium was. It's a movie where you can turn off your brain and enjoy the action, while someone like me who can't turn off my brain can see deeper meaning and enjoy the action too.
Natalie Lade
Natalie Lade - 7 måneder siden
Thank you for your videos. I’ve been in pain today, and can’t fully watch due to light sensitivity, but just hearing these and having these on in the background helps! Thank you for the time an effort you put into these.
Impossibur Ducklov
Impossibur Ducklov - 7 måneder siden
Christian Bale has awefull temperament but he is good actor
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson - 7 måneder siden
If there ever was a video game you have to cover, it would be the Metal Gear games. I’m actually surprised to hear you toying with the idea; I was under the impression you were strictly covering cinema films despite your varied experience. Hopefully Jordan Vogt Roberts gets the green light soon, just to make it feel more justified. And yeah, I’m a year late to saying this.