Everything GREAT About Dredd! (2012)

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Dredd! Again! Finally! After being blocked for over a year in lots of countries and also blocked on mobile?? It's back...hopefully. I added some new wins, tweaked some stuff to try to make it more studio friendly and hopefully you like it as much as last time.
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 19:55


Drewstroyer 1384
Drewstroyer 1384 - 15 dager siden
I love this movie! I don't understand why they won't make a 2nd film. Well hopefully the TV series will do well.
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!!!!
NorthernLeigonare - 20 dager siden
Shame this was a re-upload. Was a beautiful film.
armychowmein - 21 dag siden
Man, this movie was a stoners visual story masterpiece
Shahriar Rahman
Shahriar Rahman - 26 dager siden
One of the sadly most underrated action movies of the decade.
Steven Readicker
Steven Readicker - 28 dager siden
I wish this film had gotten a sequel too. Hell could've started a whole movie universe
TheRManProds - 28 dager siden
super salty
super salty - 29 dager siden
I don't actually think this needs a sequel.
Brandon Bumby
Brandon Bumby - Måned siden
The more I watch this movie and Stallone’s version, the more I feel the need to say this? Who says we aren’t heading towards this type of lifestyle anyway? Who’s to say this isn’t in our future? The movie in parallel to comics was pretty damn spot on as far as making me think certain aspects of this movie. There’s more depth about this comic/this movie is showing us. I love comics like this. Ones that truly make you think things. Critical thinking about humanity and how dark as a species we are. It’s scary to say this but, we humans have become so desensitized to the point that a movie like this makes us go: oh that’s gotta hurt, ooo that’s brutal and shrug it off.
Denmaster Ben
Denmaster Ben - Måned siden
the homeless guy getting crushed didnt get a brutal count...
Gabriel Guevarra
Gabriel Guevarra - Måned siden
Can I just say, for a movie that came out in 2012, it *still* looks great!
Low Res In Peace
Low Res In Peace - Måned siden
2:23 Welcome to Tijuana.
Rmts - Måned siden
y dis and no kickass :(
Terminal Cantcer
Terminal Cantcer - Måned siden
I feel like if they did a bit more world building for non-comicbook fans it would likely have been more popular.
Alan Lee
Alan Lee - Måned siden
Dred isn't a kid with a gun
Cy Lebeau
Cy Lebeau - Måned siden
I love this movie
Cryo Sound
Cryo Sound - Måned siden
Karl Urban Dredd for Mortal Kombat 11. We need to be able to do Dredd vs Robocop. AKA the Law's robotic appendage vs THE Law.
djbred18 - Måned siden
Cinemasins sucks so hard
Kalani S
Kalani S - Måned siden
4:15 15:15
Olly Jeffreys
Olly Jeffreys - 2 måneder siden
Top 10 films of all time for me. Also this movie makes me even more excited for cyberpunk 2077
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Guess what every great about John Carter
Will Jacobs
Will Jacobs - 3 måneder siden
Mega City One is basically Portland now...
Philip O Callaghan
Philip O Callaghan - 3 måneder siden
Robocop was a theivery of Judge dredd.!!!!!! FACT! Instead of clones of our best cops and a corrupt judicial system JD 1977 .......RC1987 10 years later changed it to cyborg and a corrupt corporation. Other than that, nothing!
Celtic CC Castle Clash
Celtic CC Castle Clash - 3 måneder siden
Definitely one of my favourite films. The whole 3D thing made it do poorly in uk cinemas
Bullet Anarchy
Bullet Anarchy - 3 måneder siden
Colossal Win: Anderson your assessment is now over, read my mind.
uosdwiSrdewoH - 3 måneder siden
Dredd was ahead of it's time. I don't know if it'd be a huge hit but it'd definitely earn more today. Although it feels like it was made relatively close to the director's vision which may not happen today with everyone wanting franchise launchers. A series would work. A film has to wrap itself up by the end. The appeal of Dredd the series is exploring more of the day to day workings of Mega City and how the judging system operates. It's great as an action film but could be something better on TV. I just hope if they do make it Karl Urban is still involved.
That random Firebat
That random Firebat - 3 måneder siden
Kinda sad we won’t get a sequel. I really liked this movie.
Elson Felix
Elson Felix - 3 måneder siden
Oh boy! I love this movie, i guess thats because i'm brazilian, and this movie has some serious vibes from Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad).
Laechim - 3 måneder siden
This should have been a sequel
Fraser Laird
Fraser Laird - 3 måneder siden
Everything Great About Speed Racer
GhostEye31 - 3 måneder siden
I think this movie would've done better in the box office now, especially after R Rated comic book films like Deadpool.
Manny Sanchez
Manny Sanchez - 3 måneder siden
I have loved Dredd since first reading the comic in 1987. This movie is an excellent tribute to the character and the depth of stories created by 2000 AD. It is terrible that a sequel is likely never to happen, and it also appears as if the t.v. show is also dead. One of the streaming services should take it up, but that is just wishful thinking on my part as a true Dredd fan. DROKK!!!
Andrew - 3 måneder siden
Just watched dredd earlier today. It was awesome
BinarySecond - 4 måneder siden
Also it was only put in 3D
marco thommen
marco thommen - 4 måneder siden
Two thumbs down for this movie:
1) No sequel (which, i think, is also partially to be blamed to the Stallone one)
2) Dredd did not take the ammo from the first traitor "judge", he has put down
Everything else about this movie is spot on! (and i just watched it once more just before! :)
Jonathan Ramirez
Jonathan Ramirez - 4 måneder siden
For me, the problem was in marketing, they did such terrible job at selling this piece. I never heard of this movie until I saw it on Netflix catalog 2 years after it came out on cinemas. I remember passing on it the first time cause it reminded me of Stallone's Judge Dredd, then one day I was bored and decided to give this movie a try and damn! it just blew my mind. Reminded me of the rawness of 80's Mad Max, Terminator and Robocop.
CheeseBread - 4 måneder siden
Whoa, I did NOT know if flopped that hard.
CheeseBread - 4 måneder siden
Underrated movie.
Tyberius - 4 måneder siden
Dredd Is Rated MA 15+ in Australia meaning 15 year Olds can watch Dredd if they want to
Oberst Herrmann
Oberst Herrmann - 4 måneder siden
Maybe im saying this because im german... but Urbans real voice is nothing compared to the Syncro in German. Fits more to Dredds badass appeareance.
TheMotoremi - 4 måneder siden
this is better than 3/4 of the marvel movies, totally underrated
Gregory Clark
Gregory Clark - 4 måneder siden
This is one of my top films of all time. Every time this video get recommended I re-watch the film and enjoy the hell out of it.
Meadmaker 452
Meadmaker 452 - 4 måneder siden
I enjoyed Stallone's version. The aesthetic was cool, there was some humor and action...it was fun. But this...THIS was an epic version of Dredd I'd never imagined seeing. What a fantastic piece of work! I keep coming back to it again and again. I would really like to see Karl Urban do a bunch of sequels, or, as you mentioned, a Netflix-style series. Just hope they throw enough money at it to make it work and not undercut it before it gets started.
rzkchk - 4 måneder siden
When are you guys gonna make one for The Raid?
Mayhem 55
Mayhem 55 - 5 måneder siden
You said "Dredd is not a good guy....totalitarian system, bla bla". I strongly disagree. He is a good guy, he is the idealistic view of totalitarian system. Something that is impossible in reality due to human nature, but made possible in the comic books thanks to the character of Dredd. He blindly follows the Law, which is inherently fair, he cant be bribed and he never gets corrupted. So he is as good as you can get , pretty much.
Will Jacobs
Will Jacobs - 3 måneder siden
I don't think Dredd would have appealed to anyone in the fifties in the US. Today, everyone knows the world of Dredd is pretty much where we are heading. Look at what's been going on the last two months. Not sure if you've ever been to England, but it explains a lot about Mega City One in Dredd. The Brits claim they are proud of their cops not carrying guns, but the people there are so out of control because of that. It's a culture shock. US cops can usually police well because they are armed and can fight back. Bobbies can get ganged up on and beat up and killed easily. England is a VERY VIOLENT country. It's freaking irresponsible for their cops not to be able to carry weapons. I presume Dredd was created to reflect that sort of world, it was started in the UK.
Thane Of Lions
Thane Of Lions - 5 måneder siden
This movie is delightful in all ways- I hate Netflix but fully support an show done in this portrayal/template of mega city 1, and Karl Urban again as Dredd. Movies like this remind me of simpler times...of childhood. Make this happen. We need this Dreed now more than ever 🦁🇺🇸
Keiko Long
Keiko Long - 5 måneder siden
This movie deserved more love. My mom and I watched it together when it came out on Netflix and its still one of our favorites.
DonDee_X - 5 måneder siden
Dredd was awesome! The soundtrack was perfect, dark, hard and industrial just like Mega City 1.
Marshal Wiley
Marshal Wiley - 5 måneder siden
Love your content, I wish Hayao Miyazaki’s films would get a chance on a cinema wins video
O5-4 - 5 måneder siden
I here Gavins Free name i immediately think off him failing at worms or getting mugged in gta
Rudy Juarez
Rudy Juarez - 5 måneder siden
TV series would awesome.
Ivaylo Yotov
Ivaylo Yotov - 5 måneder siden
Seriously I don't even remember if there were any trailer for this movie in 2012. I stumbled on this movie on the TV (I guesss in 2014 or 2015, usually there movie are played like 2-3 years after they release date). If I knew back then, I would have definitely gone to see in the theater, especially after playing Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death
crevanille - 5 måneder siden
I would love to see a Netflix Dredd series. But following the story of this movie and with Karl Urban.
Cifer - 5 måneder siden
That incendiary, looks and behaves like white phosphorus. Which is so illegal it's considered a war crime to even use it in wars. That further shows how brutal this world is, it's carried on the street lol.
Man these are great vids, totally subscribing and looking forward to more!
ipodhty - 4 måneder siden
It's legal to use as a smoke device
Jeremy Landry
Jeremy Landry - 5 måneder siden
Dredd was RoboCop for the 2010's. Fucking loved this movie.
Mook _
Mook _ - 5 måneder siden
I love this movie so much. Part of me hopes they don't pursue a continuation in any form because nowadays it's more likely not to be good :/ it just isn't. There are billions of great movies in the sky waiting to be made, just make one of those. All these actors could be making those instead of making this something trite. Then think you'd have this movie and much more to come, win win.
AdamButCool69 - 6 måneder siden
Dredd: basically gta 5 online
David Watson
David Watson - 6 måneder siden
Was it perfect? NO. Was it entertaining? Very. Rare movie in todays crap that I think I have watched 5 time. Wish I could watch it now.
Grace Tveit
Grace Tveit - 6 måneder siden
This is when you realize there isn't an Everuthing Great About Mad Max Fury Road.
ALE thezombieslayer
ALE thezombieslayer - 6 måneder siden
I also really like when the blast doors in the roof open up and the light comes in, but you see it from the ground floor so it looks like an explotion
James Herring
James Herring - 6 måneder siden
Slo-mo was based on the fallout drug Jet, and in Fallout 4, the slo-mo effect is based on the one from from this movie
James Herring
James Herring - 6 måneder siden
@Happy Cynic. When used, colors become more saturated and lights become slightly brighter. This visual effect, combined with the inhaler intake and slow-motion perception, makes the Fallout 4 depiction of Jet similar to the drug Slo-Mo from the 2012 film, Dredd.
Happy Cynic.
Happy Cynic. - 6 måneder siden
It was more than likely based on 'cake' from a British satire show call Brass Eye.
Sebastian Andersson
Sebastian Andersson - 6 måneder siden
I Own the blu ray and have been a part of the Dredd sequel movement. But i never saw this in the cinema. The Marketing man, Never forget the Marketing for this movie. The marketing was Dreadd 3D. It has 3D! The 3D in this movie will be amazing. And our towns cinema only had 3d showing of it. in a time when the 3d effects were horrible... well they stil are.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter - 6 måneder siden
The fact, that at 8:12 neither the movie or you played Anthrax, is just disappointing
Penzija Mirovinić
Penzija Mirovinić - 6 måneder siden
This movie was just too good to have watered down, pg13 sequel. And why should it have? it was all around well concluded story.
Remember Matrix? Thats what you get with money milking sequels.
dredd is like a warhammer judge... it actually is, he's the judge jury and executioner, cause if a city has that big ammount of population, dealing in a organized manner with them will take decades, without taking into consideration laws... the bigger the city the bigger the law book. wich can mean, literally some criminals can die after their court day comes...
DrknssRules1 - 6 måneder siden
I like the subtle change of correcting yourself about The Slow Mo Guys and how Gavin worked in the film. Nice.
Deadshot legacy
Deadshot legacy - 6 måneder siden
Am i the only one that thought for the longest time that Dredd was played by Sylvester Stallone??
Spaghetti Genius
Spaghetti Genius - 6 måneder siden
I would love to watch "Everything great about the great Gatsby"
Big Travis
Big Travis - 6 måneder siden
I thought I was the only 1 who loves this flick , when I first seen it then bought the DVD I hit rewind and slow motion so many times my sons yelled at me to quit it , that was a Dad moment
Sophie Ricearoni
Sophie Ricearoni - 6 måneder siden
Can you do zodiac, i love you videos
Morgan Eats
Morgan Eats - 6 måneder siden
> a pretty hard R

Megan - 7 måneder siden
Love this film
Janzer - 7 måneder siden
it didn't make it's money because they released in primarily 3D theaters
Kritfayle - 7 måneder siden
Part of it was also there was a long lead in. From announcement to arrival. I think for some (not the fans) by the time it arrived they no longer cared. But compared to blockbusters like Last Jedi etc this was so clever. Its like a Batman movie that didn't just show us the suit and the car and go cool right. They could have done that here. His costume, the Lawgiver etc. Hit the comic beats and think it would be enough. But they actually tried to make a really clever film that's more than just fun gun play in a cool costume.
Mehmet Alan
Mehmet Alan - 7 måneder siden
If this movie came out now or at least after Deadpool it would be much more succesful, I think. The market has eased up on R rated movies and to a certain extend they have become commercially viable. I dont know if the marketting for this movie was bad or not but I am sure it would be handled with more care now than before. Its a damn shame, Karl Urban really sells the Dredd well!
Nosferatu755 - 7 måneder siden
This gave Judge Dredd his balls back after Sly Stalone stole them. It is a huge task to put all the weirdness and brutality of Mega-City 1 on screen, but I believe Dredd made a damn good effort. Here's hoping there's a sequel, or at least a Devlyn Waugh movie
Corndog God
Corndog God - 7 måneder siden
I saw this when i was younger and for the longest time i thought this was a Robocop movie. That explains why i could never find it when searching.
Jason Wilbert
Jason Wilbert - 7 måneder siden
Is this better than The Raid ?
Happy Cynic.
Happy Cynic. - 6 måneder siden
Depends on what type of film you prefer. The Raid is a martial arts movie whereas Dredd is old school gun shootouts.
JOHN WAYNE - 7 måneder siden
criminally underrated movie....(further proof Alex Garland is one of the best up and coming film makers)
raz - 7 måneder siden
7:40 probably learned it when the Mouth of Sauron came out to negotiate
Chevy Steavenson
Chevy Steavenson - 7 måneder siden
According to Karl Urban, Alex Garland actually directed more of the film than Pete Travis, making this one heck of a debut for Garland
bread - 7 måneder siden
4:10 can we appreciate the *sheer mortality* of the homeless man’s sign? “Homeless junkie, will debase self for credits.” This man is willing to degrade himself, to destroy everything he is, to completely annihilate his personality and character, just for money. And one of the worst parts is just that- people will *pay him* to do this. They will pay to watch this guy destroy himself. What enjoyment could they get out of this? Is it like the gladiators of the Romans, where death and pain of others is considered entertainment? Or is it that it’s a form of relief for others, to know that there is someone out there who’s doing worse than them, experiencing more pain and anguish and suffering than they are? Good god. What is the world coming to?
Michel Johnson-Figueredo
Michel Johnson-Figueredo - 7 måneder siden
Enycma Pie
Enycma Pie - 7 måneder siden
With the success of Joker as a R rated comic book movie, it is unfortunate that Dredd did not do well because it came out too early. Back when comic book movies were still PG.
Redvers Battersby
Redvers Battersby - 7 måneder siden
Urban is better than the comic he owns dredd
Robert Blancas
Robert Blancas - 7 måneder siden
Fun fact about body armor, it is only built for taking projectiles from the strike face, it uses geometry to make them more stable from outside in as opposed to inside out. The most advanced armors this theory works for. (Mosaic type ceramics). Given this is post-apocalyptic I would guess they might be using carbon fiber soft armor or steel plates. Soft armor is crossing threads meant to catch the bullet, steel works much like ceramics that it tries to break it up. So it looks like they’re using soft armor and if he had been hit it should have had significant deformation, which it doesn’t. This all being somewhat of a “sci fi” flick you could say there’s some other thing they’re using, but all of it should be able to handle small arms fire even at point blank range.
casesandcapitals - 7 måneder siden
I'm probably gonna check this out now
CrossThreadHD - 7 måneder siden
Hello, CinemaWins. Could you please do “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”?
Excelzior Maximus
Excelzior Maximus - 7 måneder siden
I think one of the understated things about the totalitarian subtext of Dredd is the judges themselves and how non-special they are. They're not some equivalent of a secret service, FBI or military instalation, they're basically just beat cops with the authority to kill anyone they see fit. It's one of those things that, when you really stop and think about it, makes the world in this movie even more fucked up than what's being shown on screen or alluded to.
Happy Cynic.
Happy Cynic. - 6 måneder siden
No, they are actual judges.
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson - 7 måneder siden
do an everything great about le miserables
Austin Jessup
Austin Jessup - 7 måneder siden
Umber - 7 måneder siden
Have you ever considered doing an EGA ON Annihilation? Its my personal favorite movie ever, so seeing you do one on it would be amazing.
Atomicskull - 7 måneder siden
First thing I thought was what if the receiver is set to fail deadly when looses the signal without being properly disarmed first?
Big McDick
Big McDick - 7 måneder siden
I like Urban’s one-liner delivery but Stallone still takes the cake for me. Not by a lot though.
PinScreen - 7 måneder siden
THE RAID!!!!!!
Ricardo Murillo
Ricardo Murillo - 7 måneder siden
money gives service to art when you make a cult film but makes those elite corporations angry because they did not become richer.
Garrett - 7 måneder siden
Can we get an Everything Great About Sweeney Todd?!
professional Retard
professional Retard - 7 måneder siden
16:54 To me if Dredd wasn't a good guy he would have killed those kids instead of stunning them 8:00
Zak Agricola
Zak Agricola - 7 måneder siden
Who else would like to see an EGA Doom?

It has it's flaws, but I love it! It has remarkably good pacing, an exhilarating soundtrack, a solid cast of actors who give it their all (especially The Rock), impressive SFX, and good action choreography. Plus, Karl Urban's character's call sign is "Reaper". How cool is that?

I'll post this in every future EGA comments section until we have critical mass! This is time #38.