Everything GREAT About Deadpool 2!

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Deadpool 2! The sequel to the movie in the video that launched a 1000 me's… I like this movie. I did predict there would be critics saying "not as good as the first" but I never checked. Let's assume I was right. Here's everything right with Deadpool 2!
Also, yes, this video is a continuum of my sickness getting worse and my voice getting raspier as recording went on. You're not crazy.
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Makemedinner 0
Makemedinner 0 - Dag siden
One of the best jokes that teared me up was the cocaine and cure for blindness hidden in the house.
They actually continued the joke in the 2nd movie 😂😂😂
Privity #2
Privity #2 - 2 dager siden
“Who are you”
The RailHaunter!
The RailHaunter! - 3 dager siden
I believe the opening credits of DP2 are a parody of the James Bond opening credits..
Frazz Baja
Frazz Baja - 3 dager siden
The reason wade smoked at the start of the movie it was because he was trying to kill himself
DrDagger - 4 dager siden
Ik this is late but they didn’t get a win at 16:11 for the fact that they’re referencing the music video of take on me? Like it’s the exact scene from the music video
mask uwu
mask uwu - 7 dager siden
Am waiting until i see a movie with my spiderboi and my deadpoolboi just.... Cuz i love them :3
aditi s
aditi s - 9 dager siden
I wonder if his lower half of the body grew the upper half?
TheWizard - 10 dager siden
While NTW and Yukio are the first openly homosexual couple in a superhero _movie,_ I would like to point at in the Marvel/Hulu show "Runaways", which takes place canonically in the MCU, the characters of Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean are at least bisexual (if not pansexual) and are a couple. Their relationship, coincidentally, began only a few months before Deadpool 2 did, making Nico and Karolina the first LGBTQ+ couple in the MCU.
Andrea Pitre
Andrea Pitre - 12 dager siden
Deadpool in the movues has superstrength... and increased senses... just like in the comics.
IlliniDog01 - 12 dager siden
I love this movie. The women in this movie are strikingly beautiful but not in an over the top way.
Max Rosenbaum
Max Rosenbaum - 12 dager siden
Why does NTW look like James charles
Allie Williams
Allie Williams - 12 dager siden
His first deadpool video and this one has the exact same amount of views and it's making me happy😁
In the words of a wise but not as much of a good man:
" *Perfectly balanced* "
" *As all things should be* "
Aloka Karunathilaka
Aloka Karunathilaka - 13 dager siden
Stan Lee painting on building wall
Cheezy Boi
Cheezy Boi - 13 dager siden
I wanna see
Juggynaut - 13 dager siden
you said NTW wasn't in the first one, she was just bald.. unless you meant Yukio.. she was busy playing with Logan and saying more words.
Telikott - 13 dager siden
Fact: Deadpool 2 is better than deadpool 1
the bros podcast
the bros podcast - 13 dager siden
If yall like podcast about anything come to my channel our first vid is out know so come and check it out
the bros podcast
the bros podcast - 13 dager siden
If yall like podcast about anything come to my channel our first vid is out know so come and check it out
CHEEZY DUBS - 14 dager siden
I've been saying the exact same thing about representation. The newer She-Ra series is a perfect example of it.
Guff - 14 dager siden
He got all these wins from another video watching this movie is 0.5 speed
Guff - 13 dager siden
Didn’t expect god to call me a dumbo
God - 13 dager siden
Uh, no, he didn't. This was made on November 3rd, 2018. The 0.5 speed video was made Sep 30th, 2020. Dumbo.
xXMEGA_ _CHRONICXx - 15 dager siden
That ding sound is so annoying why did you add it ?
LukaGelutashv - 15 dager siden
Do madagascar next
The Brotherhood
The Brotherhood - 15 dager siden
Cable isn't really a bad guy
TheGamerLeo - 16 dager siden
is the big guy that punches russel also from john wick when he's in the library?
Fear Fear
Fear Fear - 16 dager siden
"Love the chinese suit it really brings out sex traficking in ur eyes "
Angel Goldheart
Angel Goldheart - 16 dager siden
Oh you’re mistaken he does need the cable only thing is HE IS THE CABLE
hooman - 17 dager siden
“Who are you?!”
*i’m Batman*
Reece Weston
Reece Weston - 17 dager siden
I hated how much of a bitch they made colossus in the final fights of both movies
SeanTheMan1 - 17 dager siden
Don’t like this movie. I hate the kid, not personally but I hate his character. So cringe and annoying. The references & soundtrack & humour was so outdated even for the year it came out.
WebKarma - 17 dager siden
the best marvel movie
scriblemaker - 18 dager siden
i mean we don't need a media fanfair to get representation - we need character development.
Andrea Pitre
Andrea Pitre - 18 dager siden
We are officially getting 3.
Megan Riedhammer
Megan Riedhammer - 19 dager siden
When Deadpool crashed through Dopinder's window, my house alarm went off because I was home alone. Totally worth the call to my mom to tell the alarm company nothing was wrong.
PS: I'm 16. I watched Deadpool 1 and 2 when I was 15. They are both still 3 and 1 on my favorite superhero movies (d2 is number one and Thor Ragnarok is 2). I still love both of them. Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool is my everything!
Moe A
Moe A - 20 dager siden
Omg really happy that u are calling her mistress death!!!
I was shouting that to all my friends the moment i stepped out of the theatre!!!
NEWT NOOOT - 20 dager siden
11:32 Is that Dogpool to the left of Wade's head
Mahir - 20 dager siden
Yo is it just me who's just noticed how much this guy sounds like Reynolds
Xxn00b1o1xX - 21 dag siden
You wouldn’t think Deadpool is good with kids. Except that time he used his daughter as a hostage we don’t talk about that.
Bopples - 22 dager siden
I wonder if anyone noticed the song and camera view from the jumping from the plane scene was the same as Iron Man flying down from the sky in to his convention and landing?
ZerØ Gamma Gaming
ZerØ Gamma Gaming - 24 dager siden
I've watched both deadpools so much, I think Deadpool is literally the best marvel character ever
Tamara Coleman
Tamara Coleman - 24 dager siden
in the extended cut in the prison wade says donda esta la bibliotheca. having watched community i know that this means where is the library in Spanish. wade needs to get Duolingo
Niax - 25 dager siden
Sad is das backwards don’t be sad das not good
Tomas Frisk
Tomas Frisk - 26 dager siden
Wait, NTW WAS in the first film. Thats the only thing you got wrong in this video!
John Tamplin
John Tamplin - 26 dager siden
I **love** the CinemaWins videos almost as much as I love the Deadpool movies .... But, one thing was massively wrong with this one .... Julian Dennison (Firefist) .... was (at best) dreadfully cast in the role and is (more likely) just not a good actor. Everytime he spoke I thought I was watching a year 6 school play. Perhaps he's amazing in other films (?), but sure isn't in this one.
mija - 18 dager siden
ben scott
ben scott - 26 dager siden
I also agree the theatrical version was WAY better and it's so hard to find everything released is the extended which has really annoyed me.
mdiem - 26 dager siden
I was so happy that the Deadpool sequel stayed on par, even exceeded, the first one. So many sequels are disappointing.
The only bad thing I can say about it is that it seemed to try too hard to be funny all the time - which is hard to say as criticism, since the whole Deadpool ethos is to try too hard and be obvious about it.
speedygongaming - 26 dager siden
i didnt see that post credits scene!
orland malon
orland malon - 27 dager siden
I figured Dopinder would still be in prison for what he did in the first movie.
YvainneKate Anies
YvainneKate Anies - 29 dager siden
You censoring the worst parts
Me in the corner who watched the movie on a plane without the censoring.
Another weird part is..
My dad helped me watch it
lucky5th - 29 dager siden
23:22 but NTW was in the first one. I'm confused on why you would say she wasn't in the first one
Neitya Gupta
Neitya Gupta - Måned siden
Says "Josh Brolin looks good in purple"
Me: *Laughs in Thanos*
Itz_Apollo - Måned siden
u should’ve said julian denison is always a win
iPlayGamesNL - Måned siden
You couldve just shown the whole movie
Miroslav Esmanski
Miroslav Esmanski - Måned siden
Hoopzilla 31
Hoopzilla 31 - Måned siden
This video shouldn’t be long. The entire movie is great.
Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh - Måned siden
did he make a fortnite reference
Mebs - Måned siden
win for promoting aviation gin in his own movie?
bookdragon 23
bookdragon 23 - Måned siden
CinemaWins, can you do Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron??
THE A.P.C. Squad
THE A.P.C. Squad - Måned siden
There’s nothing great about Deadpool two
Joshua Ortega
Joshua Ortega - Måned siden
Outside the movies Deadpool doesn't really care about being a hero. Most of his heroic acts are because of money and or fame. I'm not saying it's better or worse I actually love the movies just saying that you were right he's a lot more unselfish in the movies.
xX_Dream Demon_Xx
xX_Dream Demon_Xx - Måned siden
I bet everything deadpool 'dies' or is about to 'die'he goes "not again.."
n baldeviso
n baldeviso - Måned siden
Wade: What’s your super power?
Me as Duipiard (I think): Being Indian.
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar - Måned siden
I went to see Deadpool2 like three days early and in the theater my buddy and I cried only to hug each other
[Insert my monstrosity Name]
I'd take a win off tho because cable said "Dubstep's for pussies"...
kristin fremlin
kristin fremlin - Måned siden
Does anyone else know that the juggernaut is played by Ryan Renalds
Jon bill
Jon bill - Måned siden
When x force jumps from the plane to AC/DC you could make the argument it’s a reference to Ironman 2 opening
Weasel Fartood
Weasel Fartood - Måned siden
I just realized vanessa was saved in dead pool 2.... i watched that movie at least 5 times and this video at least 3 and never once watched either fully to the end i guess. . I looked it up to see if it was cannon and turns out it is writers said so. Also looked it up and found alot of people didnt like that and said it was bad for the story takes something away from the movie... they act like dead pool 2 wasnt just popcorn entertainment... its not made to make an emy or win awards. Its for a laugh and enjoyment in the moment kinda movie
SaltyVest - Måned siden
8:19 puppet show. Lol.
Marc ristau
Marc ristau - Måned siden
Brolin as Cable is one of the most badass characters in a genre filled with badasses. He’s like the Terminator, Rambo and John Wick combined added with a flavor of an older veteran that still knows his game. No talking, just doing.
Nathan Parrott
Nathan Parrott - Måned siden
As great as they are, is it possible that these two movies are still highly underrated? I think so
Harrison Phillips
Harrison Phillips - Måned siden
Dopinder needs his own movie prove me wrong
TheSolidMidget - Måned siden
I need to know. HOW did you get your hands on this original version with the theatrical version?
TheSolidMidget - Måned siden
I had how some songs were removed from the theatrical version.
That being. That being the unplugged version of Take on me for example.
Jennifer Wright
Jennifer Wright - Måned siden
I love Enya 😊😊
peachy jeongin
peachy jeongin - Måned siden
"donDe sstA la bibliOtecA"
Jean's Survival
Jean's Survival - Måned siden
Audible sponsoring... Smooth mofo very smooth!!! 🤣🤣🤣
NorthernLeigonare - Måned siden
idk why but that bit with Ricky Baker, how long did it take for you to get it right? I wont lie I tried and I am wayyyy to English to get anything close.
Ty Ghoulie
Ty Ghoulie - Måned siden
As a person of the LGBT community, they did yukios and ntws relationship personally and I’d love to see more gay representation without it being the only thing about them. They are super cute too.
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara - 12 dager siden
Yeah, they make a very nice and cute couple. (I have to admit, so do Deadpool and Colossus. Sorry Vanessa!)
Max Hyde
Max Hyde - Måned siden
I'm very late on this, but Deadpool has been variously altruistic and nihilistic. It really depends on the writer.
73Stargazer - Måned siden
I love the representation between Yukio and NTW. And agree with you. People in the just exist. People also in the LGBTQ+ crowd should also just exist. Cis people aren't going to go out of their way to announce they're straight, or a girl/boy. Why should anyone else?
FenrirsLover - Måned siden
Not sure if anyone else has, but want to point out that NTW was in the first movie. I pretty sure he meant to say Yukio.
Cody H
Cody H - Måned siden
Another couple of wins to note would be the two Goonies references, which Josh Brolin also played a major role in. Calling Cable "One-Eyed Willie", and the floral shirt that baby-legs Wade was wearing was almost identical to the one Chunk wore throughout the movie.
Rahyne R
Rahyne R - Måned siden
U forgot the wind warning on the news when Russel is introduced
PS that a ha unplugged is better than the original.
Josip Pintac
Josip Pintac - Måned siden
nice segue
TholKrothu - Måned siden
What about the fact that deadpool's death is a rickroll?
Ryan Beecher
Ryan Beecher - Måned siden
I enjoyed this video but I gotta say I am a bit disappointed that you left out what I consider a win in this video at least I feel it deserves a win because its a line that references a movie that Josh Brolin was in early on in his career. Its during that transport scene and Deadpool says "Bring it on, One Eyed Willy" in reference to The Goonies a film that Josh Brolin was in early in his career. I know I am just being a bit picky I guess with that but for me as one of many great lines in this film it deserves some recognition as a line that both references a film Josh Brolin was in but also one that was fitting for how Cable looks.
Keith Ballard
Keith Ballard - Måned siden
cinemawins is ran by cinemasins
Nelson Delgado
Nelson Delgado - Måned siden
I love Ryan Reynolds but I cannot see him as anything other than Pikachu, he just does it so well.
WifTheBasch - Måned siden
I´m still wondering where Wade got that Logan actionfigure...is that a real one or did they just make it for the movie?
Hazbin Hotel SUPER Fan
Hazbin Hotel SUPER Fan - Måned siden
Please do everything great about Green Lantern
Rowan Vincent
Rowan Vincent - Måned siden
I've said it before and I'll say it again; the 'I love dubstep' line straight into Bangarang by Skrillex legitimately made me laugh out loud in the cinema. Unfortunately, I was the only person in the entire screen who did so I felt super awkward after. Fuck you cinema it was hilarious.
Ingien Tae
Ingien Tae - Måned siden
dude that was amazing !!! "and here i thought your specialty is EATING CHILDREN" dude!!!!!
ulfragnarsson - Måned siden
That segue into the ad read was flawless.
brendon hayes
brendon hayes - Måned siden
He didn’t catch the I’m gonna shove you up his ass and so on from Hancock
Mr. K
Mr. K - Måned siden
Wade wasn't lying in the first Deadpool when he said Deadpool 2 would be a family movie.
Hoodie _ Comics _ YT
Hoodie _ Comics _ YT - Måned siden
is it weird that i think Rusty Cage is either Deadpool's idol, or Deadpool in disguise?
Reccet - Måned siden
Right? I hate it when they force a relationship into our face, whether it's heterosexual or not. I just ruins it. What I really like is us getting to know the character first and make the viewer love that character until they know we will accept whatever relationship they chose to have. For example I've been watching The Owl House, and they really did it great with showing how even a kid show can make it easy. And not just shove it in out face, which is why I think Steven Universe failed at. It was to forceful and out there. Which is why it's good to have a gradual line from where you start and where it ends. You want a good build that isn't to fast. Otherwise people are gonna hate it.
Colin Fox
Colin Fox - Måned siden
At 9:43, Mr Cinemawins calls it a model 3, but it's actually a first gen model S. You can see from the nosecone.
Robert Falk
Robert Falk - Måned siden
Umm.... I watched DP2 in theaters. There was no Enya song when he was killing guys in the bathhouse.
And it's lurchingly out of place compared to what was there originbally.
Nova Burst
Nova Burst - 2 måneder siden
idk why but when you said "man, just the visualization of a guy stuck trying to enter the afterlife who can't die." legit started to make me cry
AMothInSpace - 2 måneder siden
I love Deadpool even more now that I’ve noticed all the pan hints xD Deadpool is crazy and I love him almost as much as Gwenpool