Everything GREAT About Dark Phoenix!

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Dark Phoenix! I get accused of only doing movies everyone loved. Stop that. Here's everything right with X-Men Dark Phoenix!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 20:24


CinemaWins - 11 måneder siden
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Brad Ulbrich
Brad Ulbrich - 2 måneder siden
Definitely love your "wins" videos. But, just pointing out (in case it hasn't been pointed out yet), Simon Kinberg not only planned a very different 3rd act and a much more fleshed out story for the aliens; but he also had originally planned for "Dark Phoenix" to be two films. Sadly, since Fox knew they were in talks with Disney, they told him he only got one movie to do this. So your suggestions at the end to split the movie into two parts was actually the plan. Not sure we can use it as a criticism against them now, huh. It's like planning a surprise party for someone. Then someone else ruins the surprise. And then the person you threw the party for says "Awww...thanks, but I'd wish you'd thrown me a surprise party."
Beren Gustav
Beren Gustav - 3 måneder siden
Do the Matrix series, and the Terminator series, please 😎😎😎😎😎😎
Natalie - 3 måneder siden
have you done Arthur the legend of the sword? please make a video of it, that movie is entirely underrated and it deserves a look at! I think you'd like it!
Sam Guenette
Sam Guenette - 5 måneder siden
The video does not have my comment begging you do do a video about Kick-Ass
DominantCub 72
DominantCub 72 - 6 måneder siden
Tone at the beginning
Shibin Iqbal
Shibin Iqbal - 12 timer siden
If Jean got her phoenix force in this movie how did she decimate apocalypse with phoenix force?
TheDudeAbides - 15 timer siden
Jean does not get the phoenix force. Jean is hurt in the space explosion and while jean recovers, the phoenix force constructs a clone of jean. So in the end, jean does not fly up in space, the phoenix force clone of jean does. The problem for the phoenix force clone is it gets jeans memory and emotions and it has trouble dealing with emotions.
Telikott - 11 dager siden
The following are the known Omega-level mutants as of the House of X relaunch: Jamie Braddock, Iceman, Elixir, Jean Grey, Legion, Magneto, Proteus, Mister M, Storm, Exodus, Quentin Quire, Franklin Richards, Vulcan, Hope Summers.
Heather Hutchinson
Heather Hutchinson - 12 dager siden
this movie has many potentials but also has quite a few fatal flaws. I would just rewatch X2 or DOFP instead.
Heather Hutchinson
Heather Hutchinson - 12 dager siden
1:13 "Sell me this pen." ... oops, wrong movie, sorry!
Anoll’s Vlogs
Anoll’s Vlogs - 12 dager siden
How did this get a better score than future past ?!
Anoll’s Vlogs
Anoll’s Vlogs - 12 dager siden
Zamiel no like how did the movie get a higher score. My point is that I think this movie is much worse but the video gave it a higher score than days of future past
Zamiel - 12 dager siden
Han Zimmer.
Elliot Lytle
Elliot Lytle - 14 dager siden
I just noticed something watching this video: during the takeoff scene at the beginning. Did anyone else hear a bit of the 90's animated theme in there?
Mauricio Hernandez
Mauricio Hernandez - 15 dager siden
Hated these movies the moment they decided to make mystique a fuckin Hero because of fucking hunger games. Only time I cheered was when they killer her off.👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Jakeasaur - 16 dager siden
I enjoyed the rebooted X-Men movies (FC to this). They weren't perfect, maybe not even that good, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. That said, the only thing I will really miss about them is Fassbender and McAvoy. I think they portrayed their characters amazingly, and to be honest that comes down to just how good actors they are. I'm sure the franchise will be rebooted for the MCU, but I also have no doubt it will be an all new cast. That doesn't mean it will be bad, but I wish we could see more of Fassbender and McAvoy in their respective roles here.
Atomic — Studios
Atomic — Studios - 16 dager siden
That last attack jean made was used in the same way in x-men 3
Mr. Pineapple
Mr. Pineapple - 17 dager siden
Is nobody gonna talk about the key change on the intro...
M Blake
M Blake - 17 dager siden
Personally I think after DOFP they should have scrapped apocalypse completely and then made a dark Phoenix trilogy showing her slow decent into madness
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith - 17 dager siden
I don't know about everyone else but I thought a good win counter was Cyclops have more of a roll in this one than previous films. I think I saw him use his powers once or twice and a couple of scripts in the previous films but this film, you see him actually fighting and blasting things.
Armani Perez
Armani Perez - 21 dag siden
Eric M.Ramos
Eric M.Ramos - 26 dager siden
Idk why but I was dying when Eric’s female bald friend got swooped out of the train😂
Kratos - Måned siden
well nothing is great about this movie
Orange Juicy Animations
Orange Juicy Animations - 5 dager siden
@Zamiel indeed
Zamiel - 5 dager siden
@Orange Juicy Animations I was never made to be the final film. That was a lie Disney created a few month before its release.
Orange Juicy Animations
Orange Juicy Animations - 5 dager siden
@Zamiel pretty sure he is not, the guy probably just wanted a big epic conclusion to x-men and not a psychological thriller. I liked this movie though.
Zamiel - 25 dager siden
@Kratos Do you know what the emotional effects of trauma are? Are you the film’s target audience?
Kratos - 25 dager siden
Zamiel no everything is bad
SmokeyOwOs - Måned siden
Quicksilver getting nerfed made no sense
Child Of God
Child Of God - Måned siden
So, friends-- my lovely girlfriend hasn't watched any X-Men movies. Bless her heart, she bought me X2 because she heard I liked it. Any of you guys and gals have an idea of what order we should watch them?
So far, I've got:
1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
2. X-Men: First Class
3. X-Men
4. X-2
5. The Last Stand
6. Days of Future Past
7. Apocalypse
8. Dark Phoenix
She wouldn't enjoy Deadpool, so I'm not planning on watching that with her, but are there any I've missed?
Child Of God
Child Of God - Måned siden
@banana leaf I somehow forgot Logan-- fairly sure that wouldn't be her cup of tea, but I love that movie-- but thank you!
banana leaf
banana leaf - Måned siden
Logan, The Wolverine and The New Mutants
Ian Dowell
Ian Dowell - Måned siden
I honestly can watch all the xmen movies, even the wolverine origins, they all show great effort, but you can tell where the directors just quite didnt get some of the characters or storyline, and when you take something from comics to movies like books, it doesnt always make the screen, for the most time movies have is 3 hours to tell a story and get the details in, and it use to be less like an hour and a half, so it is what it is, in days of future's past, I think kitty pride should have got bishop to rogue and rogue, with some brief back story how she had to take another mutants power, sends bishop, then wolverine back, and in the final fight kitty pride runs and tags phase people trying to keep them alive as long as possible
Charlene Abelseth
Charlene Abelseth - Måned siden
They should try to actually making a Phoenix saga correctly
Devil - Måned siden
They were. This was based on the Hellfire Club arc. The only major difference is that the villains were changed.
Walter O'Brien
Walter O'Brien - Måned siden
I have a headcanonish explanation for why Jean made a Phoenix in the first movie, and received the Phoenix force in this movie. Then force takes on the form of whatever animal most represents your psyche, if it was Scott it would have been the Badger Force(yes I think Scott’s spirit animal
Alexandra - Måned siden
Okay, this win score ruined the outlook of the new X men win scores: 101, 111, 131
Geek man 201
Geek man 201 - Måned siden
I hate the new x suits they should have kept the final ones from apocalypse
Daniel Quinsey
Daniel Quinsey - Måned siden
Surprised this video was 20 minutes long tbh.
Zamiel - Måned siden
@Daniel Quinsey The Dark Phoenix Saga is called a “saga” because it is a huge narrative made up of multiple story arcs. The Shi’ar arc, the Hellfire arc, and the Dark Phoenix arc. This was based on the Hellfire arc and the only major difference was that villains were different.
Daniel Quinsey
Daniel Quinsey - Måned siden
@Zamiel Maybe Not. But i do know a lot about trauma and surviving it. This film didn't ring true for me. Also the fact that this film is about the effects of trauma doesn't make it good. The film has uneven pacing, swathes of underused cast members, an extremely diluted story compared to it's source material and frankly a lack of imagination. It goes through all the motions you would expect of a cash grab superhero film.
Zamiel - Måned siden
@Daniel Quinsey Lol it is what the original storyline was about and they tell you this in the opening sequence with Jean’s traumatic experience. No offense but I think you’re just not that perceptive when it comes to films.
Daniel Quinsey
Daniel Quinsey - Måned siden
@Zamiel It really isn't. It's just another flogging of a dead horse.
Zamiel - Måned siden
@Daniel Quinsey I mean are you familiar with the effects trauma? Because this film is suppose to be a character study of that.
anne dla
anne dla - Måned siden
Okay but little Jean is a good actress and adorable! 😍
armin dude
armin dude - Måned siden
pressed like because of the continuity joke
Kevin Siegel
Kevin Siegel - Måned siden
Finally got around to watching this. I found it ironic that you praise the continuity of the film by hinting at Sophie's Jean to Famke's Jean, yet ignore/fail to address the death of Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique somehow leading to some sort of unexplained resurrection with Rebecca Romain-Stamos' Mystique? That kind of super broke the timeline for me, but I'm just some schmuck who viewed all the films as a single timeline.
Devil - Måned siden
Different timeline.
Derrik Mullin Jr
Derrik Mullin Jr - Måned siden
Sophie Turner just did a really good job at the role
Zac Man
Zac Man - Måned siden
Im gonna say it. This movie may not have been perfect but it is not as shitty as the reviews/most people say. Its much better at telling the Dark Phoenix Saga than The Last Stand was. Yes, Jessica Chastain's villain was badly written. Yes, this whole film was very rushed. But i loved it
Patty Watty Taffy
Patty Watty Taffy - Måned siden
If Quicksilver had a chance to talk to Magneto and join his group of minions heading into the New York battle, maybe Gambit would've came in to join Charles Xavier's group (because that character was set to be in X Men Apocalypse with Chaning Tatum to play as him, but that character was removed from the final cut of the film).
E B - Måned siden
I agreed with everything you said
The Keel
The Keel - Måned siden
Not gonna lie, I hated this film, like a lot. Tbh I think it’s probably my least favourite film.
But I’m glad that a lot of people seem to like it. I live by the motto: “to each their own”
Tash - Måned siden
Finally watched Dark Phoenix yesterday and I have to say I really enjoyed it.
Lakshmi Priya
Lakshmi Priya - Måned siden
4:39 Can't agree more
Frederic Jean Pierre
Frederic Jean Pierre - 2 måneder siden
Sophie Turner as Poison Ivy 🥰
Stephen's Site
Stephen's Site - 2 måneder siden
"Dark Phoenix" was a great movie. Instead of forcing (no pun intended) Fox to make their planned saga into a solo movie, Disney should have said "Finish up the first movie, and we'll work together on the next movies so we can integrate it into the MCU". It would have been the biggest crossover since...well, Endgame.
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki - 2 måneder siden
It was Raven saying I love you to Hank
Kashi Kagë
Kashi Kagë - 2 måneder siden
Only 500k. Yeah, man, I’m sorry, but this movie was not going to be redeemed lol
HyperKnight YT
HyperKnight YT - 2 måneder siden
Wonder if cinema sins and cinema wins get along
Frederico William
Frederico William - 2 måneder siden
Tbh the final scene in the train fight is pretty cool but the rest is just a big mess
Zamiel - 2 måneder siden
@Frederico William Mystique’s death was a plot device to advance Jean’s character arc into the Dark Phoenix. I just have a recent video on it uploaded on my channel.
Frederico William
Frederico William - 2 måneder siden
X-TRA THICC well, i think that every scene just jump alot and it confuses me and how the death of mystique is too fast and meaningless considering she contributed alot on the making of the new x-men, i’d like to see the full 2 part movie that simon kinberg made and the original ending and maybe it could fill some holes in the movie
Zamiel - 2 måneder siden
Curious to why you think it’s a mess. A lot of people really misinterpreted its premise.
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else here live in New York City?
Cian Conroy
Cian Conroy - 2 måneder siden
I hate this movie. It's far too dark and has little to no charm. The villains are boring and the only good scene is the train scene. I just watched first class and this is the worst in comparison. Rubbish.
Cian Conroy
Cian Conroy - 2 måneder siden
True, but this film is tonally depressing and I don't like it. Movies like this really piss me off because movies where there's a character who's overpowered and kills people "by accident" are just a bore to watch. To be fair, the score is great and the action is impressive, but aside from that and Michael Fassbender, i hate this one. First class is just such a fun and enjoyable film compared to this dread.
Zamiel - 2 måneder siden
First Class and Dark Phoenix are too tonally different films that comparison doesn’t make any sense. No offense, but it seems like some of your complaint is based purely on personal preference rather than actual faults with the film.
Dan Moua
Dan Moua - 2 måneder siden
Eh this isnt a Xmen movie w/o a wolverine.
M. Chedderbeef
M. Chedderbeef - 2 måneder siden
I'm not going to lie, I honestly don't hate this movie. I watched it after hearing all the horrible reviews, waiting for it to get bad, but it just...didn't. I don't think it's that bad. It's definitely better than The Last Stand, and more enjoyable than Apocalypse. It's not terrible
ZombieDerpster - 2 måneder siden
Its funny, I've heard lots of stuff saying that Mystique's makeup looks the worst in this movie, but, like, I don't get it? I think it looks great?
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Everything great about John Carter
DemiGod_FGC - 2 måneder siden
Hans Zimmer killed it...This film is Beyond Words..It will make you cry ..It will make you cheer .. The comptence of simon kinaberg as director are also beyonds words.. Stellar .His eye for directing scenes.. Are Gloriously Engaging..
6:23..Woah bro... The fact that Magnus could hold her back ... Pull the chopper down and actually allow soldiers in mass to step up and get in ...the chopper.. Then overpower her by pushing it away! Shows how strong Eric Mofo Lyncher actually is.. Moreso.. It also shows that a miniscule of a fraction of Apocalypse''s power is still in him... When Eric was turned
Into a Horsemen.. I mean he manipulated are magnetic core ..And Could have Destroyed the Entire Planet! So seeing him go beast mode like that against her was a pleasant and welcomed surprise..
No..She got angry at Magnus but that look she gives him as he's walking off and the flare she gives off is her actually learning how to control herself.. In some ways eric gave her lesson.. She actually learns a bit clarity and understanding of what she's becoming.. Thru Eric...I loved that Entire scene from start to finish..
He let's her know " I'm not charles"
And she's searching for answers...that's why jean asked him. " how did you stop the killing?" He's so straightforward with her..He Doesn''t fear her at all.. He wants to know who's blood that is.. And Why she is here?

And even in the end..after the chopper gets away ... They call a truce..a stalemate..
He's says. " You need to leave"
She's agrees with Eric she's a danger to others and herself..
And so she leaves...
It was such a learning process to her in a way..

I love the way the soldier and Eric use thier words even tho thier kinda threatning but not really.. And jean can overhear the conversation.. Seeing how eric feels and handles the situation... It turns out both are kinda right in their own respect.. Jean realizes this..
That in itself was another lesson on how to use control.. And agree to disagree..
It's so many fucking great scenes in this film ...I can't count em all.. That's just 1...
Take the 1st scene for instance..in Logan setting the tone for a grounded narrative...How can we keep that tradition going and build on it?
Let me be a guest host on cinema wins dammit!
Andres Tapia
Andres Tapia - 2 måneder siden
This movie feels weaker without Wolverine, quiet ironically considering that was the huge complaint with the old X-men movies
BKT Adventures
BKT Adventures - 2 måneder siden
Why didnt she just Phoenix-Force Joffrey to death?
GoodRiddanceGooglePlus - 2 måneder siden
Did this channel just really question how MAGNETO was able to stack metal shipping containers on top of each other?
the king of reviewing
the king of reviewing - 2 måneder siden
This movie has really grown on me
DC Long
DC Long - 2 måneder siden
I hate to say this because irl she is such a wonderful person but Sophie Turner is the exact same character in every role she accepts. There is simply zero versatility in her tactical toolbox.
Ace of Geeks
Ace of Geeks - 2 måneder siden
This truly, wasn’t as bad as everyone says. It’s better then X3, Apocalypse, and Origins. It’s a 6/10
Justin Akridge
Justin Akridge - 2 måneder siden
please do everything great about interstellar!!!!!!!!
Buster04 - 2 måneder siden
I would have removed a win for that horrible X-women line
Håvard Knudsen
Håvard Knudsen - 2 måneder siden
Worst xmen movie i think
JWR - 2 måneder siden
The fact that you didn’t give a win for quicksilver saying “slow down safety first” to a kid running in the hallway at the schools makes me mad lol
Mills - 2 måneder siden
I'd like to propose Coraline as a movie to be won
Lumen risus
Lumen risus - 2 måneder siden
Okay help me out. I always thought since usage in apocalypse that Jean had the Phoenix within her. But then she absorbs it from space? Am I misunderstanding something?
Sickly Orphan59
Sickly Orphan59 - 2 måneder siden
Mutants in the Xmen universe have something called an X gene, which is actually why they're called X men, shoulda removed a win for that one chief
Buddy - 2 måneder siden
Now Deadpool is our only series left to make movies on
ThaKiller OfDeath
ThaKiller OfDeath - 2 måneder siden
the movie is called DARK Phoenix but at the end she turns into the Red Phoenix doing the good thing of saving her familly instead of killing everyone that is in her way if you would of liked the Dark phoenix it is in X-Men The last stand
Devil - 2 måneder siden
Uh...that is what happened in the original storyline.
Malte Åsander
Malte Åsander - 2 måneder siden
I liked this movie, and I don't care what you think.
Cassie Mitchell
Cassie Mitchell - 2 måneder siden
God, I don't want Erik and Charles to ever be recast. I love Fassbender and McAvoy SO MUCH and their stints as Erik and Charles, respectively, are a big part of that. I don't want them to let the characters go, I want to see more of them going forward, but I know that I'll never GET that and it breaks my heart.
Also, the whole train scene is incredible and I love how completely BRUTAL Erik is, really showing us why Magneto is so dangerous. In the Original Trilogy, we never GOT scenes like that. We never GOT scenes where he was just SLAUGHTERING people, we didn't even REALLY get it in the previous three films, but they really let loose in this movie and I actually really love it? The closest we came was him controlling bullets and... it just doesn't hold the same weight as shattered/broken and therefore JAGGED metal being shoved through someone's hand and then pushing it further so it goes through their throat? Or him almost putting the banister through Jean's eye. It's all so... dark.
J. Joseph Messenger
J. Joseph Messenger - 2 måneder siden
Another movie unfairly hated. It's a good film, although Raven is unusually naggy and annoying. It didn't really bother me too much when Raven is killed. The first two "first class" films are better, but this is still a solid film.
abroham lincoln
abroham lincoln - 3 måneder siden
Its too bad that we didnt get the original vision of the movie, especially when it was changed for a mediocre movie like captain marvel.
Remy Lebeau
Remy Lebeau - 3 måneder siden
Some of these wins could be narrated just the same, with the same footage, and be considered sins.
Jasmin Valdez
Jasmin Valdez - 3 måneder siden
Dark Pheonix vs Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet?
infinity melon
infinity melon - 3 måneder siden
My favorite part about Phoenix is the relationship between jean and scott and I wish there was more of them together in the movie
Robin Crowley
Robin Crowley - 3 måneder siden
Anyone notice that the du Du DU was deeper
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer - 3 måneder siden
Only 2 minutes of quicksilver. That deserves 100 wins off
Selonianth Smith
Selonianth Smith - 3 måneder siden
As to how she could be in DoFP but also die here... I mean, the Phoenix... isn't named that because it likes to shape its power like a bird. If it wishes to, and... with Jean in particular it frequently does, it can just... revive you because it liked when you were its host.
needamuffin - 3 måneder siden
The worst X-Men movies boil down to "Mutants good, government bad", the best ones are more about the characters themselves. Logan and First Class both do that marvelously, but I would say Dark Phoenix is a contender. Not for the #1 spot, but it's constantly fighting Days of Future Past on my list for position #3. I'm wondering how much of the hate it got stems from people actually disliking the movie vs. the IRL stuff going on in the background.
Carstuff111 - 3 måneder siden
They have had some amazing actors, as some of my favorite characters from the comics and from the X-Men show I loved as a kid. Thing is, while the movies are not perfect, these later ones were, to me, freaking amazing. I just wish this movie had not been rushed and changed. I am positive that if Disney had not been a bunch of dicks and forced re-shoot of this movie to pull the Skrulls out of the story, we could have had an even better movie here. I loved this movie, but, yes there are flaws. That said, this was another sad farewell for me for some amazing people playing amazing characters. As for the early movies, the cast was still amazing, just, the direction taken kind of ruined things.
S8N - 3 måneder siden
4:37 well he kinda needs to. He’s not supposed to use the bottom half.
BlackShepard459 - 3 måneder siden
This review made me finally sit down and watch the movie. I don’t agree with the hate, it was a fine X-men film and I enjoyed it.
Vivianite Hawk
Vivianite Hawk - 3 måneder siden
How did the Phoenix force girl die from Charles’ seizure? Like I get that it’s powerful but how was it strong enough to destroy the ‘spark that gave life to the universe’, the force that can create worlds and turn dust into water and into life, and o destroy worlds and effortlessly destroy a train while protecting those she wanted to protect and disintegrating the bulletproof healing aliens, but died from a psychic seizure from the man who has weaker telepathic powers than her?
Adam DeVree
Adam DeVree - 3 måneder siden
X-Men is one of two properties that seem Teflon to me. There isn’t a movie I’ve seen that I’d outright say I didn’t like. Yes that includes Origins even though it’s still probably my least favorite.
Ángela Roa
Ángela Roa - 3 måneder siden
MCU: Soon, my friend, soon hahahah
Tyra Kristiansen
Tyra Kristiansen - 3 måneder siden
Charles and Erik's ending is the best part of the movie, though a verbal "i love you" would have made it better. Perhaps a kiss. Hey how about a marriage.
angrybrony - 14 dager siden
Phoenix Lennard
Phoenix Lennard - 3 måneder siden
"Superman problem".
"Problem", except there's a REASON why Jean Grey is considered to be one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel.
Games For Cykits
Games For Cykits - 3 måneder siden
Love it, wasn't that bad but I see some of the complaints but still overall not a bad movie
Sydney Pitts
Sydney Pitts - 3 måneder siden
Jean's not really a malevolent person, she's just suffered a great deal of childhood trauma when she was eight years old. She accidentally killed her mother as a little girl and her father sent her away to live with Charles Xavier at his school for gifted youngsters. I know Professor X tried to talk Jean out of hurting innocent civilian lives and was generally like a male role model for the young Jean when he first met her, but sometimes reasoning with someone's not always going to work. I know he tried his best to calm her down, but in that situation, reasoning didn't work. So you see, Jean's not really a malevolent person, she's misunderstood.
FKMDC 7306
FKMDC 7306 - 4 måneder siden
If it wasn't for Captain Marvel, this movie might've improved just a bit
Orange Juicy Animations
Orange Juicy Animations - 5 dager siden
still like this better then captain marvel, captain marvel isn't bad or anything, just found it bland and emotionless.
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano - 3 måneder siden
Amaking10000 - 4 måneder siden
Just finished watching this movie just now. I thought it's really good and I don't understand all the hates it gets.
Finches _
Finches _ - 4 måneder siden
Man I was really looking forward to this movie and especially the quicksilver scenes, and I was kinda disappointed I know they needed to wrap everything up but it just felt underwhelming. I don’t really think it deserved all the hate it got but it wasn’t great either.
sophs _z
sophs _z - 4 måneder siden
2:08 really happy to see my country in the movie even thoght its really generalized
Nate Garcia
Nate Garcia - 4 måneder siden
You should do the Hobbit trilogy! Think of all of the beautiful beard wins you could give!
Diego Pansini
Diego Pansini - 4 måneder siden
4:06 As much as I dislike seeing Quicksilver being done dirty in this movie, I unfortunately have a reasonable explanation for this shot. Jean used her telepathy to get a glimpse of Peter's fast motioned perspective and got one step ahead of him
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix - 4 måneder siden
Y'all talking about me?
MT9 Live
MT9 Live - 4 måneder siden
(Unpopular opinion) I think this movie is better than Captain Marvel, because you can see her using her emotions. This is the same theme for Captain Marvel, but the theme is never capitalized on. I also like that the final fight in this movie actually has stakes unlike Captain Marvel.
Lauren Woods
Lauren Woods - 4 måneder siden
They did Quicksilver dirty
Savage Historian
Savage Historian - 4 måneder siden
I was confused when I noticed this video was longer than 30 seconds.
GHOSTBYTE - 4 måneder siden
Tbh when the loud scenes came up (especially when Hans Zimmer is hamming it up) I was half asleep because I couldn't understand the plot. But thanks anyways.
The Prince of Laos
The Prince of Laos - 4 måneder siden
CinemaSins makes fun of movies. CinemaWins does everything to save crappy movies. I don't know who has it worst.
One watches a bad movie to make fun of. The other tries to save every movie
Sins = Wins?
Evaliz Lopez
Evaliz Lopez - 4 måneder siden
Why do they fly like their in creative mode
kaylah goodwin
kaylah goodwin - 4 måneder siden
I honestly really liked the movie and the cracks in her face and the hair is genius to me
Omega 1
Omega 1 - 4 måneder siden
I know what’s great about The X-men movies

Jamie Clarke
Jamie Clarke - 4 måneder siden
I liked the movie my problem was that the trailer made it look like Jean was the villain all the way through, and the fact that the whole xmen story has gotten very hard to follow and with this being the last FOX xmen I wanted alot of questions answered and I will now never get them answered, I put some blame on FOX but most on disney for making them rush it and change literally most of the film, Fuck you disney you greedy cunts.