Everything GREAT About Chronicle!

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Chronicle is one of those underrated movies that slipped through the cracks while receiving pretty good reviews from both critics and audience members alike. I personally remember a lot of people complaining about it when it was released, but I guess that was just a Mandela Effect. Either way, check it out now if you never got a chance before.
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 18:50


Nurulhuda Salim
Nurulhuda Salim - 5 dager siden
13:30 that's gotta be real
Mortality905 - 7 dager siden
it all started with 3 friends and ended with one
Mortality905 - 7 dager siden
this movie really made me think
Cheems Burbger
Cheems Burbger - 8 dager siden
Im kinda pissed that we didn't get to see more of this awesome movie,would be nice to know about the rock and why there was a hole leading to it near a rave
will nelson
will nelson - 11 dager siden
it's movies like chronicle, project almanac and cloverfield that really cemented my love for found footage/first person movies, it's a shame that the genre is filled with so much shit, there's obvious gold in there, especially in other genres. the field is mostly dominated by horror, which, to be fair, there's some good found footage horror movies, but also a lot of cheap jumpscares and BS
friday night seance
friday night seance - 11 dager siden
Andrew was so much fun to watch in general. Love Dane Dehaan
unipower anime
unipower anime - 11 dager siden
this movie is so underated so good the character development
rossdaboss1959 - 11 dager siden
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Lit E
Lit E - 14 dager siden
I honestly loved this movie due to the powers and brotherly bonds as well as exploring flight, honestly thought it was going to go in a positive direction especially with Andrew, sad to see it ended like that.
(Had my own alternative ending in which having those powers helped them be better ppl especially Matt, Steve never died and they helped Andrew with his mom and abusive dad and they all flew around the world and lived happily)
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich - 15 dager siden
Lmao he's a lil too harsh on Matt tbh
Borutokindacool I guess
Borutokindacool I guess - 24 dager siden
This movie, Hancock, and the boys are the best realistic superhero and superpower films ever
Anthony Flames
Anthony Flames - 28 dager siden
Just hear me out, would it not be possible to have Andrew be alive in a sequel (not that we would ever get one, but it would be nice)
Like yeah he looks sufficiently dead at the end of the movie, and it seems to be the case with Matt talking about it in the epilogue.
But maybe there was a chance that instead of killing him outright, the spear just shut his whole body down
And maybe some government or secret agency guys take the body and restore him to health while experimenting and questioning him about his powers
Idk just my thought. It would be great if his character could return not so much that we could have a faceoff between him and Matt again, but more so just to explore more of his character and what he would do coming out of that whole situation
Plus for power battles you could always have other people who got their powers in some nifty way too.
Who's to say there wasnt more of those locations around the world?
Christian Benavidez
Christian Benavidez - 29 dager siden
There's a lot of movies from the early 2010s that deserve sequels but will probably never get them and it's a giant disappointment, but to be honest it's better to have one great film instead of allowing it to be dumbed down by unnecessary sequels.
ASMR BULLY - Måned siden
they should make a sequel in netflix
this would be good
s a m p l e t e x t
s a m p l e t e x t - Måned siden
This movie is such a hidden gem.. Super slept on
Kaileena Star
Kaileena Star - Dag siden
For real, I would even know it existed if I hadn't seen an edit of it, it highlighted the friendship of the movie so beautifully, the words of the song almost completely matched the story of the song. After watching the edit I had to watch the movie, I had to
Russell Hess
Russell Hess - Måned siden
What’s kind of funny/disturbing is that I looked almost exactly like Andrew when I was 16. It was brought up to me several times on different occasions
Ghost Speaker
Ghost Speaker - Måned siden
So this movie is basically if Abed from Community went crazy and got superpowers
StaySolid Rocky
StaySolid Rocky - Måned siden
It basically isn't smh
Omeka - Måned siden
it was alright idk why yall overrating it
StaySolid Rocky
StaySolid Rocky - Måned siden
You jus dont know what watching movies really means
Renaldy Calixte
Renaldy Calixte - Måned siden
Matt is a 17 year old kid...so...can you blame him for being a jerk? Also Andrew should have found someone he can trust to deal with stuff.
Hi Bye
Hi Bye - Måned siden
At 7:05
Andrew doesn't defend himself at first cause he was afraid of his father, and what snapped him out of it was the pain, so he acted. At least that's how it was for me when my father hit me. I didn't defend myself at all, and then I realized that what he was doing to me was wrong.
Julius Cochran
Julius Cochran - Måned siden
If you had these powers, you would be andrew , matt is the best character period, hes a real hero and tried to help matt , cmon now
Earniebert - Måned siden
Akira live action
James Gray
James Gray - Måned siden
Be cool to tie this to Mr.Glass, the other enhanced human movies that came out around the same time. And Brightburn, maybe even Hancock.
Girl In Transition
Girl In Transition - Måned siden
This is an incredible movie.
Girl In Transition
Girl In Transition - 23 timer siden
@Kaileena Star i saw it yrs ago on DVD my friend had. I couldn't believe how fantastic it was. In my top 10 for sure
Kaileena Star
Kaileena Star - Dag siden
It's in my top 3, but it's so hidden. How did you find it?
You have gay
You have gay - Måned siden
Why not just put the whole movie
Joony - 2 måneder siden
The thing that was great was how real they made the story felt like it could be a actual thing
Cuber DroidD
Cuber DroidD - 2 måneder siden
Andrew scares me because his and my life is similar and I could go the same route just without the superpowers.
Face McShooty
Face McShooty - 2 måneder siden
Damn why did my dad let me watch this when i was like 8 lmao
Gemini - 2 måneder siden
Now we know why humans don't deserve superpowers
StaySolid Rocky
StaySolid Rocky - Måned siden
Stfu damn weaboo
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes - 2 måneder siden
Chronicle > Carrie
Kya L
Kya L - 2 måneder siden
I’ve never heard about this movie but now I’m contemplating actually watching it
Toothpaste Man
Toothpaste Man - 2 måneder siden
Honestly wish me and my friends had these powers
dbltrplx - 2 måneder siden
The best thing about this movie is the end.
Which meant it was over .
Shadow Spider Productions
Shadow Spider Productions - 2 måneder siden
This movie is amazing I'm surprised no one talks about it anymore
J.phill 27
J.phill 27 - 2 måneder siden
__ - 2 måneder siden
parents make or break the future of sociey.
Death_San Darkrender
Death_San Darkrender - 2 måneder siden
AstaZora - 3 måneder siden
I did not read this movie right, It was pretty sick for the abilities, I need to rewatch it.
chris langlois
chris langlois - 3 måneder siden
1 of my top 10 fave movies 🤩
djstyle gaming
djstyle gaming - 3 måneder siden
That’s a cousin relationship tho Matt shouldn’t get more slack the the literal abusive dad!!!
Akin Akin
Akin Akin - 3 måneder siden
who else watched this again in 2020?
Kaileena Star
Kaileena Star - Dag siden
I watched it for the first time in 2020😂
Levi Akasuna
Levi Akasuna - 3 måneder siden
I can sympathize for andrew because I legit feel like I'd probably go down the same road if I had obtained supernatural powers back when I was a wreck and depressed.
JaDereon Starr
JaDereon Starr - 3 måneder siden
I don't think Andrew is a villain, he's just a kid who's been treated terribly and gone through alot of shit to the point his fall from grace was inevitable and I felt for him and never seen him as a villain but just hurt and confused all while going thru puberty...
sora xxforever
sora xxforever - 3 måneder siden
I watched this movie for the first time the other night. It was on TV and I was hooked it's amazing
Ludwig Nyström
Ludwig Nyström - 3 måneder siden
you are slightly overestimating matt in how he couldve taken 'more responsibility'
Tokito - 3 måneder siden
The concept of the development of friendships is something I’ve been looking for in movies and how close their friendships were. Does anyone have any suggestions for a movie like this
Lorem Impus
Lorem Impus - 3 måneder siden
Nature vs nurture, this was definitely a nurture situation with Andrew
Vanessa Edwards
Vanessa Edwards - 3 måneder siden
This movie scared the ish outta me
LuinathTTG - 3 måneder siden
His super-villain moniker could have been "Apex"
Aramaru 1837
Aramaru 1837 - 3 måneder siden
I liked Matt I didn’t realise he was an asshole, I just hated Andrew because of his pussy fuck way of just being a pussy
Dara Otl
Dara Otl - 3 måneder siden
Hello there 2 years later,
I think you gotta cut Matt some slack. Highschool is all about image and status and he drives to school everyday with Andrew. Sure, he doesn't want to be seen with him a lot, but most people in that situation IRL wouldn't even pick him up on the way to school; they'd make some excuse, or they'd park really far from the main building, shit like that. Is he a little condescending and stuck up? Sure. But he's a highschool student with an admittedly very weird cousin and he does an okay job at not avoiding him all the time
sunsetman22 - 3 måneder siden
that moment when This Bright Flash comes on, just pure magic. I love Chronicle
Malaysha Morgan
Malaysha Morgan - 3 måneder siden
I watched this when it first came out and couldn’t remember the name years later til now.
I love this movie but I don’t really want a sequel as some others say but I haven’t seen it in a long time so there’s probably something I missed
Lessa Taylor
Lessa Taylor - 4 måneder siden
Is no one going to talk about the similarities with this movie and Stranger Things? The nose bleeding and moving stuff with their mind. They are basically pre-elevens. So this almost means Eleven could fly if she wanted, which we have kinda already seen at the end of season 2.
Backwards Brain
Backwards Brain - 4 måneder siden
I mean I’d be a dick to my cousins too if Smeagul strangled me and stole a magic ring from me.

That’s the same actor, right?
AlamedaCA94501 - 4 måneder siden
I loved this movie. I wish they made another.
funknelson87 - 4 måneder siden
I just noticed the object floating in the sky at 12:40 in the top right of the screen. Is that a kite or secret sequel bait?
Jpenney mrcoin
Jpenney mrcoin - 4 måneder siden
one little thing that was pointed out to me - the black kid dies again.
stuart deitcher
stuart deitcher - 4 måneder siden
Realistic if this really happened to 4 adolescents. Great effects too.
DerMensch NR5
DerMensch NR5 - 4 måneder siden
14:02 Mark Hamill?
Ainsley Harriot
Ainsley Harriot - 4 måneder siden
I think that the whole point is to subvert your expectations, because if this movie went how we were expecting Andrew would be the one to redeem himself and have a happy ending. I always loved this movie and think it's one of the best "we got powers" movie ever made. I loved how everything was just vague enough to keep you interested and not too vague to have you constantly suspending your disbelief.
Red Nightshade
Red Nightshade - 4 måneder siden
This is what would happen if a school shooter got superpowers.
Real message of this incredibly tragic movie is Abuse of human on human and the utmost need to stay away from Abuse of crystal meth brain damage
firestorm5432 - 4 måneder siden
This movie is so freakin awesome
Subete - 4 måneder siden
I love this movie even though it can be summed up as give a school shooter super powers
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 4 måneder siden
the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pQvM9ZY41k&list=PLPUpKFH-6X8WN4oRCbC3YOmSmgQxKwMpm&index=6 future
KingOFWeird - 4 måneder siden
Wut dis?!
Brad Painter
Brad Painter - 5 måneder siden
"Everything Great About Chronicle"

...so everything.
Nicholas Barron
Nicholas Barron - 5 måneder siden
why is this in horror playlist
Reid McGuire
Reid McGuire - 5 måneder siden
I hated when Michael b Jordan died to painful to watch
AsparagusVideo - 5 måneder siden
Matt started as the jerk, but he learned. He was given a great power and KNEW it needed to be used for good, which makes him the hero of the movie. Andrew is just a tragic figure that chose to go the dark path because of his situation. Andrew had chances to let his friends bring him out of his rut, but he chose to stay.
Nikolas Iacovelli
Nikolas Iacovelli - 5 måneder siden
Shit this made me forget how much I felt bad for Andrew. Because if i got his powers, I guarantee i would have done the exact same thing
Harper Chebuk
Harper Chebuk - 5 måneder siden
this is cinema sins for optimist
Adam Howard
Adam Howard - 5 måneder siden
Do brightburn
IpodzZ ManzZ
IpodzZ ManzZ - 5 måneder siden
We should make a petition for a sequel
Movie Globe
Movie Globe - 5 måneder siden
One of the most underrated movies of the last decade that deserved a sequel
Grace Bishoff
Grace Bishoff - 5 måneder siden
12:00 EGA Mr. Right?!??!
Patryk Kuffel
Patryk Kuffel - 5 måneder siden
Andrew was old enough to know his actions were bad. I personally wouldn't blame Matt at all for Andrews actions
Jeremy Landry
Jeremy Landry - 5 måneder siden
I saw the entire movie Chronicle as just an American 2010 version of Akira, complete with trendy filmatic story telling tropes. We don't need a live action Akira. Chronicle is it.
Andrew1404 - 6 måneder siden
Absolutely nothing is great about it.
ComicsCodeAuthority - 6 måneder siden
5:41 creed
Molotov - 6 måneder siden
Scp foundation intensifies
Jennifer Whitty
Jennifer Whitty - 6 måneder siden
Is chronicle a sequel of the darkest minds
Neutral Tired
Neutral Tired - 6 måneder siden
Andrew is a mentally unstable, abused teenager who could’ve been a good person had he been raised in the right household and been given professional help, but, he was definitely the villain of this story and should not be excused of his actions.
passive menis
passive menis - Måned siden
Definitely but it’s not so simple as to just blame him.
B1-[66]-ER - 6 måneder siden
Can't even lie, when I saw trailers for this movie, I just assumed it was a mirror to the movie that was about a group witches doing their things (the one scene where the car disassembles then reassembled to avoid getting hit by a truck). Then I watched it and holy shit was I wrong.
Charteon - 6 måneder siden
Seriously one of my favorite movies.
Nick Small
Nick Small - 6 måneder siden
GREAT video! I really enjoyed the analysis and commentary. I definitely did NOT notice the camera floating in the hospital at the end...such a great find! 20/10 !
The Boy Blunder
The Boy Blunder - 6 måneder siden
i fundamentaly disagree
Neal Franco
Neal Franco - 6 måneder siden
My favourite movie by far !
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
SOVIETDOGGO - 6 måneder siden
I never knew there was supposed to be a sequel dude I would’ve loved that
Yeeter - 6 måneder siden
Since fox won't make a sequel, and it's been years - please sign this petition to have Netflix pick up the trilogy: http://chng.it/LbLsyVcT
Will Cockins
Will Cockins - 6 måneder siden
Gotthetropical - 6 måneder siden
This is a really good movie I never saw lmao
Mr. Icarus
Mr. Icarus - 6 måneder siden
That is how I feel about Andrew as well. 9:57 and also why I sometimes can't help be imagen a crossover between this movie and Carrie 2013
Mr. Bobby Wright
Mr. Bobby Wright - 6 måneder siden
Low-key a better Anakin Skywalker
Mr. Bobby Wright
Mr. Bobby Wright - 6 måneder siden
Cookiesmuggler - 6 måneder siden
Matt is a simp
Sir_Squilliam _Son
Sir_Squilliam _Son - 6 måneder siden
5:40 did they just predict Creed?
Caleb Alexis
Caleb Alexis - 6 måneder siden
The way steve screamed really got me
Luke Senter
Luke Senter - 6 måneder siden
“Every movie is somebody’s favorite” and here you are, doing my favorite!