Everything GREAT About Avengers: Infinity War! (Part 1)

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Avengers…Infinity War? Did you guys like this one? Meh, I don't know. It was alright, I guess. I'll try my best to find some decent stuff in it. Wish me luck. JUST KIDDING. I love this movie. Here's everything right with Avengers Infinity War.
Edit: Okaaaaay, time to change the ole title apparently. Less than an hour for the cursing and threats to start.
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Joseph's Sutcliffe
Joseph's Sutcliffe - 15 timer siden
No why ent love
Jess - 6 dager siden
2:48 foreshadowing *ding*
The Sully Wolger Show
The Sully Wolger Show - 6 dager siden
I absolutely love thanos voice it's in my top 3 in "voices of honey to ears"
BeyBlade Cringey b0iz
BeyBlade Cringey b0iz - 7 dager siden
Thor said nidivaleer wrong. Wait.... I said it wrong. Someone tell me how to spell it
neshapink17 - 9 dager siden
I love almost everyone in the MCU, but Spidey is the one I really didn't want to die. He was the youngest and had so much to live for. I just was not prepared.
neshapink17 - 9 dager siden
This movie just sends my emotions into chaos. It's funny and it makes me happy, but so much sadness. I never know how to feel.
PurpleCloudz - 12 dager siden
You know it’s good when it has to have two parts
Isaiah Loya
Isaiah Loya - 13 dager siden
Lokey never died if he did die should have turned blue his frost giant color remember he his a trickster
Samir Mohammed
Samir Mohammed - 13 dager siden
Bruh the shield part got me
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 17 dager siden
15:14: Also. Iron man was the first person to say: stay calm. Because he had a similar reaction finding out how his parents die when he turned on bucky
MAURICES CHANNEL - 17 dager siden
I hate the collector so much. I don’t know why but Benicio just makes me uncomfortable after watching the last Jedi.
Nate - 21 dag siden
"Oh tony, what would we do without you?" That....fuck, that hurts man
Gavin Lepley
Gavin Lepley - 22 dager siden
Avengers: Infinity War: The bloodiest game of "Collect Them All" ever played.
ThomasTheCoolKid _
ThomasTheCoolKid _ - 22 dager siden
Tyrion: "It will kill you."
Thor: "Only if I die."
Shirou Emiya: "People die if they are killed."
Grant B.
Grant B. - 23 dager siden
You can see the power stone glowing while he’s being the shit out of the Hulk too.
Alex Sweet
Alex Sweet - 27 dager siden
7:27 Teo super humans beat up and orphan with heart disease after one of them kills his dad
PH5121 - 27 dager siden
"Sorry, I can't remember everybodys names." Apparently, they didn't tell Tom Holland who he was saving because of his constant spoilers.
Jerry Tingley
Jerry Tingley - 28 dager siden
When he said he did not know what he would do without tony it hit me in the feels
AAA Gaming
AAA Gaming - 29 dager siden
That lidocaine bit is true 1 1/2 mouths i stepped on a wire and it went an inch it to my foot and this comment is true.
Mark Gallagher
Mark Gallagher - 29 dager siden
In defence against Shuri's nitpicking of visions design, Ultron made that body, with the intention of inhabiting it. It's a sure fact that e at least knew the mind stone was a great source of power, so of course he would design parts holding it to be the most inconvenient to remove. It's not like he was planning to take it of at anytime.
Chris Jhum
Chris Jhum - Måned siden
I really hope they don't kill Thor off in the next phase I lost Ironman already if anything write Thor out say he returns to New Asgard ready to rule and have him make cameos in big battles and for the love of all that is Hulk please do the character its justice and have them be split again smart hulk is cool and I could live with it if his story is good but damn look at the cartoons for help
The Grimwiz
The Grimwiz - Måned siden
Rhode: you guys really look like crap.
Bruh, they're all gorgeous handsome people. You on the other hand are a semi inflated cross between a really ugly human and a really ugly baboon. Talking about looking crap lol
Ethan Peterson
Ethan Peterson - Måned siden
Here's an important question: Tony says Wong is invited to his wedding, and I assume Tony and Pepper get married during the 5 year jump, but did we ever find out if Wong survived the snap and attended the wedding?!
Marshmallow Vlogs
Marshmallow Vlogs - Måned siden
Ned:I’m the guy in the chair
CRAZYCHRIS291 - Måned siden
One of my favorite moments is when they are on Titan and Quill and Tony are talking about the Guardians and this happens
Peter: “What exactly is it that they do?”
Mantis: “Kick names,and take ass.”
Drax: “Yeah,That’s right” Because I love the absolutely identical looks of baffled confusion on Tony and Peter’s faces in that moment.
Chelsea Elizabeth
Chelsea Elizabeth - Måned siden
Thank you thank you thank you for doing justice to Gamora's sacrifice (also I have no idea how I'm only seeing this video now, very accurate and hilarious video essay on this movie :D)
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - Måned siden
12:13 Not only was it three years ago, but Shuri is way smarter than Banner or Stark.
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - Måned siden
3:12 Except that Peter DOES know Empire, he just doesn't want to come off as a total nerd in Civil War, so he intentionally acts like he doesn't know the movie that well. Hell, he has a toy AT-AT in his bedroom in Homecoming.
Frej Sommer Clausen
Frej Sommer Clausen - Måned siden
i have some s--t to say why in the thanos kills gamora scene thanos kills gamora instead of the soul stone because she would not be the most loved thing the soul stone would be
spike mike
spike mike - Måned siden
JustNobody - Måned siden
"Good thing this sidequest didn't have a casino!"
I felt that burn like Vader did in episode 3.
Mega Gamer
Mega Gamer - Måned siden
Wait he sinned groot sacrificing his arm
Vector Skywalker
Vector Skywalker - Måned siden
Now, hear me out on this...
Cap with the Black Panther super plant...
Neutral Cookie
Neutral Cookie - Måned siden
Should’ve added 5 wins for the scene with tony and pepper when they talk about their future (possible child) and tony says “you know me so well”. Their relationship has had its ups and downs and after seeing its affect on tony in civil war it really makes you appreciate how much detail they put into their relationship. It’s also what holds tony back in endgame too so it’s a nice touch to the film
Jinglei Yu
Jinglei Yu - Måned siden
with that busted spine ohhhhh this is literallly every person responsible
xSvb_Zer0x - Måned siden
I like how half of these comments are about chadwick boseman, like shut the fuck up. We know, he died from colon cancer. This video isn't related to him. If you want to pay respects, do it on a tribute. fucking christ.
Jesse Is maybe my name
Jesse Is maybe my name - Måned siden
13:38 Im kinda confused does that mean that groots worthy like cap and Thor
Unreal4rea1 - Måned siden
Ngl the Guardians, tony, peter and doc vs Thanos fight seemed so much like a Naruto fight.
Ellhnas Kinezos
Ellhnas Kinezos - Måned siden
RIP black panther
Thushar Sushil
Thushar Sushil - Måned siden
RIP Chadwick Boseman
Chance Craig
Chance Craig - Måned siden
Rip King T’Challa
EyeArDum - Måned siden
9:12 I thought for sure I accidentally clicked an Imperial March video
johnmonk66 - Måned siden
Scarlet Witch killing vision to save half the universe is good, but Thanos killing Gamora to save the entire universe is bad.
Thanos saw his entire planet die, he saw Gamoras planet on the brink of death, he knows what he is doing is to save people before they destroy themselves.
He saved Gamoras planet.
Lindsay Duet
Lindsay Duet - Måned siden
now when you say murdered a beloved character at the beginning, youre probably talking about Heimdall but imma choose to believe you meant Loki. Im probably wrong but so be it.
RainbowSensation - Måned siden
whats up with the captions
MrMinecraftsman - Måned siden
"oh Tony, what would we do without you?"

*O O F*
Liam Jackson
Liam Jackson - Måned siden
2:48 Yikes
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi - Måned siden
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi - Måned siden
@Bowtie Productions Lol, I know. And I couldn't be more glad. I just like the look of that hashtag
Bowtie Productions
Bowtie Productions - Måned siden
um... they did.
Adam Grush
Adam Grush - Måned siden
Unpopular opinion: he should have gone for the *hand*
Fade Fizzy
Fade Fizzy - Måned siden
RIP Chadwick boseman😭😭😭😭😭
Mr BigBoy
Mr BigBoy - Måned siden
There is nothing more to say but thank you Chadwick and Rest in Peace
Seraph Eternal
Seraph Eternal - Måned siden
R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman. He did great with everything he was given.
BMG Parallax
BMG Parallax - Måned siden
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman. One of my favorite actors ever
Free Canadian
Free Canadian - Måned siden
Re-hire the pedophile? You got your wish. People will be having Suicide Squad pizza parties soon; have fun.
Bowtie Productions
Bowtie Productions - Måned siden
Because making (very bad, very off colour) jokes about a topic like that automatically makes him such...? Also 10 years is a long time, people can change a lot, and would not say many of the things they did in years past. People are allowed to grow. If people are perpetually judged based on past mistakes, that leaves no room to improve beyond their mistakes. What if you were judged forever based on your dumbest mistake, or stupid insensitive thing you said without thinking? Or me? If I was judged by some of the things I thought even 5 years ago because I was a kid and didn't know better, people would still think I'm a homophobe, which could not be further from the truth.
Dean McEntevy
Dean McEntevy - Måned siden
Thanos: where is the stone
Line directly from Del Toro character in movie Snatch
Loopylou 3078
Loopylou 3078 - Måned siden
This film is made sadder when black panthers technically dies and knowing that Chadwick Boseman is now dead rest in peace man wakanda forever ✌🏿😭
EjMCmoo - Måned siden
Thanos has ONE equal.

Iron Man
josh lippmann
josh lippmann - Måned siden
No no no, you said what we would do without you.....😖😖
Laziness & Boredom
Laziness & Boredom - Måned siden
Is it just me or does he kinda sound like Ryan Reynolds at certain parts of the video?
Ozzy Alcaraz
Ozzy Alcaraz - Måned siden
R.I.P Chadwick boseman
The Great Chimera
The Great Chimera - Måned siden
On August 28th, 2020 we lost Chadwick Boseman. Rest In Power Black Panther. Wakanda Forever
Eric Withakay
Eric Withakay - Måned siden
2:48 oo..... ouch. Poor choice of words
Saatchy - Måned siden
Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman, you will be greatly missed.
MofuMofu - Måned siden
"DONT crae"
Ravi - Måned siden
5:53 How is Thanos using Quill to get to her is worse than asking Quill to kill her ?
Shannon T
Shannon T - Måned siden
Potentially killing Quill
Banakin Skywalker
Banakin Skywalker - Måned siden
**me a year after this film is had been released crying over the loki death scene** yEs i'M oVeR eNdGaMe
Edit: also thor should have gone for his hand with the gauntlet on but the head would have worked too
AySparkZ - 2 måneder siden
They made hulk to weak.
tompraeger - 2 måneder siden
11:19 Saldana and Gillian had two of the best acting performances in the MCU.
tompraeger - 2 måneder siden
9:12 You forgot to praise Tom Holland. All Peters feelings Joy, Excitement, the feeling of Responsibility of being an Avenger and the uncertainty at what’s to come. All in his in face perfectly captured in only a few seconds.
tompraeger - 2 måneder siden
Infinity War and Endgame are kinda graphic for a PG-13 movie.
GachaPenguin - 2 måneder siden
Me: *clicks video*
Captions: HeBrEw
Me: ... I’m definitely Hebrew youtube. Definitely.
NELOY SINHA - 2 måneder siden
MCU removed all of the powerful heroes so that Thanos could be the strongest . Odin, Hela, The Sorcerer Supreme, Starlord's Dad .
DeltroxTv - 2 måneder siden
How do you know its not love? maybe thanos loves life so much he would rather kill half of it himself and be the villian,than watch it all die.
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - 2 måneder siden
I watch this video once a week. It seems by looking at the comments. So God nevermind. You don't understand I have a bad disease of my brain. I have an extremely high IQ with no ability to focus I have to drug myself almost insane amounts of pills and when they run out I put whatever I can to slow my brain down and I'm getting very low on pills a migraine starting to Golden really directions the thought is too complex even put down that was easier to explain it that way then try to explain what I'm trying to what I want to say hereyou never go back to your comments so it doesn't matter but when you're running a successful channel especially what is the threat dance hits this oh yeah you got to love this fucking phone it comes with its own comedic timing. I said direct antithesis of my least favorite YouTube channel well that is going to stop cuz my brain is starting to it's too much electric activity going on in it and
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - 2 måneder siden
You asked for more benicio del Toro okay everyone else says The grandmaster said I'm the only one who said you don't know that because that was that was Thanos using your reality Stone but he already had the reality Stone so tennis would not have left someone like The Collector alive most likely but we don't know that because what we were seeing was not really happening
Marcela Montufar
Marcela Montufar - 2 måneder siden
Tony didn’t create the Mandarín, that creepy guy’s insecurities and toxic masculinity created the Mandarín.
Armour I
Armour I - 2 måneder siden
Toxic masculinity?
SpecsTube - 2 måneder siden
11:16 has you ever seen an Asian family cus I wud know
Akmal Nimaladasa
Akmal Nimaladasa - 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or is Ebony Maw overpowered? I mean, with his powers he could have easily been a one-man army in Endgame. But no, he uses it to gently lift the Gauntlet away from T'Challa without succeeding in taking it.
CeltycSparrow - 2 måneder siden
That win at 6:21.....I think it WAS a manipulative trick, but not in the way you thought. Later in this very movie, Thanos sacrifices Gamora so he can get the Soul Stone. And according to the rules, in order to obtain the Soul Stone, you have to sacrifice that which you love the most. Perhaps by doing this illusion now to make her THINK he had died and seeing her tears of grief proved that there WAS love shared between them and that moment confirmed for Thanos that sacrificing his daughter for the Soul Stone would work.
Superdrachen 16
Superdrachen 16 - 2 måneder siden
2:50 After Endgame:😭
Noodleydoo - 2 måneder siden
Infinity War was so incredible.
Gamer 94
Gamer 94 - 2 måneder siden
I love the cloak reacting like a person
Sarah Blair
Sarah Blair - 2 måneder siden
post malone circles
Dominic Keijzer
Dominic Keijzer - 2 måneder siden
CinemaWins: Ohhhhh Tony, what would you do without you
Endgame: Let's find out!
10:07 He was high up in the sky.He was lucky that he even stabbed him
Biggs - 2 måneder siden
Just thought of this. I think gamora decides to go to knowwhere because she hears that thanos is making his move to get the stones. She knows that he wouldn't start making a move for them unless the stone was recently found and unguarded like the power stone or if he knew where each stone was. She is probably thinking he might have somehow found out where the soul stone is so she has to take the chance to kill him now. Thanos uses this by waiting for her cause he knows that she knows where the soul stone is. Proves how manipulative he is. That a mixture of knowing if he has the space stone then there is no more hiding
Loler Idk
Loler Idk - 2 måneder siden
13:28 doesn’t Thor know that netherite can’t be burned by lava.
Irish EnderMan
Irish EnderMan - 2 måneder siden
9:03 I always thought it was a reference to how they were both Sherlock Holmes but mabye not
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - 2 måneder siden
Oh I remember now the only thing that I don't like about end game is that the black order aren't any there they're like not even in end game I didn't even notice any of them in the movie except for Ebony Maw
Ray Hairston
Ray Hairston - 2 måneder siden
4:20 A great use of the song, great scene imo
Michael Fraser
Michael Fraser - 2 måneder siden
Shocked me that you didn't flag my favourite moment: the lack of the usual music for the Marvel logo, instead it has sinister music and the Asgardian SOS. I was someone who'd gotten quite tired of the general MCU being too overtly light-hearted (especially after Ragnarok). I remember that once I realised there was no music to the Marvel logo I sat bolt upright in my seat and was suddenly a thousand times more excited for the movie to come.
Andy Tran
Andy Tran - 2 måneder siden
16:58 +1 during the fight between doctor strange and thanos, thanos uses the soul stone to firgure out which one of the strange clones was the real one
+5 if you watch the gauntlet the continuity of how he uses the stones is incredible
yasser pajuelo
yasser pajuelo - 2 måneder siden
Is there any connection between CinemaSins and you?? Related, same?
Anne-Marique Katsburg
Anne-Marique Katsburg - 2 måneder siden
Loki dying is still so painful.
Burd - 3 måneder siden
Even with all infinity stones, Stan lee could easily kill thanos
The Space Knights
The Space Knights - 3 måneder siden
10:32 and that was completely improvised. “And I’ll do you one better, why is Gamora?”
JoelJoestar - 3 måneder siden
The moment you hear the groovy music and the SPACE you know who’s coming
Grace Kempton
Grace Kempton - 3 måneder siden
I have something to say about you saying the bad guy is the main character of this movie, but just like Tony in Iron Man 3 I just didn’t know how to say it until now. I think it’s best said in this quote from Super Paper Mario: “All living things have a heart. They’re all priceless. You can’t just erase them!”
David Stowers
David Stowers - 3 måneder siden
Ty 7689
Ty 7689 - 3 måneder siden
11:44 also, Gamora wasn't willing to do it. Thanos just yeeted her off. clint and nat were both willing do go yeet themselves. Souls are weird like that.
Neverland - 3 måneder siden
cap tried to kill Tony