Everything GREAT About Avengers: Endgame! (Part 3)

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Endgame Part 3! And now we come to the end…game.
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So here's everything right with Avengers Endgame Part 3! I had some thoughts about this movie but I know not everyone cares about everything the same amount, so here are some timestamps.
00:36 - Intro + My Predictions
01:27 - Thanos + Thanos Prime
02:40 - Thor + PTSD
06:04 - Iron Man
07:06 - Captain America
09:00 - Time Travel
11:13 - Black Widow
11:57 - Russos & The Movie in General
13:05 - Side Stories I Want to See
13:41 - Visuals & CGI
14:21 - Your Fav Details
16:01 - My Fav Details
16:36 - A Few More Wins
19:03 - Next Week's Teaser Frame
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Saikat Kar
Saikat Kar - 17 timer siden
Cap spending his life with another Peggy wouldn't work the same way it doesn't work with 2014 Thanos. It's not his Peggy. Think of it as destiny. Things played out exactly the way it was supposed to. Cap was always meant to be Peggy's husband. That's why we didn't see who her husband was. And as long as Old cap stays out of everyone's way, he won't change anything. In fact, he's too small of a character to create another timeline.
Vamsi Pedapalli
Vamsi Pedapalli - Dag siden
This 3hr movie got 3000 wins, which means on average this movie has a win every 4 seconds. No wonder it's the highest-grossing movie of all time.
Drowsy Witch
Drowsy Witch - 5 dager siden
The counter's stopping number. I knew it was coming, but damn it if it didn't get me anyways. Well done.
Michael Blackwell
Michael Blackwell - 5 dager siden
Anyone else cry a lil?
john navin
john navin - 6 dager siden
Tony and steve had iived up to what ho yinsen and abraham erskin have told them to!!!!!!
Michael - 7 dager siden
RIP chadwick
Christopher Pugh
Christopher Pugh - 7 dager siden
most wins ever
Scoonertuna - 7 dager siden
I am convinced that Stan Lee was always meant to be Old Man Captain America...
Shawn Kroll
Shawn Kroll - 8 dager siden
There are few things I liked about this movie. Little things that is. The handoff to Sam was appropriate. He was a veteran and he did everything Captain did including you would stand by his beliefs. The quote you're a good man Sam is the hint because it's what the doctor told Steve. It was never about the super serum it was about remaining a good man. The second is Doctor Strange said if you had to choose between someone's life and the time Stone he would choose the time Stone but if you look back he turned it over so Tony could live. Very big foreshadowing. The last thing I noticed after watching a few times it's a quote that Tony said. He said did I tell you guys I want to build a suit of armor around the world. And if you think about it Tony Stark was Iron Man and it was a suit of armor. So in the end even though it was Tony sacrifice he was the armor around the world.
Notsuoh - 9 dager siden
haha win count go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Maciej Wiśniewski
Maciej Wiśniewski - 9 dager siden
3000 WINS!!!!!
Ian B
Ian B - 9 dager siden
i got teary when nat died and the movie is perfection in every way
no one is perfect you can believe it or not that is the truth and you will never be perfect no madder how hard you try unless you repent and confess your sins to GOD and believe that he died to save you from your sins
what i just said is the truth dislike it like it i don't care but my prayer is that you will believe in what i believe in
Lucas Lycan
Lucas Lycan - 9 dager siden
I think I saw something confirming Wong as Noobmaster
xd ZwanzwaN
xd ZwanzwaN - 10 dager siden
3000 lbs is 1.5 tons, *tons*, you dont say 1.5 ton.
Corey Geer
Corey Geer - 10 dager siden
neshapink17 - 11 dager siden
I cried way more than I wanted to just watching these videos.
FNaFPlayz YT
FNaFPlayz YT - 12 dager siden
when you thought 2 parts weren't enough.
Joran Van der neut
Joran Van der neut - 13 dager siden
A few months later: everything great about avengers endgame, part 209738
Azedenkae Echevien
Azedenkae Echevien - 15 dager siden
I'm not crying. YOU ARE.
*Goes into corner*
Gavin Lepley
Gavin Lepley - 15 dager siden
It's funny how when I watched the Infinity War video, I was like, "Wow! 300 wins!"
This win counter is considerably more...
Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim - 16 dager siden
This is one hell of a channel
I hate you YouTube how'd you hide this from me this long.
Farhan Jiyavudeen
Farhan Jiyavudeen - 17 dager siden
RDJ is acting for Black Widow, if you didn't know!
John White
John White - 18 dager siden
Cap should still be young. The Super Soilder formula made him age very slowly.
Ikajo - 6 dager siden
He is nearly 200 at the end of the movie...
Shane Rasmussen
Shane Rasmussen - 18 dager siden
My interpretation of the "I love you 3000" line.
Tony said "I love you tons"
Morgan said "I love you 3000 (tons)" not pounds.
Lol, forgot I made almost the same comment 9 months ago, ah well, I'll leave them both up.
Jake - 20 dager siden
Did you know the theme of when tony gets the stones from thanos is the same song when tony sacrificed himself sending the nuke to the mother ship
Bear Rider
Bear Rider - 20 dager siden
Im not saying that Endgame has the highest win score of all the videos he made, but it has the highest ever score.
Jayden Stafford
Jayden Stafford - 21 dag siden
I think this is the highest win movie ever
TGI- REX - 22 dager siden
Wait one question why couldn’t Thanos or Tony snap away COVID-19??
BootySnatcher 420
BootySnatcher 420 - 22 dager siden
I actually think Thor could’ve survived the snap, however when Tony says your in no state (or whatever he says) it’s bc he’s at such a low that he’s not thinking clearly and would mess up the snap. Which is why he tells Hulk to stop when he sees Banner’s in pain. If it were Infinity War Thor or even Dark World Thor, I feel he wouldve been successful and survived. I do think that if Thor would’ve used the gauntlet, it would’ve been a nice way to introduce his Asgardian Destroyer arm he gets as King Thor. (Since Gorr is confirmed to be the next Thor villain and that story uses King Thor)
Nate - 22 dager siden
I'm sobbing at that ending.
Sam Tellefsen
Sam Tellefsen - 23 dager siden
Sentence should have been “the sacrifice play” because that’s what tony did in the end of it all.
Skyler Gamer
Skyler Gamer - 25 dager siden
Me knowing I'll still cry watching: guess I'll cry
Andrew Pogue
Andrew Pogue - 25 dager siden
I think reliving this movie, made me cry much harder than i did in the theater. How you did this with out crying.
HDyn0mite - 25 dager siden
If you think about it really good enough you will realize they accidentally made a way for immortality what im saying is when scott went into the time machine and came out as a kid and said guys somthing doesnt feel right that means they can literally send cap america into that and make him younger again
HDyn0mite - 25 dager siden
and the fact that ant man said somthing doesnt feel right means that he remembered all that he did when he was older
TheLararms09 - 25 dager siden
Seriously. So many moments that I will always tear up to.
Usama H
Usama H - 25 dager siden
I always thought the scene where tony gives Cap his arc-heart, it meant that Cap has his whole heart
Kenneth Rodriguez
Kenneth Rodriguez - 27 dager siden
WHYYYYYY!!! Why did you have to make the counter 3000, you monster? :_(
Morkdrage - 28 dager siden
About Cap'n being back as an old man... I believe he has a time-travel watch thingy with him. He wouldn't even need it if he just waited there, so surely he came back through some AU travel machine or something. Less showy, but works well and leaves it open for theories.
Michael Garner
Michael Garner - 29 dager siden
This movie was one of the biggest and best projects in movie history. There is no way to easily top off years of build up and world building through multiple independent and team movies. All the dots connect and as the MCU progresses it will just get better and better
John Beran
John Beran - 29 dager siden
You're definitely right about the depression and similar things. I've dealt with it and still deal with it from time to time. I had moments when I was young that felt like I was alone or like everything I had worked for was pull out from under me. I ended up finding some new purposes, and new ways to change and work with it.
I was an athlete who had to have knee surgery, right before my last season. But instead of just wallowing in anger at what lost, I tried to focus elsewhere on growing. Tried to earn an engineering degree in college, but shifted to archaeology when I found what I really enjoyed. Ended up on excavations around the world. And gained new friends along the way who helped as well with both sympathetic/empathetic talks and tough love when I needed to snap out of some problems.
Ikajo - 6 dager siden
Comfort eating is also not that weird, same with being unable to make yourself do anything.
bone dragon
bone dragon - 29 dager siden
That's nice it got 3000 wins now I'm thinking of Tony
woodrobin - Måned siden
Thor still talks to Frigga. Rocket still steals the Aether/Reality Stone. Cap puts it back right after. Cap puts the Tesseract back in the SHIELD vault. He gets the Time Stone back to the Ancient One and the Mind Stone back into the scepter (somehow). He returns the Power Stone to the crypt and (I'm not sure how) gets the Soul Stone back to Vormir. Nothing that happens before the "Time Heist" gets undone.
Justin Urban
Justin Urban - Måned siden
I still cry at 3000
Aditya Pareek
Aditya Pareek - Måned siden
In all 3 videos.. the win counter was extremely satisfactory! #3000
Evan - Måned siden
Apparently Thor was supposed to slim down for the final showdown of Endgame but Hemsworth said they should keep the fatsuit and overcome it in it's own dedicated arc later on rather than just wishing away the fat. That's probably why people were a little peeved by the arc because it doesn't deliver a proper recovery and apart from minor glimpses they aren't nearly enough to tackle the issue so I think Hemsworth insisting on keeping the fatsuit was the best call objectively because if Thor just slimmed down when he called Stormbreaker and Mjolnir that would have rubbed people EVEN worse. We'll have to see how most likely Thor Love and Thunder will deal with it to reserve judgement on the arc because the arc isn't complete but it's not exactly in an easy spot to wrap it up so they could still ruin it 100%.
Ikajo - 6 dager siden
Also, being fat is not the same as being weak. People can be both.
Wombat - Måned siden
When the counter was rolling around 1800 I already knew where it would end up. He clearly loves this movie 3000.
no-name-mfs get-out
no-name-mfs get-out - Måned siden
I honestly prefer Infinity War over Endgame, but god, Endgame is very very very very very good as a conclusion, almost a perfect conclusion
Lorcan Sumabong
Lorcan Sumabong - Måned siden
Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.
Sellout - Måned siden
Yep, still crying about endgame. Yep, got another headache over endgame.
Hervé Moinet
Hervé Moinet - Måned siden
You put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye with the 3000 count.
F you with all my respect and have a nice day :)
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin - Måned siden
I just want to talk about tony's heroic journey of life for a second, so here I go.
*_- Anthony Edward Stark, the man who started and finished it. Who's heartbreaking and heartwarming death will echo through our hearts for eternity, will never be forgotten. He was the spark that lit the fire of Marvel and what has fans around the world speechless. You, tony. You are everything we needed. Your greatest super-power wasn't your suit of armor, your genius IQ, but your huge heart. You have helped us grow as people, and that is what is what makes you you! Thank you Tony, for everything._*
chezzy g
chezzy g - Måned siden
Just rewatched endgame....if there's ever a time I don't thrill at all of the avengers assembling...just assume I'm a scroll...or my twin sister...or dead inside yup dead inside.
Sharp Shark
Sharp Shark - Måned siden
Is this the highest winned movie
Neil070 - Måned siden
The CGI was brilliant, but Rocket was "realistic"? If you know a talking bipedal racoon, I'll let you have that one..... 😉
Joshua Ortega
Joshua Ortega - Måned siden
The comedy is real. Some people do use humor to cover for pain. Thor is making jokes which makes it easier to make jokes with him. I know because I've done that on both sides. I'm not saying it's always right but I'm saying it's real. Humor can be a defense mechanism.
Azazreal - Måned siden
If you listen to Professor Hulk during his snap you can actually hear two different screams of pain similar to Infinity War when he was refusing to come out.
Bli7s _
Bli7s _ - Måned siden
When I realized he was trying to get 3000 wins I was like 🥺
Tai Perez
Tai Perez - Måned siden
A part of me wishes that Thanos was kept alive so he could see his past self falling.
I guess kind of a small consequence of revenge
Aidan Faris Kamal Bahrin
Aidan Faris Kamal Bahrin - Måned siden
Nam! No rim a ‘I’
Taldren - Måned siden
They had to make Thor fat because they wouldn't need Captain Marvel. Thor could take Thanos himself, Wanda could take Thanos herself, and no one needed the forced darling Captain Marvel for anything if those two teamed up.
Rachel Pruitt
Rachel Pruitt - Måned siden
And now I'm sobbing....
Carstuff111 - Måned siden
I still can not believe, even now, this still manages to bring tears to my eyes. I am not the biggest fan of most of the MCU movies, but, this movie, was pretty damned epic, just such a surprise to me.
CJ Flynn
CJ Flynn - Måned siden
I can't lie, as soon as that counter hit 3000 I got chills all throughout my body. Man this movie is truly amazing
Irem Kucuk
Irem Kucuk - Måned siden
When the win count slowed down I was like: he wouldn’t dare
Then it stopped: NSJEDJDHJKSLS
Yoohoo - Måned siden
It's been so long and I still cry
Krazyguy75 - Måned siden
For the Cap time paradox, personally I just think it's that the core Avengers universe operates as the 1 in 196,000,000,000,000 chance that the universe where Cap stayed with Peggy is also one where the Avengers win. So that Cap is actually from a timeline split where Cap didn't reunite with Peggy, but otherwise events proceed exactly the same. Our universe's Cap is statistically dead in an alternate timeline where Thanos won.
PyxisDiv - Måned siden
I still can't believe this movie was made more than a year ago. It feels like it came out yesterday... since it's so well made the feelings when watching it the first time never go away.
The Awesome Ninja
The Awesome Ninja - Måned siden
I'm pretty sure that Steve spoke to Bucky at some point after the battle about settling down with Peggy, cause as soon as Steve doesn't show up, Bucky is walking away, he says bye to Steve without "see you soon" (pretty much what Sam said) and he tells Sam to go speak to him. So he was pretty sure that Steve would go settle down, especially as Steve and Bucky are still best friends.
Devin White
Devin White - Måned siden
3000 wins
KyZe NickX
KyZe NickX - Måned siden
that's a lot of wins
Gibson - Måned siden
17:40 you did this on purpose didnt you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tien Nguyen
Tien Nguyen - Måned siden
If Loki was confirmed to be Noobmaster69, still trolling Thor, I would laugh SO HARD.
You4medc - Måned siden
Is this a low win count?
Lady Dragon
Lady Dragon - Måned siden
ohhh i see what you did there 3000 thousand great stuff
Orthus Games
Orthus Games - Måned siden
I don't care what other people may think, Endgame was the best movie ever in my eyes
Hee Choon Yeo
Hee Choon Yeo - Måned siden
Other movies: 100 plus wins
Endgame: *3000*
CRAZYCRAZYMAN75 - Måned siden
First movie was 3000 wins
CRAZYCRAZYMAN75 - Måned siden
Endgame is going to be remembered for years but it’s just so sad that we are missing all these characters well least they exist
Caput Mundi Noctis
Caput Mundi Noctis - Måned siden
Thanos. Best 'villian' ever. And i agree with you. He Won. Thor? I suffer depression and a PTSD. I never came up with the tought they joking on it.But like you said...Theres a Bad way to handle it like violence drugs selfhate beeing a asshole etc i tried it all , dont work .And there is another way
Ikajo - 6 dager siden
Poor mental health is rough
Bo - Måned siden
Taffari Duncan
Taffari Duncan - Måned siden
I...don’t get ANY of this
Michele Brennan
Michele Brennan - Måned siden
When the professor hulk snaps u can hear a faint hulk yell over banners yell
Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips - Måned siden
This is the best movie ever
Person9 - Måned siden
Aaron Phillips watch more movies
Slay4Revenge - Måned siden
Not to be "that guy" but I feel like "3000 wins" is not enough
BleEthan - Måned siden
I knew it was gonna stop at 3000.
Beige Ricaforte
Beige Ricaforte - Måned siden
i'm crying
Captainmine9 -Minecraft
Captainmine9 -Minecraft - Måned siden
Most wins?
VictoryVick - Måned siden
I think i know what time steve came back in time, when everyone came back there was some time where stark was creating the glove and then them trying on the glove. In that time the steve that went back in time to put all the stones back came back through that time machine and walked away before the place was bombed. And like he said, he would’ve came back to 2024 after peggy died since there would be nothing left to do. Also old steve might’ve achdentaly met young Bucky and thats why bucky knew he wasn’t coming back in that moment
Matthew Strickland
Matthew Strickland - Måned siden
Cap's theme from The First Avenger was played when he lifted Mjolnir
avsthvtic - Måned siden
I need to stop watching Endgame stuff when I'm tired, I just cry every time
Theodore Liu
Theodore Liu - Måned siden
Don't trust MatPat. He is not a fortune teller, but watch his videos either way
Roses215 N
Roses215 N - Måned siden
Totally thought you were gonna point this out, but the only time Spiderman calls Tony Stark “tony” is as he’s being taken away by Rhodey as tony is dying
Tammy T
Tammy T - Måned siden
Wow he's really being loose with that win counter... we're over 2,000... wait... no. No.
Saatchy - Måned siden
Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman, you will be greatly missed.
Dr. Ordinary
Dr. Ordinary - Måned siden
Im not crying.....its just...just....uhh the airs spicy
Kezia Rhodes
Kezia Rhodes - Måned siden
I've watched this video several times, and I every time the 3000 wins surprises me, warms my heart, and brings me to tears
Roy Leatherby
Roy Leatherby - 2 måneder siden
Win counter crawls slowly to 3000 gets me teary eyed....
Morgan Wenninger
Morgan Wenninger - 2 måneder siden
When I see Thor this way it makes me think of Mordecai when he went to dumptown
Nevar - 2 måneder siden
I only have one question when cap comes back old after living out his life couldn’t prof hulk push time through cap like with Scott effectively making him the same age and strength so he could still fight if he wants
Karis Beineke
Karis Beineke - 2 måneder siden
I love it. All three videos. Perfect and so emotional. Nothing more to say.