Everything GREAT About Avengers: Endgame! (Part 2)

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Avengers Endgame Part 2! Which is Infinity War Part 4 or something. Since this movie isn't cinema I've decided to change my channel name to ThemeParkWins. What's wrong with that? Hope you'll still watch! Here's everything right with Avengers Endgame Part 2!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 21:35


Rohan Saikia
Rohan Saikia - Dag siden
It would've been poetic if the win counter was 3000
Disney fan 4ever
Disney fan 4ever - Dag siden
When cap says Avvenngers ... Assemble I get goosebumps every fucking time it's the best scene (tied with the scene before) in the entire 3 hour movie 😃😃😃😃😃
stu001 - 3 dager siden
Tears for pretty much half this breakdown.
I love that you went with the all action woman scene being about Nat - I completely agree and at the time felt it was a tribute to her sacrifice.
WEIRD CHAMP - 3 dager siden
Fucking weirdo
mega memer
mega memer - 3 dager siden
I’m not sobbing you are
Thetruepianoman - 3 dager siden
I know it's a small detail but I actually think the reason for doctor hands shaking is because of the reconstructive surgery. They shake all throughout the film and I think it's showing that unlike wheelchair/basketball dude, rather than channel his magic to steady his hands he has accepted that he has worth outside of the precision of his hands. Really shows this characters growth 15:30
Grady Heath
Grady Heath - 5 dager siden
17:53 His head disappears for a second
Molly Grimaldi
Molly Grimaldi - 5 dager siden
not me crying over a review 😭
Adrian Rodríguez
Adrian Rodríguez - 5 dager siden
I still don't like the "I am Iron Man" here. He should have said "I am an avenger" to indicate he was part of something bigger than himself.
Kahlil Clark
Kahlil Clark - 6 dager siden
What about quicksilver
pyrosianheir - 7 dager siden
The emotions of seeing that final battle for the first time - from the portals, to Peter and Tony's reunion... to Tony... - just hit like a TRUCK during this. Man, I didn't expect it to hit so hard this time.
Nicklas Thulesen
Nicklas Thulesen - 8 dager siden
to this day youre still the only one who has said anything good about the "girls get it done" scene - but you do you man.
RadStaz - 8 dager siden
15:31 i'm pretty sure this was a sign of doctor strange's hands not being 100% healed. In doctor strange, he injured his hands and was told he couldn't heal them, not allowing them to function normally. it's a really cool acting choice by benedict cumberbatch.
Ikajo - 6 dager siden
I think it is also comic book canon
RG Roblox
RG Roblox - 9 dager siden
Never thought I would ever hear thanks say "Jelly"
Maciej Wiśniewski
Maciej Wiśniewski - 9 dager siden
10:18 CinemaWins.exe has stopped working. XD
Cronavirus 2
Cronavirus 2 - 9 dager siden
there needed to be waaaay more wins in this movie, but this is ok
BendyRiper11 - 10 dager siden
Who would have thought that this would have more wins than Wall-E and Spiderman-Into the spider verse combined?
Venom - 10 dager siden
William Teskey
William Teskey - 11 dager siden
Am I the only person who relishes that Hawkeye loves both Natasha and lura (his wife)
CT-1267 - 11 dager siden
Thanos once said "I know what it's like to lose. Turns the legs to jelly."
Anne White
Anne White - 11 dager siden
The win counter be like reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Marco Landtved
Marco Landtved - 11 dager siden
Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman
GasMaskGamer - 11 dager siden
German friend had to say this about liebchen. “Liebchen come from Liebe which means Love but here it is like a nickname u call someone. I would say ‘lovely’.”
TitaniumSoldier - 11 dager siden
at 17:53 did his hair have an error?
pocket sized lucifer
pocket sized lucifer - 12 dager siden
First time watching this movie I 1.cried when Spider-Man entered the scene and 2.screamed “mom squad” when all the female avengers teamed up to protect Spider-Man
Random Sci-fi Adventures
Random Sci-fi Adventures - 12 dager siden
RenBeatz - 13 dager siden
Leibchen English translations:
A person who is very dear to another. Aka, a loved one.
Vihanga Gunasekara
Vihanga Gunasekara - 13 dager siden
I swear the win counter should have ended on 'infinity'
Emil Palmer
Emil Palmer - 13 dager siden
Does anyone else think that old cap looks like Joe Biden, or is it just me?
markpwebb - 13 dager siden
Jess - 14 dager siden
I feel really bad for strange, he knew about everything that was going to happen before it even happened, and he has to make sure everything thing goes the way it needs to in order to win. Major respect *ding*
Jess - 14 dager siden
Mate got so excited he added possibly more than 100 sins when tony, Thor and cap was fighting against thanos. I was scared to see how excited he would get for the even better battle
Gak R
Gak R - 15 dager siden
Tbh The only part of I didn’t like about the movie was the time traveling part I just hate time travel plot in movies
Shannon Murphy
Shannon Murphy - 17 dager siden
Did anyone notice that miek was there!
Nate Skeans
Nate Skeans - 17 dager siden
his speech about nat made me tear up deadass
Rodney AK-81
Rodney AK-81 - 18 dager siden
The song played when Steve and Peggy dance is also played in Steves apartment when he finds Nick Fury waiting for him in Captain America: Winter Soldier
Justin Park
Justin Park - 18 dager siden
Shouldve just. Timestoned tony back.
Ben Parker
Ben Parker - 18 dager siden
I'm still torn over the death of Tony. He's the first character I really enjoyed and over the years he got better and better until the end
Jam Bro
Jam Bro - 18 dager siden
Like it or not, goodness exists on a scale of merit. Some of us really
don't deserve even a bit of it, and we deserve everything bad that
happens to us.
Addison Moore
Addison Moore - 20 dager siden
I would like to say, when Hawkeye shots his arrow to stop Nat from jumping off of vormir, it’s the first arrow he had shot since his family died (as far as we know) and shot it to save someone he views as family. That’s a big step for him to take.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
Addison Moore
Addison Moore - 9 dager siden
Forgot I even watched it.
Addison Moore
Addison Moore - 9 dager siden
I would also like to point out I found it out in the last episode of this three parter. Oops.
Nun Ya
Nun Ya - 21 dag siden
So, I don't think they have raccoons in Europe/Scandinavia? I think that's why they assume it's a rabbit.
Everything Animated
Everything Animated - 22 dager siden
The German translation for liebchhen is sweetheart
Israel George korobu
Israel George korobu - 22 dager siden
You know there is something we missed at 17:53
Look at hawkeye hair
MrDyran21 - 22 dager siden
I didn't notice Caps wrist was slit open when he strapped his shield one last time 0-0
Primystery - 23 dager siden
6:41 I remember my friend (boy) screamed at this scene lmao
donbrea - 23 dager siden
Raccoons are from America. That's why in Asgard they didn't know what it was.
nspeedy822 Gamer
nspeedy822 Gamer - 23 dager siden
this movie will always give me chills
Khaled Mahamed BOUACHAT
Khaled Mahamed BOUACHAT - 23 dager siden
11:04 it feels slow-mo though because of Giant-man movements, it's epic
YF21_Septic - 24 dager siden
Who else screamed when Cap picked up Thor’s hammer? ( not attempting to spell it )
Carson M
Carson M - 24 dager siden
Is this the most wins a movie has ever gotten?
Retcon Air
Retcon Air - 24 dager siden
Love this breakdown, amigo.
Oustanding work.
Luke Des
Luke Des - 25 dager siden
The amount of chills!
Le Epic Noob
Le Epic Noob - 25 dager siden
Aiden Covert
Aiden Covert - 25 dager siden
I'm still kind of upset that he didn't give his shield to Buck instead. Giving it to Bucky just feels way more right than Sam.
Paul Oboyle
Paul Oboyle - 25 dager siden
13:49 best still shot in movie. Cap holding mijnor as he watches ship explode. Beautiful
Rule34 Artist
Rule34 Artist - 26 dager siden
The inly reason I won’t like is because every, and I mean every time you see something funny you do that RETARDED fake laugh which irritates me.
ShlanGuy - 26 dager siden
Agh Im livid that they booted Chris Hemsworth from the role of Thor. What the hell?
ShlanGuy - 25 dager siden
Mr. Misinformed srry I mean: rojakdaily.com/entertainment/article/9858/chris-hemsworth-is-reportedly-not-happy-he-s-being-replaced-as-thor Also love the name
Mr. Misinformed
Mr. Misinformed - 25 dager siden
They didn’t..?
FuriousDestro - 26 dager siden
I remember during infinity war at the end I was close to tears but when Tony and Peter hugged thats when I finally crumbled
DataBase90 - 26 dager siden
I mean.. when Strange held up one finger glaring at Tony, was I the only one who thought.. "Just take one." But nooo, greedy Tony took all the stones =p
Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez - 27 dager siden
That assemble scene is so beautiful, I cry every time!
JustCallMeKopi - 27 dager siden
You know what!? I just realized that Captain America showing up to give the shield to Sam contradicts the theory of time travel they brought up at the beginning. He went to live in the other timeline, therefore an old Captain America would not be living in the timeline he left.
Evan the Lemon
Evan the Lemon - 28 dager siden
I know way they could’ve made Iron man surveyed just make Ant-man shrink down tomorrow to get into Thanos his brain then make Ant-man expand Thanos his brain will explode
lucky5th - 28 dager siden
I was going to make a correction about one of your wins and how it was wrong and I was going to do it in a sarcastic way. But then I realized that this is supposed to be a happy channel. So I'll just hit the thumb up and move along
Vladimir Diaz
Vladimir Diaz - 28 dager siden
add a win for iron mans new armour because its based off of the old comics
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber - 28 dager siden
True Cap moment, he's standing on a desolated waste land, alone, facing off an army lead by the guy who just broke his shield, something even the Norse God of Thunder failed to do, and he's still ready to fight.
Jennifer Alvarez
Jennifer Alvarez - 29 dager siden
my type
Steven Bailey
Steven Bailey - 29 dager siden
15:32 dr strange hand isnt shaking because of magic. Its shaking because if his surgery from the car accident
jonmel - 29 dager siden
Didn’t realise Howard the duck was there
Zan D. Ardiansyah
Zan D. Ardiansyah - Måned siden
8:39 this is such a small detail but i will say it, you can clearly see thor aimed thanos's head in both of his attacks showing that he learned from his mistakes
Batmu 88
Batmu 88 - Måned siden
13:45 that is not a pegasus. I forget what they are called, but in norse myth the Valkerie have their own winged horses. Pegasus is from greek/roman myth
Jacob Parker
Jacob Parker - 29 dager siden
Nice notation, I am a Greek pagan and I didn't even think about that
CXPR FUSION - Måned siden
Love it
Lokitty Pawfenson
Lokitty Pawfenson - Måned siden
My biggest issues with the cap grabbing the hammer is that yes he was worthy of the hammer but it’s specifically said that Thor’s power of wielding lightning is not based in mjlnor when he thinks he nothing after hela breaks it, so there for I really don’t think Stevey should not have been able to Throw lightening
Gotogaming - Måned siden
9:07 Mario jump uppercut with mljnior
Brandon Zhang
Brandon Zhang - Måned siden
I like how at 10:59 Tony just looks at cap saying "AVENGERS" and tony is probably thinking in his head like "bro, honestly, just start fighting"
Kymani B
Kymani B - Måned siden
The endgame ost reminds of some bible verses
Brandon Zhang
Brandon Zhang - Måned siden
When thor called his hammer, Frigga said "It can take a while" meaning Frigga, as his mother, knew he was always worthy and always believed in him. I think that was a large part in Thor's recovery and that made thor realize that he should fight.
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - Måned siden
Loving relationship that I have I wish I was given the chance to sacrifice my life for it for them. Like I said I just want to do something good I am sore and I'm getting it hurts too much I just want to sacrifice my life for something good or someone worth it
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - Måned siden
I really wish we could talk there's someone I would rather talk to you but your second. You have a vast understanding of I don't see how I don't like to compare suffering but oh my God you don't know how much I suffered how much I've lost how much I can't get back there's no fixing me I always look for a way to do something good like he wanted to do with the gauntlet basically I am Thor from endgame my only superpower being loyaltybut I'm running out of people to be loyal to you mostly dying on me and the ones I would die for well I can't even talk about that I'm barely holding on I'm barely holding on with the use of incredible amounts of medications that would kill probably two dozen people it's just I think because my heart is good and I would gladly sacrifice myself for anyone I care about not just doing not just to do something good because I've seen your part of it but oh and then I was trying to find this missing person and he turned up dead and I just filled again and I'm dying here I don't know how you can relate to this stuff on as high a level as you have proven that you can but I need help there's not enough out there for me hopefully I will rest soon I'm not just going to throw in the towel if suffer too much. My mother's cancer is come back my whole family is dead almost all my Friends Are Dead I thought finding this person would be my redemption and he turns up that as well first and I was closest two on the internet miscommunication developed in we've lost a year's worth of building trust over I can't I can't I've taken 8 mg of Klonopin along with my normal that you don't want to know what I've taken but I can handle it easily it's barely preventing a panic attack God oh am I worth your friendship yes am I worthy of hammers maybe I don't know but I'm too far gone to rebuild things I'm broken and ways to can't be fixed please if there's any kind of situation Savoy's you can give me it needs speech on now and where are you holding on I go so so where are you holding on semi tenuous grip on the side of the metaphorical now I've lost my nails and my fingers are bleeding oh dear oh God this is too much I can't deal with it I have no choice but to deal with it but oh I wish I didn't have to I I'm sure there's people suffering as much rhinos no one is suffering anymore well I don't know that they say someone always has it worse I see why I have no idea oh God I need help
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin - Måned siden
15:38 5 SECONDS OF NON-STOP WIN COUNTER PINGS, almost like he just LOVED THIS SCENE SO FRICKEN MUCH he decided to make it go all the way up to *1280 WINS*
Lichen Mosswillow
Lichen Mosswillow - Måned siden
I have always loved the fact that Thanos was able to rest and the grateful universe was parallel to Tony (apparently Thanos and Tony is something called a foil) and I have to say the symmetry (I forget the technical term for this kind of symmetry) is beautiful they both even lost a child they really are two sides of the same coin.
Wesley D.C
Wesley D.C - Måned siden
14:46 i hate it that people hate that scene because im starting to hate it they say it seem force and also said they dont need to do that scene i want to love it but even women hate it that it makes me not want to love it
The Average Gamer
The Average Gamer - Måned siden
You know when Thor’s hammer hits Thanos? Yeah does anyone else get Luke Skywalker The Empire Strikes Back feels?
Holly Davidson
Holly Davidson - Måned siden
Something you didn't mention that I really really want to point out was in the scene where Natasha sacrifices herself, for a split moment when she and Hawkeye were fighting, we think they are fighting to see which one of them survives. and then we see that they were fighting because both of them couldn't stand to lose the other. That was always so poignant to me. Especially since Clint has a family. He has a wife. It, for once, depicts a friendship between a man and a woman that is strong and meaningful that isn't sexual.
The joker
The joker - Måned siden
Bucky should have gotten the shield. Also the 1st cinema wins to hit over 1,000
MrSadik - Måned siden
During the charge, I would have played the entire thing and kept the win counter going up the entire time. Such an incredible scene.
Kul3sjrgort - Måned siden
For those who don’t know “liebchen” is German for sweetheart.
ErickDoseThings - Måned siden
When tony stark meats his dad and he handshakes him his dad says shake it dont pull it thats how he won bc he shaked the infinty stons out of the gatlent insted of trying to pull the whole gantlent off
Daniel's Grandma
Daniel's Grandma - Måned siden
im honestly still confused about how iron man got the stones at the end
Daniel's Grandma
Daniel's Grandma - Måned siden
@Quillo Manar SFM ok?
Quillo Manar SFM
Quillo Manar SFM - Måned siden
If you watch carefully, he actually reaches around to grab them subtly, but the more important part is that the new Gauntlet is made of the same stuff as Tony's suit, so he just stole it by making the machines do a do.
ErickDoseThings - Måned siden
When thro got his hammer back i thought in my head what if 2012 thor idr the year but the old thor would be in a battle then his hammer just flies away then he loses the fight
Nick Botic
Nick Botic - Måned siden
"Something about a raging taxi aviator gang"
That's top notch criticism right there, my friend. Genuinely laughed out loud.
Tai Perez
Tai Perez - Måned siden
I’ve always wondered, since I didn’t watch The Dark world. How did no one notice that Mjolnr was missing in that movie? Since present Thor has two. One from the past.
ThePSNinjas - Måned siden
When the entire screening gives a signature a standing ovation, you know how much of an impact the character had.
Esteban Pineros
Esteban Pineros - Måned siden
I love that part where Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man are just standing looking at Thanos. It's the calm before the storm, and I love Thor's reaction, that voice dripping with pure hatred, at seeing the cause of his defeat and depression so calmly waiting to destroy everything again. It's the fury from seeing how little Thanos thinks of them, that the Mad Titan isn't even on guard. Love the confidence the Avengers show here as well, not talking about stalling him or distracting him, but about how Thanos is dead and he's not getting away a second time.
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - Måned siden
4:16 Also, small detail, the five characters are showing the five stages of grief. Thor is in denial, Hulk is OF COURSE, angry, Clint is bargaining, Cap is depressed, and Iron Man is accepting the reality that she's gone.
Charles Nottingham
Charles Nottingham - Måned siden
So last night I was watching Far From Home, and I thought, if Tony had all those killer missiles with the EDITH tech, why didn't he just say "Target Thanos" and he would die in max, 10 minutes.
WD Gaster.
WD Gaster. - Måned siden
NGL no matter how many times i watch this movie... I cry, and I cry hard, i dont want iron man to die... hes important to me, hes the one who kept me going through my life, to see RDJ's main role just go like that, its- its heartbreaking...
Shadman Bishal
Shadman Bishal - Måned siden
Who even can't love MCU, after this?
Just re watch the movie, Is it only a superhero movie?
It's something else....
Firestorm - Måned siden
Arraya's Adventure
Arraya's Adventure - Måned siden
How come the credits have all the avengers faces darken til’ the point you cant see
Cool202 Spilker
Cool202 Spilker - Måned siden
Every time I see cap pick up mjolnier ( Thor’s hammer) I get chills as well as avengers... assemble