Everything GREAT About Avengers: Endgame! (Part 1)

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Endgame! You've all seen it, you all loved it, let's celebrate it! Maybe you'll even see some things you missed. Here's everything right with Avengers: Endgame!
EGA Endgame (PART 2): y2u.be/DqxGm-h1v4M
EGA Endgame (PART 3): y2u.be/ih5ts1Kzglk
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Runtime: 16:46


Genos - 7 timer siden
In the theme for endgame your wrong theres less instruments half of them
Marissa A
Marissa A - Dag siden
Small point here - I also believe Thor says "I went for the head" because in Infinity War that's what Thanos tells him before he snaps: "You should've gone for the head."
Anomisk - 2 dager siden
Seeing Natasha with her red "roots" and blonde tips just make the whole scene at the beginning with Steve so much more heartbreaking. It's basically saying that she's losing much of the light in her life while the past is smeared with violence and death, which remains no matter how hard she tries to put a lid on it. If that makes any sense.
cyber thief
cyber thief - 3 dager siden
My theatre was crazy
Grady Heath
Grady Heath - 3 dager siden
5:27 I think that's black widow
Isaac Ollero
Isaac Ollero - 4 dager siden
A lot of people wanted the LGBT representation to be with one of our heroes. I'm gay, and I don't speak for everyone LGBT, but personally, just the fact that being LGBT is a special thing isn't what i want. We are just people, LGBT is something that should be nornalized. Like im down for a LGBT super, but im fine with just people being people.
Adrian Rodríguez
Adrian Rodríguez - 4 dager siden
A random rat saving the universe is a win?? A girl named after two men is a win???
Nightwalker973 - 4 dager siden
I cried, like ugly alligator tears at the death scene
Darin Singleton
Darin Singleton - 7 dager siden
Since I'm late by a little over a year .. did anyone end up mentioning that the composting page at 8:53 is from the GOOP website, which, in real life, is actually Gwenyth Paltrow's company?
THE HAROLD OF NECRON - 8 dager siden
So All this time that ancient one knew it was strange cuss hulk told her back in NYC??? 🤔 Makes more sence now she know that if she chosse another one the univers whuld have been chanced
Ikajo - 5 dager siden
She possessed the Time Stone. If Strange could see the future, so could she
drew6210 drew6210
drew6210 drew6210 - 9 dager siden
He finds out how many gotg wity Google
Nikhil: DoeSStuff
Nikhil: DoeSStuff - 10 dager siden
The music intro of Avengers Endgame was actually the same one in Infinity War title but half of the instruments are removed perfectly balanced as all things should be
FNaFPlayz YT
FNaFPlayz YT - 11 dager siden
Haha endgame go brrrrrrrrrr
PurpleCloudz - 12 dager siden
Yes. There’s three parts
Mel Free
Mel Free - 12 dager siden
I wish we still acknowledged the Nat/Bruce stuff from Ultron. It made both of them more interesting characters.
RathsBone96 - 14 dager siden
I like Professor Hulk.
shreyas ganesh
shreyas ganesh - 15 dager siden
"Never thought I'd miss a baddies theme"
*Cries in OG Imperial March*
T N Meem
T N Meem - 15 dager siden
I watched this movie multiple times and I gotta say, even if you miss just one of the movies prior to this, it's not as entertaining. Don't get me wrong, this is absolutely my favourite movie and it definitely stands on its own. But when I watched it for the first time, I hadn't seen Guardians 2 and both Ant Man movies and so I didn't really understand some of the development. But once I went back and rewatched all the movies before it, I found that it was in fact more entertaining. Nothing was ruined for me. It didn't matter that I knew the ending.
Fabian Lorenzo
Fabian Lorenzo - 16 dager siden
Win counter on Captain Marvel, that's a hard dislike. Feels so forced.
Wesley D.C
Wesley D.C - 16 dager siden
Is it weird that i keep rewatching this video
s knut
s knut - 17 dager siden
Hulk:listen to your mom
kids:but your not my mom
uosdwiSrdewoH - 19 dager siden
ScarJo is finally given something to play and she makes the most of it. Easily the best performance she's given as Black Widow. Whenever her solo film comes out (currently scheduled the day before my birthday next year so i'll be counting that down) I am super looking forward to seeing it.
uosdwiSrdewoH - 19 dager siden
I love Nebula so much in this and Karen Gillan's performance is spot on. It might just be me but there's something going on in that first scene between Stark and Nebula. During her own movies she speaks like any regular person. In this bit her reaction to winning and talking in short, simple sentences makes me think we're seeing her through Tony's eyes.
Austin Kloud
Austin Kloud - 19 dager siden
I have been rewatching these films since the coof lockdown and GoTG 1and2, Ragnorok, infinity war and endgame- Great films tied together. I love these 5 films
Cubical gamer
Cubical gamer - 20 dager siden
Of course this is a multi-parted video.
Richie Dirubbo
Richie Dirubbo - 21 dag siden
tony: time travel is impossible
Thanos and strange: not from what we know
everyone in the audience: not in this reality
Ethan Seaney
Ethan Seaney - 22 dager siden
If you look ever so close, when all the avengers fists go in the circle, you can see Rockets little arm stick up! Great Detail!
Ian Rastall
Ian Rastall - 22 dager siden
The book you point to, that the security guard is reading? That security guard is Ken Jeong. I feel like that's always gone unnoticed.
The Marauder53
The Marauder53 - 23 dager siden
11:38 is officially the comedic high for me
Ryan Snell
Ryan Snell - 25 dager siden
PH5121 - 27 dager siden
No Win for the first scene with Tony and Nebula, especially since her entire backstory was about how she wanted to "win"(thanks to the eventual pain and suffering she went through thanks to Gamora's victories over her?) Just her surprised reaction to finding out she won is just so great to me.
The Heavy
The Heavy - 27 dager siden
7:40 .... true ... it was a logical solution to make smart hulk .... but there are some people who still argue that hulk must be angry ...... come on ... russos and the writers did a great job.
Sam Retana
Sam Retana - 28 dager siden
Can we all agree that the rat who saved ant man is the real hero
Snigi Jannat
Snigi Jannat - 28 dager siden
Now it feels like covid was thanos's backup plan to wipe off people .
Van Perez-Stable
Van Perez-Stable - 29 dager siden
I want to point out that between all three videos, you spend just shy of an hour talking about a three hour long movie. Just to be clear, I mean that as a compliment
52O subs before 2021?
52O subs before 2021? - 29 dager siden
YouTube getting really comfortable with these double unskippable ads
MadMofo123 - 26 dager siden
Click I
Stella Meyers
Stella Meyers - 29 dager siden
I saw “part 1” in the title and I was like ooh this is gonna be good
Lokitty Pawfenson
Lokitty Pawfenson - Måned siden
Seb was in hot tub time machine which means there is someone who looks just like Bucky in the mcu I would like to see a movie night where they watch hot tub time and everyone just looks at buck
Paul Kneidel
Paul Kneidel - Måned siden
Love how CinemaSins was one 25 minutes vid while cinema wins is 3 16-25 minutes vids
Roze Helm
Roze Helm - Måned siden
I just hope to see kate bishop In another movie or iron lad
Martin Paul Natad
Martin Paul Natad - Måned siden
i just realized black widow was dead for the whole movie :(
Terrific Taco’s
Terrific Taco’s - Måned siden
I teared up when thor just had a mental breakdown in front of rocket. Hes been through so much from losing his entire family to letting down half of the universe (in his perspective). Its just so sad to see him in such a depressed state.
Micheal reeves’s Butler
Micheal reeves’s Butler - Måned siden
Hulk got the banner beaten into him
Lichen Mosswillow
Lichen Mosswillow - Måned siden
just my thoughts while watching this.
I think groot can't regrow from thor's handle simply because the wood is dead after being in contact with metal at thousands of degrees. I thought black widows hair turned blonde due to sun bleaching.
Broderick Walters
Broderick Walters - Måned siden
Bright Burn Reference when Scott turns into a kid
Hologram - Måned siden
judge me, okay okay

hawkeye is my favorite avenger
MikeyTheReaper - Måned siden
They dove into nats head before. People got mad about it
Neil070 - Måned siden
Regarding Banner's time paradox "explanation". If you travel to the past, that past becomes your present. Banner says your former present becomes the past. Wtf? It becomes your future. I've listened to the dialogue over and over. It makes zero sense. "Your past can't be changed by your new future". Who said it could be? It would be changed by your "old" future, that's where you're coming back from! As a lover of Doctor Who for over half a century, I agree with Star Trek Voyager's Captain Janeway. Temporal paradoxes give me a headache.
Also the multiverse isn't an invention of Marvel writers as a deus ex machina (see what I did there?) It's a legitimate and widely accepted theory in quantum physics. Every decision, action, or occurance creates a new "universe" or timeline.
The Ancient One implies that the "original" timeline will cease to exist, but that is not, as I understand it (!) the case.
Having said all that, my physics teacher once said "I needed my head read", because my work was poor. Bad teacher! I was reading books on black holes at home 🤓 and we seemed to do experiments with water making ripples endlessly at school....
AK2020 - Måned siden
The video should just say “ Endgame exists” boom you have a valid reason
Alextricity - Måned siden
SHIT. You missed that part
Leslie Rae
Leslie Rae - Måned siden
Paul Rudd was the most pivotal character in this entire film. Legit, Antman saved the entire fucking universe.
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - Måned siden
2:43 Actually, the beautiful thing about the opening theme is that it's missing HALF the orchestra. As far as I can hear, there are NO strings involved in the title card sound.
Sohrab Chegini
Sohrab Chegini - Måned siden
professor hulk has clearly not seen dark
RedWhite& Blue
RedWhite& Blue - Måned siden
10:02 69
sue angella
sue angella - Måned siden
Shaun Devine
Shaun Devine - Måned siden
The Alchemist
The Alchemist - Måned siden
The thing is, the hulk didn't merge with Bruce entirely.
The Hulk and Bruce are two separate entities. Hulk was born by Bruce having an imaginary friend due to his schizophrenia when Banner got exposed to the gamma rays.
The Hulk is the result of the abnormality in Bruce's head mixed with gamma rays.
Pure Playz
Pure Playz - Måned siden
Everythings great
Tenoki - Måned siden
personally i love that cap doesn't mind a guy that's gay. he's so amazing
Yoloolpyo_1k72 YT
Yoloolpyo_1k72 YT - Måned siden
0:43 haha, light dusting. +1 sin
Shady nour547
Shady nour547 - Måned siden
everything good with endgame watch the whole film
Lindsay Duet
Lindsay Duet - Måned siden
I like Dark World for two reasons and two reasons only: Loki and Darcy
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson - Måned siden
Aldo Carswell
Aldo Carswell - Måned siden
Okay it’s been almost year, and I think I just realised, when Tony flips the möbius strip, he gets that idea from the picture of him and Peter, where they are holding an upside down diploma. Mind Blown, btw no, i’m still not over it.
skygirlBAJ - Måned siden
One thing I noticed that I really like is when Tony comforts Strange after he comes back from his 14,000,605 future visions. Tony reassures Strange that he's back in the present because with PTSD, he's probably also spent many nightmares back in the cave in Afghanistan and the Battle of New York and probably has woken up a lot not knowing if he was back in reality or not. He didn't even know what Strange was doing but could understand Strange had lost touch with their reality for a moment and Tony understands that all to well and gave Strange what had helped him during those nights. Reassuring him that yes, he was back. He was safe. (For the moment at least). I think it was a beautiful underappreciated moment for Tony's character.
live stream gaming
live stream gaming - Måned siden
Still watching 2020. But at 7:11 that mask goes from movie prop to walmart toy. 8:26 the certificate is upside down
Marshmallow Vlogs
Marshmallow Vlogs - Måned siden
I love how Tony never gets too dramatic at moments where he could die, he just accepts it and I like that that about him.
Sivu M
Sivu M - Måned siden
Woah 3 parts for Endgame 🔥🔥🔥
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber - Måned siden
My problem with the Five Years Later card is that, society's recovered, the infrastructure's back up, the they just double the population. Surely it would go back to immediately post snap but instead it's doubled, not halfed. Also I hate that Drax didn't get to do anything about Thanos. Also Cap Marvel just disappears for most of the movie when Infinity War implied she would fix everything, she did very little in the movie and most of what she could've done was filled by Ant-Man. Also, the Professor Hulk explanation was off-screen so I don't like that. Also fat Thor.
It might sound like I hate this movie, but I actually really like it. It's a great, if flawed movie, though I do prefer Infinity War.
s s
s s - Måned siden
yeah The real hero in this movie was the rat!
Chris Nesbitt
Chris Nesbitt - Måned siden
Tiny Guy is my favourite Avenger...
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun - Måned siden
YFW when Black Panther got snapped again.
Francis Andrew Alincastre
Francis Andrew Alincastre - Måned siden
The scene between Banner and the Ancient One is my favorite in the Endgame, and your explanation regarding Strange sending a coded message thru time and space made it just more awesome.
unique clone
unique clone - Måned siden
I didnt even notice about the marvel logo thing until now! Wtffff
Gaming Tk543
Gaming Tk543 - Måned siden
11:45 where’s cable he will do it
Anikinsgamer - Måned siden
Something I've been thinking about is that if peter parker actually became iron man, we could also have the miles morales timeline because in his own eyes, peter parker is dead. The pter parker that was Spiderman would be dead and he would become peter parker, ceo of stark industries. So we would get good in all worlds, though peter knows that he can't fill Tony's shoes so I don't think this will happen, but if it did we would get amazing new stories and new characters.
Andrew Brisson
Andrew Brisson - Måned siden
Ive watched every other movie exept for dark world
Ψ Noxy -α-
Ψ Noxy -α- - Måned siden
Removing the black panther scratches

Now that hits different
_. - Måned siden
I just wanted to comment the same thing😪
Anush Gaming
Anush Gaming - Måned siden
Can u tell what was not great in avengers endgame?😒😏
Anush Gaming
Anush Gaming - Måned siden
@Person9 😧😧😳I think so this is the first Mcu movie u have seen. That's why u didn't get anything. Or u r a DC fan.
Person9 - Måned siden
This movie is fucking trash
Anush Gaming
Anush Gaming - Måned siden
@Chappie En zijn vriendjes ok then it's ur point of view. But for me it was a once in a lifetime event.
Chappie En zijn vriendjes
Chappie En zijn vriendjes - Måned siden
Anush Gaming I’ll admit it was a good movie, but I still refuse to watch it because it feels like a cashgrab
Butterpony100 :3
Butterpony100 :3 - Måned siden
Don’t mind me just silently drying my tears while watching this cause I just rewatched endgame and now am feeling emotionally and mentally T R A S H E D
Noah DeLorenzo
Noah DeLorenzo - Måned siden
CinemaWins when he sees any actor: 9:41
Jakub Bláha
Jakub Bláha - Måned siden
I dont understand why everyone acts like the whole world died...its "only" 50%, New York would still be 5mil ppl, California 20mil, they make it look like 99% population is gone. That football stadium would still be filled, snapping 50% puts USA into like...1940s level of population. Everything would still be as lively as pre-snap.
DragonActive - Måned siden
Spontaneous Combustion
Spontaneous Combustion - Måned siden
RIP Chadwick Boseman
Neddy Jeffs
Neddy Jeffs - Måned siden
I am so sad about Chadwick I couldn’t watch the Sins version of this I have to watch the good one
Deadbeatmotion - Måned siden
Anyone here after the death of Chadwick boseman and just wanted to see his last role
Saatchy - Måned siden
Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman, you will be greatly missed.
Jodie G
Jodie G - Måned siden
A lot of people missed that this guy in the therapy group was MCU's first gay character, but my theory on representation has always been if you want to portray as normal, don't point fingers at it and shout about how great it is. Because if something is normal and accepted that no one would bat an eyelash at it cause society has progressed. Even Cap, a guy from the 40's when being gay was something that just didn't happen in the popular consciousness, doesn't bat an eyelash cause he knows someone being gay is just a thing normal now.
Robert Halbert
Robert Halbert - Måned siden
If Dr strange didn't give thanks the state me thanks would have killed them all Inc Tony, Tony was the necessary component in endgame, his tech made the time travel stuff, his tech was the gauntlet to hold the stones, he made the final sacrifice to end thanks attack, this is literally Tony "laying on the wire letting the other guy crawl over him"
mine4003 - Måned siden
1:27 Thor is technically in the guardians?
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar - 2 måneder siden
11:45 someone call cable
ArnoldsK - 2 måneder siden
What an INSANE ending to the journey.
Had to re-watch this.
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham - 2 måneder siden
Impressive, great job.
Orthus Games
Orthus Games - 2 måneder siden
Ok so I've seen endgame twice an I never noticed that the marvel intro was different. That's amazing
Mahesh M V U
Mahesh M V U - 2 måneder siden
Woefully-under-Judy-Greered. I felt that.
Mary Kraus
Mary Kraus - 2 måneder siden
Exactly how old is Cassie supposed to be? I’m bad at guessing people’s ages (especially children) so I won’t make an estimate, but she looks like a young adult in this, or at least an older teen?
The Killmaster Gaming
The Killmaster Gaming - 2 måneder siden
I love Infinity War and Endgame, and I only have two problems with the pair.
1. In the lore of Marvel; every universe in the multiverse maintains one constant. The Infinity Stones and their rules. The Infinity Stones always have two rules- They cannot be used outside their own Timeline/Universe, and they cannot be used to destroy themselves or eachother, or be destroyed at all. Infinity War destroys the Mind Stone somehow, and Endgame's entire plot doesn't work.
2. Captain Marvel's Arrogance, which really makes me all kind of upset. Call me a woman-hater. Do it. But I absolutely cannot stand the pandering ass bullshit that Captain Marvel is. Thanos really puts that rainbow bitch in her place with a firm uppercut from the Power Stone.
Mythical Jonin
Mythical Jonin - 2 måneder siden
Endgame so great it requires three parts.
Not Your Average Guitarrist
Not Your Average Guitarrist - 2 måneder siden
Honestly just don't agree with winning Rocket slapping Thor, as it really is showing an incorrect way to help someone on the middle of a panic attack, and using mental conditions (depression, anxiety and panic) for laughs. I've been slapped in the middle of a panic attack, and it SUCKS. NEVER do that to ANYONE