Everything GREAT About Aquaman!

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Aquaman! A movie no one really expected to be anything special and then Wan stepped up his game. Enough to revive the DCEU? Only time will tell. Here's everything right with Aquaman!
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 20:18


CinemaWins - År siden
I'm SORRY! Stingray isn't that bad!!!!!
ExcelsiorUK - Måned siden
Stingray and LEGO lovers unite! ideas.lego.com/projects/b17faf1e-7697-4434-8154-e794ee49b1be
Tye Chappell
Tye Chappell - 5 måneder siden
CinemaWins The Valerian reminded me of the juggernaut
Christian L
Christian L - 6 måneder siden
@Andrew FlashChannel Gibbs yeah but we all know his opinion is wrong
Mrdocety - 6 måneder siden
They killed Steve Erwin so there bad
Flame Stunts
Flame Stunts - 6 måneder siden
Where is our Everything Great about Avatar?
Diamond - 21 time siden
Atlantean's are among us, anyone get the reference?
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara - 6 dager siden
Still haven't seen Madison from Splash. Maybe she was in that one Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
Lydan Peacock
Lydan Peacock - 7 dager siden
We Brits are not all about Harry Potter and dirty blood, though, I did have a house when I was at school, and I did once date a girl who's parents hated me because I was of a different class....... God damnit! We are all about those things
TJ G - 8 dager siden
What does not make sense is the air bubbles or waves when swinging the tridents. Where is the air or displacement coming from?
Nemas L
Nemas L - 9 dager siden
Aquaman was the best MCU movie the DCU-Creators ever made... 🤔
Joaquin Miguel Uclaray
Joaquin Miguel Uclaray - 9 dager siden
ok but like black manta’s theme is absolutely terrifying
Samuel Romero
Samuel Romero - 10 dager siden
This is my fav movie how could anybody hate this movie
silveryfeather208 - 11 dager siden
Cinema win: A super hero/fairy tale type character who actually doesn't have a dead mother. lol
이주영 - 16 dager siden
WritingWarlock - 18 dager siden
I saw aquaman in one of those theaters that shows movies after the initial theater release at a discounted price with friends and for my first DC movie it was pretty good
Luka Čelebic
Luka Čelebic - 19 dager siden
The scene on 1:06 is dump because they could jsut go in city I took 6 month to find them close to water
Emma Rose Dewitt Bukater
Emma Rose Dewitt Bukater - 22 dager siden
6:48 "A liar always suspects people of lying"
funny you should say that, given Amber Heard's track record
Ender Dragoness
Ender Dragoness - 27 dager siden
Everytime I watch Aquaman I keep forgetting everything is underwater xd
Multishock 5
Multishock 5 - 28 dager siden
I'm not sure what's worse
The fact that they basically flooded every coast in the world
Or the fact that aquaman just released cthulhu
Superdrachen 16
Superdrachen 16 - Måned siden
When Arthur introduced his father I really laughed cause I imagined saying Him: “My Father was just a simple man trying to make his way through the Galaxy“.
gary 3.0
gary 3.0 - Måned siden
Jason momaoa
DJ Kuroto
DJ Kuroto - Måned siden
Every time I see a review of this movie I think "I don't wanna watch it, but man. DC's cinematic approach should just be a toku franchise." It just makes sense to me.
Bryan Hunt
Bryan Hunt - Måned siden
Bryan Hunt
Bryan Hunt - Måned siden
I'm glad greda van fleet
Bag0fChips :D
Bag0fChips :D - Måned siden
Does Temuera Morrison being Aquaman's father make Aquaman a clone trooper?
Crimson Beach
Crimson Beach - Måned siden
4:35 both of their Armor’s in JL was so much better than in Aquaman. It just fools too cartoony for me in Aquaman
Zach P
Zach P - Måned siden
Feminism is cancer
Roze Helm
Roze Helm - Måned siden
Wait a min if he can take a rocket launcher to his chest and cant be killed by a normal sword that whats the use of him covering the bullets using the sub door
Eric Remlinger
Eric Remlinger - Måned siden
Was that a drinkin outta cups reference?
ghuff31 - Måned siden
gotta get the beautiful beard shirt
HeyIts Hellfire
HeyIts Hellfire - Måned siden
Easiest way to watch films and not buy them
Zephyros Phoenix
Zephyros Phoenix - Måned siden
I really liked Aquaman! Usually, for me, Aquaman isn't a hero I typically pay much attention or give much credit to, but I thought the movie was great! I think I enjoyed it more than Wonder Woman if I'm being honest, mostly because WW was just far too overhyped in my opinion.
Ju Galaxy
Ju Galaxy - Måned siden
I have talassophobia (fear of the ocean) and watching this movie a little bit difficult for me, but still one of the best DC movies and Aquaman is my second favorite DC superhero (Batman is the first, cause... it's Batman, duh)
mrSongSOOah - Måned siden
Valerian @9.30 lol
Jon Wells
Jon Wells - Måned siden
I flippin love this movie. Other people may not get me but it just struck a chord with me
Lam Evan
Lam Evan - Måned siden
yes, there is i am...... fish-boy
The Nosiey Artist
The Nosiey Artist - Måned siden
@ 16:41 just...perfect
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - Måned siden
i enjoyed this film as a lighthearted superhero dc that wasnt as dark as the other dc films....
ExcelsiorUK - Måned siden
Only just caught up on this one, and, Stingray! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b17faf1e-7697-4434-8154-e794ee49b1be
Iliana Kosker
Iliana Kosker - 2 måneder siden
okay so idk if im triping or not but i specifically remember watching aquaman and it being a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MOVIE!!! wtfff
like i literally am in shock because i know i watched it and i know this right here is another movie. Can someone please confirm that there maybe is another movie? WITH THE EXACT SAME BEGINNING AND SCENES??? i am honestly trying to remember some of those things that are portraiyed in this vid but cant!! like i can recall on seeing some of the scenes that are being shown here but WHO TF IS THAT REDHEAD AND Y IS HE BATTELING WITH THAT GUY AND HOW TF DOES HE FIND HIS MOM!?!?!?! I DONT UNDERSTAND
Gusti 4P
Gusti 4P - 2 måneder siden
17:46 ouch
Robert Bullard
Robert Bullard - 2 måneder siden
Yeah! Don't mess with Conan!
Brian Beck
Brian Beck - 2 måneder siden
This movie was really dope hahaha makes me wish Atlantis is actually real
Lkgpuanimho 0
Lkgpuanimho 0 - 2 måneder siden
4:26 Katara did this in ATLA as well
The Boy Flower
The Boy Flower - 2 måneder siden
So it’s not a movie but could u do an analyses of the SWTOR trailers because the “yups” would be unstoppable
xarmanhs h
xarmanhs h - 2 måneder siden
no way i am watching this video DC cant go suck 2 dicks
Donald Piniach
Donald Piniach - 2 måneder siden
In the deep seas, you need bioluminescence. And apparently a lot of it, for a civilization. The power source might be the sun or perhaps factory farming around the volcanic vents.
Stanley Gibbs
Stanley Gibbs - 2 måneder siden
Shod I kill my self
walter hank
walter hank - 2 måneder siden
Nicole Kidman kicking some robots ass is badass
ladyofthemasque - 2 måneder siden
Thumbs up for quoting Peter B Parker.
Christian Shiels
Christian Shiels - 2 måneder siden
favorite comic movie ever made!!!!!
TheOkThx - 2 måneder siden
Amber is a bitch, but she's the hottest red hair aquaperson bitch ever.
Thomas the thermo-nuclear bomb
Thomas the thermo-nuclear bomb - 2 måneder siden
This is the only DC movie I like.
dragonstormx - 2 måneder siden
While Arthur's mother being alive was predictable, I still feel it's commendable since the movie subverted the "dead moms" trope and the "superheroes with dead parents" trope.
I am REALLY hoping Black Manta doesn't kill Arthur's parents in the sequel. I understand that he's bastard and does stuff like that in the comics, but I would like it if we a movie superhero with no dead parents for a change.
dragonstormx - 2 måneder siden
@171QA Forgot about that one. But lets wait until the sequel to make sure it subverts that one for real.
171QA - 2 måneder siden
It also subverted the killing the mentor trope too.
DawnWorkGaming DWG
DawnWorkGaming DWG - 2 måneder siden
I saw this movie in 3D and it was fucking amazing
Jock :
Jock : - 2 måneder siden
This is my third favorite DCEU movie 1 Shazam 2 birds of prey
dragonlogos1 - 2 måneder siden
You talk about Gunn but the modern comic book movie was started by Sam raimi so the idea that directing horror And comic book movies being overlapping skills is something that is just in Evidence now
Allmighty Jenkins
Allmighty Jenkins - 2 måneder siden
Aquaman wonder woman man of steel was so good
Quiet Demon
Quiet Demon - 2 måneder siden
The script was awful seriously it was Batman and Robin (1997) and Catwoman (2004) levels of bad but the direction of James Wan, the production design, costumes, action sequences and performances (bar the scumbag known as amber heard) are all awesome but unfortunately it’s all hindered by the garbage script, why DC hired the writer of Venom (which has all the positives I’ve already said) I’ll never know but Wan and the rest of his team elevate it to the best of their ability
A H - 2 måneder siden
"Kingdom if the trench" is the Bermuda triangle, just a theory but it all checks out.
Jeremiah Saxton
Jeremiah Saxton - 2 måneder siden
Aquaman won because everyone else was kraken lackin'
Zahir Elias
Zahir Elias - 2 måneder siden
omfg no capes got me so hard!!! LMFAO
BL4SE GAMING - 2 måneder siden
14:48 no capes
ArcticKaiju - 2 måneder siden
With Velarian and this movie doing the whole "running through walls" bit. I'm having more and more faith we could see Samus using the Speed Booster in a Metroid movie. Even if she does only use it once.
Ironic Animations
Ironic Animations - 2 måneder siden
Idk if he said it, but I loved the VfX for this movie, it’s perfect in a lot of ways and it felt like I was actually underwater with them when it came up-
Dat Dude
Dat Dude - 2 måneder siden
Is it me or does orm kinda look like eminem
Parallax - 2 måneder siden
Klashrem - 2 måneder siden
Did anyone else die at “no capes”

No just me ok
jude anne's *the candor channel*
16:27 actually I think the colors look too vague and washed out. To pastel.
They needed to turn up the saturation when doing the CGI of Atlantis
jude anne's *the candor channel*
5:48 "warm fuzzies"--term coined by my late husband Claude Steiner in his beloved children's book "A Fuzzy Tale."
More about this author...
jude anne's *the candor channel*
5:48 Yet again--"warm fuzzies"--term coined by my late husband Claude Steiner in his beloved children's book "A Fuzzy Tale."
FierceFoxTheFith - 3 måneder siden
i never thought that someone could make aqua man cool like how do you turn a guy that can talk to fish cool.The biggest reason i never liked aqua man was because he was to i can't really explain it so i'm going to say he's to much of the guy who smiles at the camera like he is to happy go lucky.That's probably not a good summery but i don't know how to explain it.

also his outfit sucked but they made it look awesome in the movie
donald deluxe
donald deluxe - 3 måneder siden
2:02 this confuses me every time. He’s launching a grenade IN THE TORPEDO ROOM OF THE SUB! And nobody’s going to recognize how dumb this is?
Drunken Assassin
Drunken Assassin - 3 måneder siden
with the underwater WB logo anyone else get bioshock vibes?
Beenum 121
Beenum 121 - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else realised he hinted at the dragon balls
2-D - 3 måneder siden
When he said ring of Fire, you should have said SHARKBAIT OHHH AHHHH AHHHHH!
Kaylee Alexander
Kaylee Alexander - 3 måneder siden
And now Amber Heards abuse of Jonny Depp makes a brilliant movie uncomfortable..
fastsail fish
fastsail fish - Måned siden
The Motion COYOTE
The Motion COYOTE - 3 måneder siden
12:19 117 win count
TheDinoBoy - 3 måneder siden
Sarah Kane
Sarah Kane - 3 måneder siden
This is so cool and a have the colour of water for a roof in animal crossing
Tea Bro44
Tea Bro44 - 3 måneder siden
I also said double kill at that part 11:10
Cairo Schuetz
Cairo Schuetz - 3 måneder siden
He agrees with me THE KRAKEN
Raul Bagang
Raul Bagang - 3 måneder siden
I bet the atlantian technology is waterproof
LordOfThe Flightless
LordOfThe Flightless - 3 måneder siden
Finally watched it... honestly one of my favourite super hero movies, just bloody decent. And visually, probably one of the best, love the H.P Lovecraft thing at the start which a layered reference because, xenophobia. 2:54 Ah i thought so, very jurassic park
Ryan lord of memes
Ryan lord of memes - 3 måneder siden
I like how this channel is the complete oposite of cinemasins and its done by someone ealse
Rob J Gosling
Rob J Gosling - 3 måneder siden
Well I'm gonna say it, D.C finally made a good movie.
Mr Guy
Mr Guy - 3 måneder siden
Its more humaine to wear jellyfish because they dont have brains and cant fell pain also she has to be feeding them to keep them there
Keith Evans
Keith Evans - 3 måneder siden
No capes
Jared Lewis
Jared Lewis - 3 måneder siden
This movie was amazing for DC one of the best I have ever seen for a hero
Civicboy typer
Civicboy typer - 3 måneder siden
So basically a Clone had a baby with a fish lady and then they made a fish soldier
Wxanda - 3 måneder siden
would've been better without amber heard
azyh - 3 måneder siden
i was surprised at how comic accurate ocean master and aquaman's costumes were. usually the colors are toned down but great to see the DCEU committed
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale - 3 måneder siden
Man the armour of the atlantiens is awesome
The G
The G - 3 måneder siden
Anyone know what movie that diving off pier into tsunami scene this is from?
Xander chomakos
Xander chomakos - 3 måneder siden
1 year later aquaman is in fortnite alongside black manta
Robert Sublett
Robert Sublett - 3 måneder siden
Shit was cheeks. Aquaman doesn't looked like aquaman but ocean master does... everything underwater was buns.. -12/10
Daniel Hong
Daniel Hong - 3 måneder siden
Everyone 2019: Wow its aqua man from the comics!
Everyone 2020: Wow its aqua man from fortnite
HYPE - 3 måneder siden
No one genuinely thinks aquaman comes from fortnite
Pixyire Productions
Pixyire Productions - 3 måneder siden
I just saw this movie a couple days ago and I just almost died. It was so awesome. I really loved watching it and I really liked your video too! I'm so glad that you're opening a merch store and I'm really looking forward to getting something from it
Wunnam Ziblim
Wunnam Ziblim - 3 måneder siden
u might be on to sum w the horror directors…now andres muschetti for the flash🤔
Tom R
Tom R - 3 måneder siden
I'd say Man of Steel, BvS, and Aquaman are the strongest movies in no particular order. Maybe WW after..
Tomer ohana ben tzvi
Tomer ohana ben tzvi - 3 måneder siden
Maybe iam just weird but i found this movie really annoying and boring
Andy Tran
Andy Tran - 3 måneder siden
lets be honest, jason momoa carried this
Griffin Edwards
Griffin Edwards - 3 måneder siden
Fuck mera all my homies hate mera
weetopeetop - 3 måneder siden
The bridge between the land and sea, sounds like the Avatar