Everything GREAT About Ant-Man and The Wasp!

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Ant-Man and The Wasp! Another MCU sequel that should have been a let down follow up that wasn't at all. Every time you think Marvel has hit the end of the rope they surprise you. But, obviously not everyone loved this movie, so here's everything right with Ant-Man & The Wasp!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 21:00


strangewayshere - 9 dager siden
Ghosts armour looks like The Hunters Armour from Destiny.
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast - 10 dager siden
A&W, anyone else spit their soup out?
LaToya Banks
LaToya Banks - 12 dager siden
I didn’t realize that he swatted at the wasp when he was at the couch.
Enochlo - 13 dager siden
I'll miss small Cassie Lang, she, baby Groot and Morgan Stark are just about the cutest kids in the MCU...

(The aged up Cassie is quite disappointing, Emma Fuhrmann [older Cassie] looks nothing like Abby Ryder Fortson [young Cassie], the button nose and the signature bunny teeth are gone...great examples of top casting choices would be "Beth" in "This is Us" or "Marcel" in "The Originals" or the entire cast of "IT" chapters 1&2, the adult and the child actors and actresses actually resemble each other, I do realize perfect castings are hard to come by, but this is the second time the MCU has made such a mistake, the first being Howard Stark, both young and old portrayals are charismatic but they look nothing alike)
Samuel Pruitt
Samuel Pruitt - 20 dager siden
Scott wasnt the only non original avenger standing. Rocket was alive too. He was basically an avenger.
Brigid Hartman
Brigid Hartman - 23 dager siden
I would like to thank Cassie for making the word Daddy pure again
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - 23 dager siden
10:54 I wouldn't say he's responsible for ALL of it, but he did do a good deal to bring it into fruition.
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - 23 dager siden
2:13 And this moment is brought to you by a response to a tweet asking which MCU character would cry while reading 'The Fault in Our Stars'.
Cobwebinthecorner - 27 dager siden
4:26 _Dad jokes from CinemaWins is always a win!_
Andrew Omeruo
Andrew Omeruo - 28 dager siden
I think this movie is sponsored by Hyaundi
John Richardson
John Richardson - Måned siden
9:43 oh that's why the suit in endgame looked old school
Wombat - Måned siden
I think it was quite stupid that Ghost blamed Hank for all her pain. Of course she might very well do that anyway, and Foster could join that train just because he hates Hank, but it was really weird that the protagonists never questioned such a stupid motive.
applepi - Måned siden
i actually have this theory where the coffee shop people so notice, they just don't care. "Oh, that's nothing, just keep typing Gerald"
Arraya's Adventure
Arraya's Adventure - Måned siden
At 10:22 the shrinking car sounds like a fart
PrinceZuko - Måned siden
I loved woox in the movie
Louis is my favourite character from FOTB
Ian Dowell
Ian Dowell - Måned siden
The lip sink up has been going on for years in older movies a lot of lines are recorded in an audio studio and they run that audio with the shot footage
Grimed - Måned siden
I did not expect for jim to be in this movie
KyZe NickX
KyZe NickX - Måned siden
shit i watched so much cinema wins that my screen has a burn in
Ariel Klein
Ariel Klein - Måned siden
Why does him saying that text in all caps sound like a mix of Ryan Reynolds and Captain America and Chris Pratt and Ant-Man xD
Andrew Wolney
Andrew Wolney - Måned siden
Neil Peart Stands Alone - Krieger
c.a.t.wes - Måned siden
that bass sound in “I Shrink, Therefore I Am” (the chase scene) absolutely HAS to be in some way, shape or form, a reference to The Locust. That’s the only time i’ve ever heard a PLL or Data Corruptor used like that. Has to be.
brewski118sempire - 2 måneder siden
I had always like the Rud but once I saw him on hot ones and saw the genuine heartfelt character of the man I fell in love with him. You said he would make people feel comfortable acting with him, and I can believe that.
hawkins347 - 2 måneder siden
"You get to cosplay as Orb."
Don't hate me, but I gotta say it... I understood that reference.
Aneeq Mohideen
Aneeq Mohideen - 2 måneder siden
I know that the Goliath is a very well established character in the comics, but I still cannot get over the fact that Bill Foster was the name of Michael Douglas's character in Falling Down
M8 - 2 måneder siden
wait a second if a knife got enlarged would it just stick into the wall like a regular knife because it gets bigger but the weight doesn't change?
if you make a mother bourd gets enlarged would i get better in general or would it be a waste of space or would it have more storage then the human brain?
Death_San Darkrender
Death_San Darkrender - 2 måneder siden
"More like obsessed, and too deprived." Lol
Fabi Prajitno
Fabi Prajitno - 2 måneder siden
That ANT-ony FANT-ano joke got me😂
Jordan Olson
Jordan Olson - 2 måneder siden
John wick dies in endgame
Kokuyous3ki - 2 måneder siden
Someone should make a new Micromachines game...
Dev Agrawal
Dev Agrawal - 2 måneder siden
i'm watching this video for the 5th time and I now realized that at the end it was a anthony fantano reference lmao
MageBeLike - 2 måneder siden
I’m glad someone else likes this movie as much as me
It's Blurzy
It's Blurzy - 2 måneder siden
9:02 Burt Macklin reference WIN
pinkoPenguin7 - 2 måneder siden
6:35 sensr
Scott Enness
Scott Enness - 2 måneder siden
sense* 6:35
Drippy - 2 måneder siden
I watched this movie so many times when it WAS on Netflix.

Pls Netflix add it back🙏
Angel Morones
Angel Morones - 2 måneder siden
Wait a second, Scott shouldn’t get arrested because he wasn’t afford the secovia accord meaning if he play it along he would have gotten away
The Wheat Harvester
The Wheat Harvester - 2 måneder siden
OG ant man and wasp, current ant man and wasp, black Goliath, ghost, stinger/ stature. Get Luis and the other Wombats suited up! I want Ant Man 3: Antvengers!
Mark - 2 måneder siden
Hannah John-Kamen portrayal of a person in constant pain and it's impact both physically and mentally was absolutely spot on. In a similar vein, Benedict Cumberbatch conveying loss due to the damage of his hands was striking too.
EXO - 2 måneder siden
This film is in my top 5 its my opinion it's what I think
EXO - 2 måneder siden
Everyone makes complaint videos and rants about this film but this man makes a 21:00 video about why it was good
Henery 67
Henery 67 - 3 måneder siden
It’s treason then 1:55
Ak hambe
Ak hambe - 3 måneder siden
One more win is for when he does the bowling seen you can go back to the dude perfect video and that's how he acualy used to do it
AirRay 05
AirRay 05 - 3 måneder siden
I still can’t believe he didn’t win the fact that the free real estate guy is in this
Violet Dagger
Violet Dagger - 3 måneder siden
This is probably a dumb question, especially after all the videos I’ve seen, but what is Chekov’s gun? What is that a reference to?
tcb4life - 3 måneder siden
how is the step dad the same actor who's playing irving in mr robot, they could not have been any further from each other personality wise :o
Captain Galaxy
Captain Galaxy - 3 måneder siden
I should add Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd were both in Friends.
Nade Coles
Nade Coles - 3 måneder siden
This is one of my favorite MCU movies actually. I love this film.
Cody Craddock
Cody Craddock - 3 måneder siden
Speaking of Michelle Pfiefer do Stardust
Spiderz - 3 måneder siden
1:00 close your eyes and listen
Berend van Straten
Berend van Straten - 3 måneder siden
Spoilers for Endgame!!!
What if ant man did'nt get stock in that time thing, and he died in the microverse and did'nt help the avengers in endgame. Thanos would have win of that happend.
The Lonely Ghost
The Lonely Ghost - 3 måneder siden
I love ghost so so much i felt do much sympathy for her
Dylan Bass
Dylan Bass - 3 måneder siden
1:27 Honestly, keeping with what he was saying about drawing on the walls of the school. I would've said something about illegal crayon technology or something. Still a funny scene, though!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 3 måneder siden
Not a single lost reference in this video?

Mills - 3 måneder siden
I also kind of adore the fact that Ava does change around where there are always different versions of her because that kind of fits the different timeline theory of quantum physics.
Mills - 3 måneder siden
could you please please please win Coraline? It's super detailed and well made and I adore it.
Marvel & DC: United Fan
Marvel & DC: United Fan - 3 måneder siden
In saying those words you said about Stan Lee you earned my undying respect. Thank you for those kind words.
R & C Gaming
R & C Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Anyone notice jim was in this movie?
Italian Pasta
Italian Pasta - 3 måneder siden
The ant man movies made me like ANTS..ANTS PEOPLE ANTS 😂
Chandler Riotther
Chandler Riotther - 3 måneder siden
6:32 Any one else notice the spelling error?
Sharrowkin - 3 måneder siden
In general I do like your positive look at things
Jean Drzyzgula
Jean Drzyzgula - 4 måneder siden
THANK YOU for the Justified reference hahaha it cracked me up seeing Walton Goggins in this
ReggieBeegus - 4 måneder siden
Idk why but the end credits scene with the Ant playing the drums while the world is panicking over the snap is one of the most eerie scenes in the MCU
Rita C
Rita C - 4 måneder siden
Love the justified reference. He will always be Boyd Crowder to me
jude anne's *the candor channel*
3:47 yeah, but what about *plumbing*?
Enkelli Robertson
Enkelli Robertson - 4 måneder siden
As one of those Coffee House Authors. Yeah its a meme.
PixelatedShinobi - 4 måneder siden
Scott out here living the quarantine life 2 years early
Pat Mgroin
Pat Mgroin - 4 måneder siden
That scene from scotts house at the start is how we wish we were spending our lockdown
Talonfire1 - 4 måneder siden
A lot of my friends talk about how this movie isn’t good, they say it’s a waste of time, and doesn’t contribute to the MCU. Now, I love the MCU, I throughly enjoy the whole connected universe thing, but what’s wrong with a stand-alone movie? Look at the original Spider-Man Trilogy. You don’t need a million other heroes or a crazy overarching plot that spans an entire decade to make a good comic book movie series. So, when showing one of my friends the MCU for the first time, I had them watch this directly after civil war, minus the post credit scene. She said it was her favorite out of all of them. I think this movies biggest problem is everyone wanted something connecting to Infinity War, and this was meant to be a break from it, only to rope you back in to the MCU madness in the last moment. All of this to say, while poor timing for the release might loose this movie a “win” in some people’s books, this is one of the best to come from the MCU.
Richard Pattarozzi
Richard Pattarozzi - 4 måneder siden
I know these are not the “best” movies, but I love these movies their so much fun
Hayley Heishman
Hayley Heishman - 4 måneder siden
it's 2020 but Spoilers just in case

ah man I almost hope that both Bill and Ava got dusted bc the alternatives are:
1. Bill has to watch Ava get dusted after all that.
2. Ava is now COMPLETELY alone again with her condition. All the people who would freely and kindly help her are gone.
3. They both are basically back to square one in coping with Ava's condition only now with all the post-snap chaos bc the only people who could and would safely help are gone, but at least they have each other.
Emulius - 4 måneder siden
6:32 "sensr"... ouch that is relatablr
Emulius - 4 måneder siden
oh hell i just noticed that the win bell sound is actually the sound of the jukebox
Chloe J
Chloe J - 4 måneder siden
Scott's not an anti-hero... he's an anty-hero.
Kristy Persaud
Kristy Persaud - 4 måneder siden
My favorite is actor Paul Rudd because he so cute handsome charming sweet heart good looking guy
Sindor - 4 måneder siden
While it made it in the video, you didn’t win it: Luis is surprised at the filthy undercarriage of Burch’s car, because of his lessons on car wash protocol earlier
The Demon
The Demon - 4 måneder siden
he's not the only non og avenger left, rocket and war machine are there to
Jaker The Snaker
Jaker The Snaker - 4 måneder siden
I know some people hate him, but every word out of Luis’s mouth makes me laugh, especially the car wash protocol line.
Noavark Archives
Noavark Archives - 4 måneder siden
5:50 Wait does Peter Parker and Antman's daughter attend the same school?! I mean that's the same teacher from "Far from Home"!
beg_birb - 5 måneder siden
Why didn't you win the how was school today thing
Emulius - 4 måneder siden
@beg_birb xd
beg_birb - 4 måneder siden
@Emulius thank you
Emulius - 4 måneder siden
Lava 321
Lava 321 - 5 måneder siden
Wait a minute, if their mass is constant even when their volume changes, and if the earth's schwarzschild radius is the size of a marble, how did his wife not reach her Schwarzchild radius whilst going sub atomic to almost down to the plank level and turn into a small, low mass gravitational well?
I am a cinderblokk
I am a cinderblokk - 5 måneder siden
“Who are you and why do you know so much about car wash protocol?”
XD gets me everytime
Also he didn’t actually answer
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter - 5 måneder siden
Another win: when Bill lecture how stability becomes ". . . chaos. Unpredictable. Beautiful." you could argue that he's spouting synonyms for Ava. Just, leaving out how unstable Ava really is. You can even see it i his face - I don't know if this is what they were intending, but his smile when he says "Beautiful." makes it seem like he's thinking of Ava while talking about quantum stability. Which is't really too far off. Plus every dad with daughters I've ever known always sees their daughter as the most beautiful girl in the world, which further strengthens how sweet Bill & Ava's relationship is.
I mean, considering their work for & against S.H.I.E.L.D., it may not seem sweet, but they really do love love each other like a father & daughter would. Bill just wants to help Ava.
SpetZemas - 5 måneder siden
My favourite moment from this movie was Luis when he told Scott he hates how he loads the dishwasher
Juan Aucamp
Juan Aucamp - 5 måneder siden
Please do passengers
World Record Gamer
World Record Gamer - 5 måneder siden
When did fake Jim get into the mcu
Cappuccino Frost
Cappuccino Frost - 5 måneder siden
Now we have seen Spiderman: Far from home. We know a baseball cap is a great disguise as most missed Quentin in the background of a scene in a hat before Mysterio was introduced
Jasper Lee
Jasper Lee - 5 måneder siden
"But guys. Captain Marvel is coming."
More importantly, so is the rat...
Jaime D.
Jaime D. - 4 måneder siden
The Rat saved the whole Universe by just pushing the Quantum Machine button. THANOS should've thought of rats while doing the SNAP the first time.
raphael_1254 - 5 måneder siden
He can literally just search on (me,you,us,that stuff)tube
I can do everything she can do
Sabah - 5 måneder siden
Paul Rudd under house arrest = everyone today under quarantine and self-isolation at home
Imre - 5 måneder siden
Batman dies
A Person
A Person - 6 måneder siden
5:50 he’s Peter Parker’s teacher as well lmao
Chris Bingley
Chris Bingley - 6 måneder siden
The first movie was about Hank Pim, with Scott Lang as comedy relief.

This movie was about Hank Pim and Janet van Dyne, with Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne as a rom-com side story.

It's a wonderful form of misdirection that helps cement this as something other than 'just another MCU movie'.
Ryan Novitski
Ryan Novitski - 6 måneder siden
The Rick and morty reference got me
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter - 6 måneder siden
I gotta say, there were a couple things in this movie that I thought for SURE you'd win:

Ant-Man and Wasp have the shape of the faces of their respective insects on their suits.

I was also surprised that Hope didn't get a "Badass Good Girl" title sooner. Any of those "Yup" moments, hell as SOON as she suited up! I'm adding 5 wins for Hope just being Hope.

I was kinda disappointed that Ghost didn't get a win for "Badass Bad Girl" I mean, I get that she's really not a villain, she's staring an inevitable painful death or worse right in the face. She's desperate to keep living. She's scared. But the lengths she goes to and the way she almost succeeds is cutthroat, ruthless, brutal as you say. I know you gave Ghost a win for being awesome, but I think she deserves - at least for this movie - the title of Badass Bad Girl.
LMSPetRescue - 6 måneder siden
I feel like this movie also opens up a bit of commentary among people that it’s okay to be friends with your ex, especially when you have kids together. And to be friends and supportive of your kids step/bio-parent. Like you can accept you can’t live with or be romantic with someone but still be happy and civil with them. You don’t have to hate your ex especially if it’s just that you two don’t work together anymore
Kiwi-GreenTea - 6 måneder siden
I freak out every time they say Ava cuz that’s my name too and like yeah
Doc. 01
Doc. 01 - 6 måneder siden
In the 3rd Ant-Man movie Paul Rudd should say his most iconic line "Slap da base"
boran tandoğan
boran tandoğan - 6 måneder siden
little clarification for you. when I write something in a coffee shop, it's because I live with a family and doing it in the house is way more distracting than a coffee shop that you like
TheBuffPenguin - 6 måneder siden
"you're not gonna reach into my chest and crush my heart are you?" accidental The Flash (CW) reference?
DemonAlchemist - 6 måneder siden
2:03. He did. It's awesome.
Charlie_Willie - 6 måneder siden
Ghost is such an underrated villain. I guess people don't give her that much credit since the movie wasn't as popular as the others in the series