Everything GREAT About A Quiet Place!

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A Quiet Place has no plot holes. Don't @ me! Or do, that's fine, you guys are all really nice. But seriously, other than really, really minor things, the "plot hole" epidemic that everything thinks is being excused in the movie is bonkers. So here's everything right with A Quiet Place!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 23:55


Nathan Dorhofer
Nathan Dorhofer - 45 minutter siden
I’m sorry, I love how you find the good in everything, but the kid not knowing that loud noises were bad is straight bullshit. I will forever think it is the most manufactured scene I have ever seen. Yes kids do stupid stuff a lot, but not life threatening bad beyond learning to speak. A toddler wouldn’t understand, but this kid KNOWS noise is bad, this kid KNOWS there are monsters out there because of his rocket ship drawing, he KNOWS the batteries are bad because of how his father handled the situation. They couldn’t find a better solution than “kids are stupid” and it really pisses all over this film. That scene is easily responsible for this movie being a 6 instead of an 8 out of 10 for me. Yes there are other contrivances but they are at least believable. I haven’t seen manufactured disparity this horrible in a movie before or since. Why they thought it was excusable to put in this film, i will never understand.
Devesh Bhomia
Devesh Bhomia - 13 timer siden
1. They are hyper sensitive to sound and still no one (Scientists, Military, Doctors) NO ONE figured it out that they can use sound against these aliens.
teja - Dag siden
I love how you keep bringing this back to the office, coz, same honestly HAHA
Estelle eyre
Estelle eyre - 2 dager siden
"racoons steal chickens"
me: (sniffles) don't remind me
Andrés Felipe OD
Andrés Felipe OD - 3 dager siden
if monsters kill only people put Loud Music in the Buildings & neighboorhoods , This will be a Hero Movie.
Not duggyman
Not duggyman - 6 dager siden
I saw this in the cinema and for a movie called "A quiet place" its probably one of the loudest things I've ever heard.
TheCleverJoker - 6 dager siden
The worst part of the video is when you f#$ken replayed the stepping on the nail scene like 5 times
Henry Savage
Henry Savage - 7 dager siden
Can someone please tell me why they didn’t just take Emily blunts character to the waterfall when she’s giving birth
Ace Q
Ace Q - 9 dager siden
Honestly I think the most unbelievable thing about this movie to me is how quickly she gave birth
Ace Q
Ace Q - 9 dager siden
There was an ad in the middle of this and it felt so disruptive because of how quiet the movie is lol
I like modern warfare And war zone it’s fun
Only way I can watch horror movies
Ian B
Ian B - 10 dager siden
i have not seen the movie yet but based on what you said it almost brought me to tears
Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros
Japanese would also have survived the aliens, they are very quiet even in "intimate moments", if you catch my drift

Only men of culture would get DAT reference
Pail Horse Gaming
Pail Horse Gaming - 11 dager siden
Angry Cinemawins is kinda bad ass. I like it. And he’s right. Real life has so many plot holes.
Cruptic ll
Cruptic ll - 11 dager siden
Dwight tried karate kicking the angel
Mi Amor
Mi Amor - 12 dager siden
I don't know what's the hype about this movie.
It was a trash, to be honest.
mex55 - 15 dager siden
people always thinking the goverment/military would figure something out are now seeing the goverment will play down a deadly menace kill 200K people in 2020
Reanne Saints
Reanne Saints - 16 dager siden
The amount of The Office references makes me happy :>
Martina Zan
Martina Zan - 17 dager siden
this review is sooooo good. i now love the movie more than i did before :´)
YamiAtemYugi - 17 dager siden
A month ago I watched a Horror Movie about a deaf author who lived in the woods and gods that movie was terrifying. The most terrifying thing about the movie was the fact the main character didn't know there was someone in the room with them because they couldn't hear them. That movie was very effective and absolutely terrifying
brunytoonstv - 18 dager siden
5:30 but why is there even a nail at that location of the stairs? it’s just going straight through the board for no reason, and why the fuck would it be pointing upwards, and who in their right mind would paint over that shit to say it’s safe
BrainInvasion - 18 dager siden
1. You would never let the youngest kid who obviously can't understand why he can't make noise trail behind everyone. EVER! If his life depended on it you would watch him like a hawk. Or I would. Maybe my maternal instinct is just stronger than other people. In fact, why wasn't one of the parents (don't care which, equality rules) at home taking care of the sick kid and the kid obviously too young to be let out, while the other parent and maybe the oldest kid went to find medicine? It's stupid.
2. Why didn't they record the waterfall and play it on their PA?
3. Why could the alien slice through the silo but not the car?
Sophie Ricearoni
Sophie Ricearoni - 19 dager siden
Can you do lady bird
Air_mrkcac - 19 dager siden
This would be the only apocalypse that I would survive.
The Yo
The Yo - 21 dag siden
Could've just there the bat Into the car or a field or anything
David Harder
David Harder - 21 dag siden
Bit of a fridge moment for me, way late, I know. But on the commentary of why it's probably not sound, but electromagnetism: what if every indicator we have of it being sound is a misdirect? Since if that's being printed in papers, odds are it's also being put out on any other news outlet. And if that's the information being spread, guess what most people might be trying, especially in a crisis scenario. Where it gets really brilliant is that also explains why it would seem like the streets are so empty and the movie seems like there's almost no survivors: people probably tried loud sounds, and got wiped out for it.
UnPrankAble 666
UnPrankAble 666 - 23 dager siden
Just use electric cars.
Jane Red
Jane Red - 23 dager siden
This movie was amazing
JonnyOpinionated - 24 dager siden
I will admit I had low low low expectations... I friggin LOVE this movie.
Fatih Abdurrahman
Fatih Abdurrahman - 25 dager siden
Guys this is a copy of CinemaSins >:( !!!!1!!! also if you're an idiot, this is a joke
Rabid - 26 dager siden
Aaa stop looping the nail steppp—
Lolmistro - 27 dager siden
Sorry but some hearing aids (that arnt tuned correctly) do cause a high pitch squeal, buy I get the point you were setting
Ovec Main
Ovec Main - 27 dager siden
I bend down and my knees crack, I reach up my back cracks, I move my head too fast my neck cracks, I walk the world shakes, I wouldn’t survive this world
Jack Rock
Jack Rock - 27 dager siden
an actual turd of a movie. morons like it though!
Lee Lambert
Lee Lambert - 28 dager siden
“Emily Blunt is a national treasure.”
*Happy Freedom noises*
Omer Aamir Shah
Omer Aamir Shah - 28 dager siden
Why would anyone get married and hv babies that cry eat and shytt 24/7 then as they grow older, they become bigger, noisier break stuff in one world more expensive.
You can get everything a married person can have as a sigle with more money and less stress/responsibilities
FAITH CARTER - Måned siden
I didn't know people didn't hear the high pitched sound coming out of the implants? Iv'e been known to find those smoke and carbon dioxide detectors in my grandparents house, (they use me to see if they are working when they do they emit a pitched sound that i hear.)my grandpa got cochlear implants last year and i hear the sound coming off them as well, lot of the times when someone is speaking i can hear the sound whining every time their voice reverbring off of the implants. A lot of times ill get headaches from the sound of electricity running through the implants, computers, and a charging cord that i use the sound keeps me up so i have to unplug the cord, and put the computer in the closet to muffle the noise. Its really annoying and i cant stop it. when ever i have to go on to zoom to go to class, the teachers and students voices also do the noise thing, it make sit hard for me to concentrate and makes the headaches worse, they fade after a few hours but its not fun hearing the sound, the constant high whining, and the noises from other students don't help.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez - Måned siden
Let’s see
Bird box (can’t see)
A quiet place (cant talk)
Hush (can’t hear)
Now we need
A tasty place (can’t taste)
can’t touch (you can’t touch anything)
Toni Isaacson
Toni Isaacson - Måned siden
External part of the cochlear implant (called a speech processor) sends electrical impulses to the internal part (placed under scalp during surgery). The two parts cannot act independently of each other. So the processor is not putting out electrical impulses for the aliens to hear at all. However, even as an expert in this field, I am very happy to overlook this error for the sake of story. One of my favorite films - can't wait for the sequel. Hits Australia in April 21.
GamerScout745 - Måned siden
I honestly never had a issue with them not moving to the water fall, I just think being there for the "believed" point in which the baby was to be born would give some room for screw ups. Unsanitary, maybe but neither was where it was actually born, environment, prep time can ensure a better environment. Not saying this was what they should have done, but with how much they emphasized the water fall I think the thought may, have or should have been brought up. Mainly because they handle most other situations quite well.
Doop 1
Doop 1 - Måned siden
It’s cool how the video about the good things is twice as long as the one about the bad things. It’s would probably work that way for every movie he’s reviewed
even angels
even angels - Måned siden
In the beginning of the movie where it pans over the car, I appreciate how dirty and dusty the car looks because it’s supposed to look like they haven’t used it in 3 months. And they nailed it.
Kalani S
Kalani S - Måned siden
Daniel Boughal
Daniel Boughal - Måned siden
An extra win for me (as someone learning ASL), is just how accurate it is. I think it'd be super easy to muddle with Signing Exact English since most of the audience probably doesn't know the difference, but there are 2 things that really stand out to me
1. The subtitles will say "don't" but they're really signing not (modified 'A' flicking out from the chin) which is more accurate (instead of "don't worry" you'd sign "NOT WORRY")
2. When the daughter and father are arguing over the implants, you can see her signing "it won't work" only, that's not what she's actually signing. Instead, she uses a sign that doesn't translate too well to exact English, but it roughly means "to have a success." Or
"PAH." (modified "D" with both hands, start with the index finger pressed to your temple and turn your wrists to face away from you). It can be used for any kind of success, I once saw the teacher I was interning with use that sign after she was struggling to punch the straw through a juice box for a student. That sign, or "PAH" as it's more often known (because technically, you'd say that/move your mouth like that while signing), is super interesting used here, because that means she's really saying "you won't be successful." And that has much more meaning on how hopeless she feels about it.
Gosh, I love this movie.
Victoria Julian
Victoria Julian - Måned siden
I love the fact that the deaf daughter is played by a deaf actor. People with disabilities are so misplayed in media and it jut feels so personal.
Sleepy Chihuahua
Sleepy Chihuahua - Måned siden
Corporate needs to tell you the difference between these two pictures
*This movie alien picture*
*Teacher picture*
They are the same pictures
Elena Christian
Elena Christian - Måned siden
God John Krasinski is talented.
HoovyPyroScout GH
HoovyPyroScout GH - Måned siden
The explanation on the cochlear implants were plot holes actually awakened my nerd side.
CinemaWins, you need to start a series on movie science! Seriously, that would make a great series.
TheReclaimer 294
TheReclaimer 294 - Måned siden
Is is odd that you remind me of my film studies teacher because of the way you described the scenes.
Aerin X Shamy
Aerin X Shamy - Måned siden
It doesn’t actually hurts when you step on a nail, for a few minutes you’ll just feel like something got stuck, until you look at it and realize what it is then that’s when the pain starts. It actually happened to me, had to go to the hospital for tetanus shot 😅
Aerin X Shamy
Aerin X Shamy - Måned siden
ChicaPizza29 Foxyburito15 it was but I didn’t felt the pain only that I step on something, when I look at what it was I realize it was a nail and then the pain spreads 😭😂
ChicaPizza29 Foxyburito15
ChicaPizza29 Foxyburito15 - Måned siden
i bet it was bad
Piano Prince
Piano Prince - Måned siden
Hello ello hello that's how police says hello in Peppa pig
How to Ratatoing Your Panda
Don't get me wrong I used to love cinemasins, but cinemawins is just better for me. I guess which ever one you like better really shows who you are
Adipose 1913
Adipose 1913 - Måned siden
18:22 people complained about McCarthy in Good Night and Good luck being way too over the top. His only appearance is via archival footage.
SilverTheHedgehog090 - Måned siden
I just have to roll my eyes every time reddit gets mentioned. A lot of them fancy themselves people with higher intelligence, higher standards, higher morals, what have you. But in reality, they're just as dumb as many many other people. Possibly more so in select scenarios, cuz they've got it so far in their head that they know what they're talking about that they're convinced gigantic fallacies are actual arguments. And the subreddit that Cinemawins read sounds like a perfect example of that.
Dominator - Måned siden
Okay right but if its emitting electro magnetic waves then why the fuck does it increase the amplitude over a PA system? like that's not what PA systems do
get noob
get noob - Måned siden
Anakin Skywalker would have a hard time on the paths
get noob
get noob - Måned siden
7:03 Nice reference.
get noob
get noob - Måned siden
I knew he’d start by whispering
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar - 2 måneder siden
Very few people complaining understand I'm not a father that was stolen from me sadly but I am an uncle I'm the only positive male figure in my Niece's life and I'm going to do my best with that when I met up with them (my niece, nephew, and sister) my niece went from wanting to ride in the cart to wanting me to carry her and that's just heartwarming
So ya I'm very protective of them I wouldn't hesitate to give my life for them and I can't imagine a situation where a loving father wouldn't do the same
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar - 2 måneder siden
10:30 that's why I'm a lot of places you're required by law to work in a three-man team when working with silos on man in whatever is being stored one man at the top of the ladder to help pull him out if need be and one man at the bottom to get help if need be because drowning and grain is a very real thing
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba - Måned siden
Welp, I have a new irrational fear! To clarify, I have never/ will likely never be anywhere near corn silos.
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar - 2 måneder siden
10:00 I own land that has just a giant sand pit there's no lake or river for over a dozen miles in any direction smack dab in the middle of the USA and also sand is very common around things like rivers large enough to have waterfalls that drown out people's voices
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar - 2 måneder siden
4:07 ever had to go gather eggs only to find a raccoon only to then know if you leave it can escape and come back to hurt the chickens you care about because mean so much to your grandfather and make the hard choice grabbing it behind the head wrapping it in your coat and holding it tightly as you grab the head quickly turning it farther and farther as it struggles for it's life until you feel it's neck give snapping a final twitch is given as it goes limp dead
I was 12 and that'll probably be on a list of "why he became a serial killer" one day
Amiel Reginaldo
Amiel Reginaldo - 2 måneder siden
This is perfect.
Jacob Coons
Jacob Coons - 2 måneder siden
The child actors being actually amazing though
Samuel Knight
Samuel Knight - 2 måneder siden
So I've never really considered this before, but this is rural America, is it not? A farmer having a shotgun is a no brainer, but having grown up around firearms, I feel as if the shotgun is probably one of the worst options of the many you have. Gunshots are loud, yes, but shotguns are especially loud, not usually easy to use by smaller individuals (women in particular, just going off my observations here. My 5'2" girlfriend has trouble using the smallest gauge of shotgun in a gun bigger than most 12 gauges I've ever used) and the sound created by pumping the slide is... Look that shit echoes. So do pistol slides, and rifle bolts, but realistically I feel as if the most logical choice is a bolt action rifle, suppressed, chambered in something like .300 Blackout, which if you did not know, is essentially a .30 caliber rifle round developed specifically to work well suppressed in an AR15 style rifle. Are suppressors 100% effective, or even readily available? In normal life it will take you 6 months to a year to legally acquire one, not to mention a $200 tax stamp ON TOP of the fact many of them cost as much or more than the gun you intend to use it on. But most gun shops I've ever been to have a suppressor section where you can start the process and choose a can you want, and a rural town will have at least one gun shop, not to mention bolt action rifles are legal in just about every state. Now there is the possibility that .300 AAC Blackout may not be super available, but it has risen hardcore in popularity, AND if that's not available you can do something like replace rifle powder in 5.56 with pistol powder to reduce the velocity and negate the supersonic crack of the round breaking the sound barrier. It would take some math but it isn't like it is meant to cycle a semi automatic with the chamber pressure and gases generated, plus you wouldn't really want to shoot it long range so I reckon it would be plenty effective. Oh, and one more thing, cycling a bolt can be damn near silent when you need it to and done quickly when you don't. Why 5.56/.300 Blackout? Well because it is extremely common and bolt guns chambered in it often feed from AR magazines, which are APLENTY. Now if we get a Corona situation and all the 5.56, .300 and otherwise is dried up, you can always use something like 6.5 Creedmore, Hell, even a pistol caliber rifle if you disable the gas system would be pretty ideal, like a .40 caliber AR15 with a side charging handle for quick reloads, and .40 isn't the cherished pistol round anymore and is still readily available last I checked, and can be fed from Glock mags, which are, again, aplenty.
Yeah I'm thinking about it too much, but the only thing worse than a pump shotgun in this situation would probably be a semi automatic .22. Easy to use, quieter for sure, but probably super ineffective against these things.
Gaboo :DD
Gaboo :DD - 2 måneder siden
how the hell did they film that nail step? it looked so real
GHOSTBYTE - 2 måneder siden
7:52 is no one gonna talk about how the firework is poorly overlayed on the background tho... (no hate to the movie tho, that's the only thing I hate in here :)
Owen Wellington
Owen Wellington - 2 måneder siden
I played the old man scene 0.25x and the monster rolled and grabbed him
cftink123 - 2 måneder siden
did u know that emily blunt did the tub scene in ONE take. and the detail with the sheet rock from the wall falling off when the alien scratches the wall
38SSM - 2 måneder siden
Hindsight from COVID: there must’ve been a lot of loud parties all across America during the opening days of this monster invasion.
Sam Trowbridge
Sam Trowbridge - 2 måneder siden
This narrator sounds like Jason Weisser from the Myths and Legends podcast
mayur tapkir
mayur tapkir - 2 måneder siden
Amazing concept.... Everything's great about movies
gacha. Wxlf
gacha. Wxlf - 2 måneder siden
In fact I DID know raccoons steal chickens...I have personal experience
Kai Kimura
Kai Kimura - 2 måneder siden
I stepped on glass once and it hit a big vein probably cause i was gushing out blood through my foot
and yeah that accident made me afraid of stepping on nails
Jimmy the Speedster
Jimmy the Speedster - 2 måneder siden
How did the aliens get to earth? That’s my only question
Little Sushi Roll
Little Sushi Roll - 2 måneder siden
On no you didn't!
Raphael Calado
Raphael Calado - 2 måneder siden
This sand nittypick situation makes me think that every critic is in truth Anakin Skywalker.
"I don't like sand, its coarse and rough and irritating and its gets everywhere"
Skywalker, Anakin
Blaumoth - 2 måneder siden
For anyone without kids, the way you may feel about a younger sibling is close too not as much so in instinct to protect but the general feeling of being willing to give anything for them (i have both a daughter and a younger sister about the same age.)
Tobblesmash - 2 måneder siden
The nail going into the foot scene literally sends a chill down my spine and you kept replaying it, minus a win for you cinemawins
Katie Maddalena
Katie Maddalena - 3 måneder siden
People complaining about where they got the sand....
It's literally just under the ground. You don't have to live on beachfront property to find it.
Abby Maskell
Abby Maskell - 3 måneder siden
I'd die so quickly in this world. Like I can be pretty quiet, but I have a vocal stim, so I be dead
lindsey couch
lindsey couch - 3 måneder siden
Dood I am a guy named Lindsay Lee...I feel you.
Sandra KH
Sandra KH - 3 måneder siden
Today I learned not to cook while watching cinemawins - it’s hard to cook with tears in your eyes 🥺😊
Polo99 Del Yerro
Polo99 Del Yerro - 3 måneder siden
this is just a perfect win comentary
JoKeR - 3 måneder siden
yeah in many interviews john krasanski told he would be focusing more on family rather than horror
Shadhin Magnito
Shadhin Magnito - 3 måneder siden
john krasinski. perfect man.
Flat-On-His-Face - 3 måneder siden
This vid changed my mind about this movie. At first, I did think it was a cool premise, but didn't very well explore the central concept and left a lot of unanswered questions to the effect of "but why not just ____?" For whatever reason, a monster movie or horror genre has me thinking more about the survival aspects and, while the movie does touch on several little details, it doesn't exactly do justice to what would be the most effective techniques.
However, people are imperfect, they didn't have a lot of time to adapt to the monsters, and shit happens are all kinda hand-wavey explanations. For some, it works; for others, not really enough.
But framing the movie as about family, not about the monsters, definitely shines a new light on it and I feel I can appreciate it for what it does right. So, thank-you, CinemaWins.
I still don't like the top-down camera angle. The opening credits sequence of Lethal Weapon 3 did it, too. It's just not a natural point-of-view and being too artsy with your camera placement just reminds the viewer that they're watching a movie, blowing out the fourth wall, and ruining suspension of disbelief. Thankfully, it is usually only done before these movies get started, but sets a bad expectation. It worked in Matrix because nothing there is real and, in fact, is being viewed by someone on a monitor. ;-]
Corp Maybe corps
Corp Maybe corps - 3 måneder siden
I hate cinema sins but this is good
Anolekys - 3 måneder siden
Bro, to be honest, i can't really understand when it is about "Everything Wrong with", but i do totally understand when it is about "Everything Great about". Guess i'm a plain person afterall .... what a blessing
CodePlaysGames - 3 måneder siden
One of the only horror films I have watched, and it gave me the confidence to watch others and nope, not happening, way to horrifying, but still, this movie is just so good.
Joel Moodie
Joel Moodie - 3 måneder siden
I hear what you're saying... But the interesting premise of having to be quiet was ruined by the monster. They looked stupid, were susceptible to shotguns as most things are, and sound is their weakness.🙄 Mars Attacks was more entertaining.
Layne G
Layne G - 3 måneder siden
My mom didn't like this movie. You know why??

Bc noone talked
Biirah Benjamin
Biirah Benjamin - 3 måneder siden
Why the kiss up though ?
Dan - 3 måneder siden
For the sake of argument I'll accept that the military were overcome too quickly to eventually try some sort of EMP or electrical weapon like a taser (Though I have my doubts), but the obvious "plot hole" is their weakness to shotgun blasts to the face. Even if their skin is 100% bullet/bomb/tankproof and they need to do that face-spready thing to be vulnerable, they do seem to do that quite a lot.
While their ability to hear does it very difficult to hide from, it probably isn't an advantage in a fight compared to just being able to see. Their hearing isn't like Daredevil that lets him basically have 360 vision. So while they are very fast, very stabby and very bitey, they don't really seem SO powerful that they could overthrow humanity in less than a couple months.
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer - 3 måneder siden
I watched it for the first time last night after I watched BirdBox 😀
Father Comstock
Father Comstock - 3 måneder siden
OH NO! the Cabin in the woods video is blocked in my country :(
Dank Tr00per
Dank Tr00per - 3 måneder siden
i don't know how i feel about this but-i can watch cinema wins/sins vids for horror movies but i cannot watch horror movies if i want to sleep for the rest of the week
Guitar1nHand - 3 måneder siden
You can love Emily Blunt all you like. But she's OUR national treasure.
A Brit 😂
TT ._
TT ._ - 3 måneder siden
listen I thought I was gonna VOMIT watching this movie
Saidielivpig -
Saidielivpig - - 3 måneder siden
As someone who works on a farm, the silo scene is not only realistic, but realistically terrifying. That and falling through holes in the hayloft are top 2 fears