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This is a quick video that goes along with those discussing some theories and potential spoilers for Avengers 4.
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alex morrison
alex morrison - 13 dager siden
yung gravy
Irregular Lexi
Irregular Lexi - 17 dager siden
"only one to die" *Sobs in Natasha, Vision and Gamora*
Chandra Star
Chandra Star - 22 dager siden
Oh the 'Shuri will be the next Ironman'. Where now she'll probably be the next Black Panther. RIP Chadwick.
Hughette Campbell
Hughette Campbell - Måned siden
It's creepy how accurate this is
Dan Grice
Dan Grice - 3 måneder siden
I don’t believe that he didn’t watch endgame before making this I just wish vision survived
Dat 1 Guy
Dat 1 Guy - 2 måneder siden
it was made in september the year before so it would be impossible for him to have seen it
sun shine
sun shine - 3 måneder siden
3:59 three out of the six original avengers are dead 😂
Black Spurr
Black Spurr - 3 måneder siden
B Jakobs
B Jakobs - 4 måneder siden
hey can you tell us if 2020 gets any worse? If that is even possible?
Acceldown - 4 måneder siden
This video has aged extremely well
Ritika Mudabidri
Ritika Mudabidri - 5 måneder siden
How were you so accurate wow
Amelia M
Amelia M - 5 måneder siden
you know for a long time I always thought to myself that loki has to be alive because of how many time he tricked thor but then it hit me what marvel most likely did........

When you have a sorta main character fake their death more than once you start adding up how many times they avoided death meaning that they cant out run death forever it will come and it will strike for real eventually. The only reason I say it is because in almost all books Ive read, when they do that, that character dies in the end. They may not do it for a cliche dodge but that is most likely why loki will not be returning simply. well it will be cliche either way because most people will think loki faked it like usual. And loki may have found himself to the good side in his final moments by giving his life hoping that would propel thor forward to do what was right, and stop the collecting of the infinity stones.
Wizard_69 - 5 måneder siden
Lol I just watched this now. How do people guess so many right things?
SK - 5 måneder siden
this aged well
Lachlan Kelly
Lachlan Kelly - 6 måneder siden
batman dies in endgame.
Shannon T
Shannon T - 6 måneder siden
I would LOVE to hear his Black Widow predictions!
Izz Nation
Izz Nation - 6 måneder siden
He got almost everything correct
Kamuzu Brickman
Kamuzu Brickman - 6 måneder siden
#2020 u were 👉 Iron man died
Wolf Treetruck
Wolf Treetruck - 7 måneder siden
So what if someone other than Cap or Thor dies in addition to Tony. Obviously I am talking about Nat and Endgame and if you have not seen it yet and have access to the internet you deserve to have it spoiled
Thinkb4uwrite - 8 måneder siden
Very close just missed Black Widows death.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith - 8 måneder siden
Damn was really close for the predictions
Jaime Schatz
Jaime Schatz - 8 måneder siden
Ameha K
Ameha K - 9 måneder siden
Good call.
Gamora can't come back, I'd be happy if she does but she can't.
Hunter Carter
Hunter Carter - 10 måneder siden
This video aged well
Gioacchino Sessa
Gioacchino Sessa - 10 måneder siden
"Iron man will probably the only Avenger that will die"... Well if you arent counting Natasha....
LavaringX - År siden
Although you were absolutely right (well, half-right, you said only one Avenger would die and Black Widow also ended up dying... so both you and MatPat were half-right, half-wrong, perfectly balanced as all things should be), Captain America's ending honestly felt unsatisfying, it seemed very far out of character for Cap to abandon Bucky in the present to be with Peggy in the past. Not even in a shippy way, but it makes Cap's undying dedication to Bucky in Civil War and Winter Soldier feel cheap. So I still stand by my reasoning for why I felt Captain America should have died, and Bucky taken up the shield.
Royal Lad
Royal Lad - År siden
Wow I'm watching this after you're part 3 vid of endgame... You were spot on!
imaperson52 - År siden
3:39 "Vision should be fine"

*Are you sure about that?*
I was so sure that he was going to be back in Endgame. Him not coming back was actually really surprising, and kinda a good twist.
Shannon T
Shannon T - 6 måneder siden
imaperson52 Yeah I don’t think Vision should be the concerned takeaway here.
LavaringX - År siden
WandaVision is still coming out though, so he probably will be back eventually. Having said that, I'm disappointed that JARVIS didn't appear in the 2012 timeline so that Paul Bettany could have received a credit.
Rubix9595_Gaming - År siden
Oh the days when we knew Tony would die, but didn’t know he would say I...am...IronMan *SNAP* and then also kill Thanos at the same time.
Shaurya da boss
Shaurya da boss - År siden
How did he spoil endgame and a little bit of far from home sooo well (time traveler?)
chesesman - År siden
Bucky's Prime to take his shield

Shannon T
Shannon T - 6 måneder siden
chesesman Yeah, this was by far the best call for everything that happened in Endgame. But the shield! 😂
Dan Orlich
Dan Orlich - År siden
Where is the Cinemawins for Endgame?????
Stupid Webcam
Stupid Webcam - År siden
Man, he thought it would be ONLY Tony to die
Shannon T
Shannon T - 6 måneder siden
Stupid Webcam Cap didn’t die, he went to be with Peggy just like he said.
Stupid Webcam
Stupid Webcam - 6 måneder siden
@Shannon T well, also Cap
Shannon T
Shannon T - 6 måneder siden
Stupid Webcam I assume you mean Natasha? We shall see what Feige meant by Black Widow “changing the way we look at her actions in Infinity War & End Game in a new light after watching Black Widow.” 🤷‍♀️
Ilham Syah
Ilham Syah - År siden
Dude, where's everything great about avengers endgame?
Doo endgame
caitlyn caraway
caitlyn caraway - År siden
“Bucky is prime to pick up his character.” Lol
Shannon T
Shannon T - 6 måneder siden
caitlyn caraway 🙄 This is what you took away from the best Endgame prediction BY FAR!
Andy Vranari
Andy Vranari - År siden
I would have guessed either Iron Man or Thor or starlord . Iron Man because of these reasons you said and thor because he didn't stop the snap successfully and he could stop thanos by saving the world at last minute. The same for starlord
Alex Berndt
Alex Berndt - År siden
"Spider-man is just getting started" 😭😭
Gumdrop Gůmmi
Gumdrop Gůmmi - År siden
I'm crying because this is all mostly accurate.
N8 - År siden
I never thought about his op suit. It did seems obvious that iron Man died.
Kai is Kai
Kai is Kai - År siden
Tony's Daughter is Gonna Be The Next Iron "Man" More Like Iron Girl
Fizzy - År siden
Damn, he really nailed it. From the Iron man death prediction to Cap "settling down instead of dying," this really nailed it.
Shannon T
Shannon T - 6 måneder siden
Fizzy While few after this comment mention Bucky getting the shield or Vision....YOU understood how crazy on point he was! 👏👍👏
Ell Hebert
Ell Hebert - År siden
god its impressive how accurate you were
døreen x wu
døreen x wu - År siden
either the russo’s watched this video and was like “wow this is a good idea we should do exactly this” or he turned ant man
solid snake
solid snake - År siden
It's kinda weird to watch this video after watching Endgame.
ne0tic - År siden
What? You were right about pretty much everything...
Matthew Hwang
Matthew Hwang - År siden
My dad actually spoiled the death for me when he mentioned that a co-worker had a client that cried about it. (Darn it, Dad.) I wish It was this video that spoiled it for me instead. But when you stop to think about it, it was...inevitable. I will go to sleep now.
Inferno - År siden
He deadass just spoiled endgame before it came out
Ian Greer
Ian Greer - År siden
Dang, you were so right!
Lilypad - År siden
Had to check to make sure this came out before endgame. It was too accurate.
Pranav Moghe
Pranav Moghe - År siden
He predicted Iron Man's death, Cap's settlement and Thor 4
Evan Kessler
Evan Kessler - År siden
Let’s face it, other than the Bucky as captain America theory, he pretty much got it perfectly right, he probably saw it a year in advance
Shannon T
Shannon T - 6 måneder siden
Evan Kessler Yeah he nailed it! Bucky & Vision were just confetti!
Anilekle2806 - År siden
Ohh boy only if he knew at the time
Spiral Savior
Spiral Savior - År siden
Ok, I'm sorry, but HOW THE FUCK WERE YOU RIGHT???!!
Asma Khairul Azman
Asma Khairul Azman - År siden
The accuracy makes me wanna cry.
Rebecca Sumby
Rebecca Sumby - År siden
How did you get that so accurate? Like honestly?
Mr T Columbus
Mr T Columbus - År siden
Wow... You were absolutely right... Thank goodness I didn't watch this before endgame... I would have hated you SOO MUCH 😂😂😂
Jnoama - År siden
ge, ho, h, he d, HOW DID YOU GUESS?
I couldn't think of a name
When are you going to do ega about endgame
Delly Tancyl
Delly Tancyl - År siden
Following the whole of the MCU Arc and the explanation as to how the Infinity Stones works and the characters that shows up in Endgame, the only truly dead avenger is Black Widow. They could theoretically use the Time stone to bring back Tony and Vision but Natasha is gone forever if we want to keep Thanos and his army also gone forever.
Elizabeth Hollatz
Elizabeth Hollatz - År siden
Lauren Guo
Lauren Guo - År siden
After this theory, I feel like we kind of all expected either Iron Man or Cap to die. It was either or who would make the ultimate sacrifice, and that’s what made Black Widow’s death so unexpected. Nat did sacrifice herself but we didn’t put her in persepective and in a way when I was in the theater, I was more caught off guard and yeah, it turned out to hurt exactly the same amount compared to when Tony died in the end
Childish Memebino
Childish Memebino - År siden
Harley should definitely take up the Iron Man mantle smh
kit kat
kit kat - År siden
hahahha......little did we know-
Lightspeed - År siden
Spoiler Alert:

Iron Man dies, Black Widow dies, Captain America settles down, Falcon becomes Captain America.
Matei Toader
Matei Toader - År siden
Safe to say, u were right
Natasha vlogs
Natasha vlogs - År siden
and I oop
Wolf NZ Outdoors
Wolf NZ Outdoors - År siden
Watched this having already seen Endgame. Gotta say I'm impressed. Compared with some of the other messed up "predictions" and theories out there, this was really good and intelligent.
TOPOYS - År siden
Well, Tony wasn’t the ONLY one to die...
Liam Sullivan
Liam Sullivan - År siden
He almost got all of his theories right
DoopsPotato215 - År siden
YamiAtemYugi - År siden
I have no idea how you so accurately guessed what was going to happen in the movie year before it come out.
he has the time stone thats the only way he got it this right
Alaric Stark
Alaric Stark - År siden
The only thing that disappoints me about this video is the hint at how somebody could actually replace iron man. ill go with tony here- iron man is not the suit. Iron man IS tony. When tony is gone, there will never be a second one to fill these shoes. everything else would be some sort of shallow substitute with the name on it, so they better let that go.
TheOnlyGuermo - År siden
Shit, I never caught that, so far apart I didn't connect it, by these scenes, we can assume that with just the nano armor, Tony could have beaten the Hulk...... Moment of silence that we will never see that scene........................................................................................................ Godspeed space cowboy.
Angel Rosemond
Angel Rosemond - År siden
Save for Vision coming back and Natasha dying everything is accurate! Were you using the Time Stone?
red king
red king - År siden
A little black widow dies too
CalebAnimationStudios - År siden
I was smiling so hard when watching this. How'd you figure it out
Lord Grizzly Bear
Lord Grizzly Bear - År siden
Love you 3000
Marina Maged
Marina Maged - År siden
Fuck you
Jonasz Przybycień
Jonasz Przybycień - År siden
Anyone else thinks Thanos's double sword was a sneaky reference to the thanoscopter?
John Smith
John Smith - År siden
Please do V for Vendetta~!
Ariel Hope
Ariel Hope - År siden
He predicted cap wielding mjölnir and tony dying. He most likely gonna predicted stuff for avengers 5
Henrik Anchelia
Henrik Anchelia - År siden
Now where is EGA EndGame???
Taven Martin
Taven Martin - År siden
I swear I haven't seen endgame
But I say ironman will do what nebula did in the comic and die and saying what started it all I am ironman
Thor is Depressed gets fat antman gets out of quantum realm. Hulk will be prof. Hulk and he'll explain time travel snt like every time travel movie we've seen. Black widow gets the soul stone by jumping off the cliff in vormier cap relives his dream with peggy and returns old and falcon becomes cap. I swear haven't seen endgame
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez - År siden
So did u use the time stone?
Red_png - År siden
Me last year: haha, yeah, that won’t happen lol
Me the week A4 came out: hEY WHAT THE FUCK
How the hell is this accurate AF?
MrGuy - År siden
oh shit
ApplePotatoChip - År siden
Loki is without a doubt coming back. Something with the Tesseract will bring him back
Also I know it was done in the comics but I’d have preferred Bucky becoming the new Cap rather than Falcon, but that’s probably my bias to Winter Soldier showing
Addison Baker
Addison Baker - År siden
You got way more correct than I did. Only things I got right were:
Stark dies,
Gamora dies, and
Thanos dies in the beginning, but some sort of time travel plot brings him back.
Doxull - År siden
So damn accurate, not a 100%but damn
unknown incognito
unknown incognito - År siden
How does it feel guessing and it's actually right from a movie that hasn't been showed worldwide yet?
Hadrian Rex
Hadrian Rex - År siden
Not bad! C+
Erin Tarket
Erin Tarket - År siden
COSM1C Ghos t
COSM1C Ghos t - År siden
Frizzleman - År siden
I say end the super saga and expand the universe with shield and Asgard and just obscure movies that were just briefly referenced or alluded to or shown off screen haha
Abhishek Gaikwad
Abhishek Gaikwad - År siden
Any1 here after endgame?
scarceghost - År siden
Mettaton Ex
Mettaton Ex - År siden
You were right. Mr. Stark does not feel so good.
Yafet Kibrom
Yafet Kibrom - År siden
Take that back Shuri would totally suck as Ironman. Ps IMAO I hate that girl so so so much.(I know it's an unpopular opinion)